Who should buy the Puma Rise Nitro

This basketball shoe from Puma is a good match for the following:

  • ballers who usually play indoors
  • athletes who usually find themselves playing on clean courts
  • basketball players who love a snug fit
  • wearers who want something that matches their modern style

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Puma

The Puma Rise Nitro is not for hoopers who are fond of playing on asphalt and other types of outdoor courts because the outsole rubber is quite on the softer side. They are better off with the Puma Clyde All-Pro

Those who badly need dust-resistant outsoles are not served well by the Rise Nitro. It is far better for them to get the Puma Clyde All-Pro (again!) or the Puma Court Rider 2

Puma Rise Nitro: You just got to love it!

If interest in Puma shoes is waning, then the Rise Nitro is just the boost that the brand needs. This shoe is so good that some experts are excited about what's to come next. "I loved a lot about it," says another expert when he talks about the Rise Nitro.

Bounce, cushioning, and court feel; all at the same time!

According to one expert, the Puma Rise Nitro's midsole offers a "nice common middle ground" between court feel and impact protection.  He also says that the shoe is springy enough to give you that "I-can-jump-out-of-any-situation" feel.

Another reviewer shares that he is able to "absolutely love" the Nitro foam especially under the heel because it is "super soft."

Enjoy dependable traction with the Puma Rise Nitro

An expert says that the bite of the Puma Rise Nitro's outsole is hard, so he is able to stop on a dime whenever he wants to.  Another says that the traction is great because he does not experience any issues with it. "They are like glue," he says of the Rise Nitro's performance on clean indoor courts.

Those who are fans of squeaky sounds, however, are going to be disappointed in this shoe. "You rarely hear any squeaks," laments one avid reviewer. Though not always true, squeakiness has been associated with a strong bite. Good thing the Rise Nitro is still good even if it is rather quiet.

...dust is a problem, though

One player shares that the Puma Rise Nitro is still "gonna handle business" on dusty courts. However, it must be noted here that the experience is not as smooth as when playing on clean courts. Other reviewers report that their traction experience on dusty surfaces is not the most pleasant. One even says that it was "rather bad."'

While the traction performance is OK even on outdoor surfaces, one expert does not recommend the Puma Rise Nitro for outdoor use because the rubber compound that composes the outsole is on the softer side. The shoe's longevity is jeopardized if it is used on outdoor surfaces frequently.

Experience pampering and comfort

An expert says that because of the "dope" materials used in the upper, the Puma Rise Nitro is "one of the most comfortable sneakers" for him. Specifically, he is happy that the tongue felt awesome, and that the knit material is "super super soft."

No worries about foot containment

An expert is happy that the shroud adds an extra layer of support.  For another avid reviewer, the padding feels "phenomenal" next to the skin.  He continues that it is actually a "pretty dope idea" to use power tapes in crucial areas for more support and lockdown. 

The Puma Rise Nitro fits as expected

Experts are happy that this basketball shoe from Puma has a true-to-size fit, so there really is no need to make size adjustments. One of them says that this shoe really feels great on foot.

The Rise Nitro surely helps you rise

Jumping, running, and moving forward is easy with the Rise Nitro from Puma. At only 12.6 oz (357 g), this shoe's weight is significantly lower than the 13.5 oz (383 g) average. This shoe surely does not weigh its wearer down, so they can run at full speed with much ease and efficiency.

Be amazed by its modern look

An expert shares that he likes the futuristic look of the Puma Rise Nitro. It is pretty streamlined since the shroud covers the laces.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 12.6oz
Top: Low
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Colorways: White
SKUs: 37701209

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