10 Best Adidas Sneakers in 2021

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If you want to start collecting Adidas kicks or perhaps just adding another Three Stripes model to your sneaker depot, we’ve made this user-friendly tip-off to help you pick which one is the best for you. 

After countless hours of pounding the streets and legions of product comparisons, we have made some recommendations under various categories. Check them all below and see which one resonates with your needs. 

How we choose the best Adidas sneakers

Choosing among the myriad of Adidas sneakers is not an easy feat. That is why we painstakingly do all the dirty jobs to save you from opening multiple tabs. 

  • Not sponsored, but we buy shoes using our money, to avoid biased feedback. 
  • These sneakers were subjected to actual indoor and outdoor tests to get authentic results. 
  • We collated thousands of reviews from the actual users of Adidas sneakers.

Using these reviews, we ranked them by using our scoring system called CoreSore. Ranging from 0-100, the higher the CoreScore means the better reviews.

Best overall

Who said that bigger is not always better? In this case, the bigger sneaker is our best! The honor is ours as we present you our top pick in our list of best Adidas sneakers, the Adidas Ozweego. 

After meticulously pounding hundreds of kicks in the city streets, we have concluded that the Ozweego is the best among the Adidas sneakers to date. Thanks to Raf Simons’ bold style and Adidas’ expertise, we have a striking iteration bursting with comfort and dashing style in the mold of the Ozweego.

Excelling in remarkable flair, we are dumbfounded to know that the Ozweego is one of the sneakers that sparked the dad sneaker craze. This kick proudly showcases its chunky classic running style with extraordinary details that will quickly boost your overall looks. 

Furthermore, don’t be deceived by its beefed-up profile, as this kick is surprisingly soft and lightweight! Thanks to its Adiprene cushioning and breathable mesh upper, it is almost a guarantee that this Adidas Originals sneaker will make your day-long city cruising easy and breezy. 

Although it flaunts a luxurious style, Adidas offers this at a budget-friendly range! Now, you can be amazingly stylish and extremely feeling cozy without the need to break your piggy banks. 

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Hail Adidas for bringing us another worthy sneaker to add to our collection. Authentic to its name, the Adidas Swift Run will give you a snappy, zippy, and speedy upgrade to your attire as you stride the city streets. 

In addition to its plethora of running kicks, Adidas premiers the Swift Run as a retro-inspired sneaker with superb sock-like comfort. We adore its stretchable single-piece upper that makes it easy and quick to slide the foot in. 

After wearing the Swift Run throughout the humid days, it amazingly kept our feet feeling fresh and dry. We love how its Primeknit upper embraced our toes securely while its antimicrobial insole kept them feeling fresh and dry.

Its minimalist style, meanwhile, is awestruck-worthy! We love how easy it is to mix and match this sneaker to almost any casual ensembles. A perfect pair for practical buyers as Adidas sells this at a pocket-friendly range. 

The Swift Run clearly ticks all the boxes necessary to be dubbed as one of the best! Perhaps the best advice you’ll get today is to move quickly and grab a pair to understand what we mean by “best.”

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Best Originals

After detailed deliberations, countless tests, and endless comparisons, the Adidas Superstar 2 bagged the top pick spot on our Adidas best Originals list. 

We are amazed how Adidas Superstar 2 was able to keep up with the success of its legendary predecessor, Adidas Superstar. It displays the iconic retro flair while bringing an all-new experience to its wearers. 

The Superstar 2 offers an astounding amount of coziness that you can quickly experience fresh-out-of-the-box. Thanks to the upgraded features, such as silk lining, premium leather, and more collar padding, all-day city strolling has never been this fun and homey!

When it comes to durability, this one is an A-lister! It can be worn every single day without worrying if it will rip off in the middle of your errands!

On top of all these remarkable and impressive features, it is surprisingly sold at a budget-friendly range. Now we can enjoy striding through the city streets in timeless style without the need to touch our rainy day funds!

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Never fear owning a pair of Adidas Gazelle as we consider it as one of the best options in the Adidas Originals’ arsenal. After five decades since it premiered, this sneaker proves that you don’t need to be loud to earn a spot in the lifestyle scene. 

After subjecting it to countless tests and comparisons, we have concluded that there’s nothing not to love about the Gazelle. It may have fallen off the grid during the ‘90s, but the Gazelle seamlessly regained its traction in the lifestyle sphere. 

We are blown away by its eternally cool, goes-with-anything style, which a wide range of style tribes has adopted. With its versatility and simplicity, it is virtually hard to mess up on how you wear it. With just a snap, it can quickly make an average guy look extra dapper. 

Comfort-wise, this kick amazingly kept our feet homey throughout the day. We felt happy-as-a-clam the moment we slipped our feet in and felt its coziness. We were able to stride through the city all day without any hint of discomfort!

Although the Gazelle only has the basics and no groundbreaking features, it is one of few sneakers that every sneakerhead should really consider owning. Wearing this sneaker is like wearing a colorful history on your feet. It is definitely a must-have pair for all sneakerheads out there!

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Best tennis

Leading our roll of best tennis shoes is the most iconic of all iconic Adidas sneakers, the Adidas Stan Smith. After comparing it to extensive tennis shoe iterations, we picked the Adidas Stan Smith as THE ONE in the A-list. 

A sneaker that needs no introduction, Stan Smith is the leading iteration if you want to jumpstart your sneaker collection. We love how easy it is to snag a pair of Stan Smith or two as this model is readily available in countless stores. No pre-orders or pre-registrations or worse, camping outside the Adidas store. Very convenient.

Also, Stan Smith bears as THE standard when it comes to minimalism and versatility. We are enthralled by its timeless tennis look that we definitely think will last a lifetime. It is eternally fashionable, fascinatingly never out of style. 

Wearing the Stan Smith every day gives us one-less-thing-to-worry-about. After donning it daily, we were astonished as it amazingly stayed intact! Also, we admire how versatile it is! It was easy for us to head out the door quickly without worrying if our kick matches our outfit. It is undoubtedly a perfect beater without giving up style and affordability. 

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As an addition to Adidas’ powerhouse cast of tennis shoe collections, we bring you the Adidas Continental 80. 

We are in awe at how Adidas added a fresh twist to this classic piece that instantly boosted our every boring attire. Launched initially in the ‘80s, this sneaker conspicuously showcases a stunning style borrowed from the archives and modernized to fit the present-day trend. 

Furthermore, the Continental 80 astonishingly embodies versatility. Dressing up or down with this kick is easy as ABC. It looks so simple and is easy to mix and match with limitless attire. Adidas also offers this in countless striking new colorways, making it easy to pick which one echoes your personality.

Not only that, the Continental 80s is a benchmark for comfort. Adidas covered it with a soft leather upper and ample cushioning, which we got to enjoy all day! We were amazed to experience pain-free strolling while donning the Continental 80. 

And to top it all off, this shoe allows us to experience all these impressive features without spending a fortune! Adidas trades it at a budget-friendly range! With so many sneakers available, the Adidas Continental 80 is one of the most functional pairs one could ever have! 

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Best skate

After countless heel flips, ollies, and shuvits, we have concluded that the Adidas Busenitz tops the spot as the most promising of all Adidas skate sneakers to date!

Since it premiered fifteen years ago, this model amazingly continues to dominate the skate-sphere. It is still widely worn by countless professionals and non-professionals. 

Borrowing some features from football models, we love how this sneaker fashionably flaunts a vintage treatment. The suede upper is finished off with some reinforcements that add a hint of fanciness to our attire. 

When it comes to comfort, it is a sure winner! We love how Adidas inserted generous amounts of padding that make street skating or urban cruising more bearable and fun! It is so comfy that we want to wear this sneaker wherever, whenever! 

What is more to these exciting features is its durability. After shredding incalculable times, we were astonished how it stayed intact! There were a few signs of wear and tear, but it generally was able to hold together and gave us good skating stunts. 

Experience these and much more with our top pick among the best Adidas skate sneakers, the Adidas Busenitz.

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When looking for a minimalist, versatile, and comfortable pair of Adidas skate sneakers, the Adidas Seeley must be on your list. After subjecting it to innumerable tests, skate sessions, and comparisons, this sneaker also tops our aboveboard list of best Adidas skate shoes. 

This sneaker surpassed our expectations when it comes to comfort! After unlimited hours of flip tricks, powerslides, and ollies, we did not feel any discomfort! The Seeley kept our feet feeling cozy despite its minimal cushioning. 

Its traction is another mind-blowing feature! Thanks to its vulcanized rubber outsole, we were able to control the skateboards flawlessly as it stayed intact throughout. 

Furthermore, its longevity is another reason why we are over the moon about the Seeley! Adidas designed it to last countless shredding sessions or all-day city adventures. 

Style-wise, this sneaker is a beast! It is exceptionally adaptable to countless attire, which makes it easy to wear to any events or activity you may be. It is indeed a must-have for practical buyers looking for all-rounder footwear.

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Best budget

Adidas Grand Court may sound “grand,” but this sneaker is certainly uncostly. In fact, it leads our list of best Adidas budget sneakers. 

After thorough tests, comparisons, and reviews, the Adidas Grand Court impeccably lands as the best among the rest. With a price range that falls below $100, we were in awe after finding out all the stunning features! 

Displaying a style that lies between Stan Smith and Superstar, we love how versatile and straightforward the overall look of Grand Court is. Dressing up or down with the Grant Court is easy as this model could be donned with countless attires!

We also love how Adidas dressed this sneaker. The leather or suede upper gives hints of a luxurious vibe, which quickly upgraded our regular attire! We don’t need to throw our money like confetti with the Grand Court just to look ritzy and classy. 

Talking about its comfort, this sneaker is a hotshot! We get to enjoy homey strides as Adidas constructed it with a smooth upper and cushioned body for smooth city walking.

Overall, the Adidas Grand Court is a great pick when you’re looking for a kick that will give a bang for your buck.

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After donning the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 for an all-day city cruise, we couldn’t believe that this sneaker is under $100! 

We tested, reviewed, and subjected it to comparisons, and this sneaker amazingly stayed on our list of best budget sneakers. 

We love how convenient this sneaker is. Thanks to its stretchy upper, it is so easy to slide it in, perfect for wearers who are always rushing out the door! You may also adjust its laces to add some reinforcement and if you prefer a more snug fit. 

We also want to highlight its breathability! Owing to its mesh upper, we get to enjoy extraordinary amounts of ventilation to our feet. This kick is undeniably the ideal pair to wear when the summer months arrive! 

True to its name, it is exceptionally lightweight! We were astonished that it totally did not weigh us down that sometimes we forget we’re wearing one! 

But wait, there is more! Adidas just recently launched a sustainable variation of Lite Racer Adapt 3.0! A very timely iteration for a common good cause. 

With its grab-and-go style and throughout-the-day comfort, It is definitely a pair perfect for your everyday adventure.

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