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7 reasons to buy

  • Several reviewers are beyond impressed with the comfort of the Nike Air Max 270. 
  • The Air Max 270 is a stylish shoe, according to numerous buyers.
  • Many purchasers say they love this shoe so much that they will order other colors.
  • Some reviewers state that this Air Max is exceptionally lightweight.
  • There are a handful of comments on the excellent foot support of this shoe. 
  • The heel Air unit is phenomenal, according to a couple of reviewers.   
  • Some reviewers report that this shoe gets them lots of compliments from other people.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A few reviewers say that the opening of the shoe is too tight.
  • Some are disappointed that some colorways are hard to cop.
  • A couple of reviewers comment that this Air Max runs a bit narrow in the toes.
  • Some reviewers think that the Nike 270 Air Max is not worth its expensive price tag.

Bottom line

The Nike Air Max 270, Nike’s first lifestyle Air unit flaunts an exaggerated heel Air Max unit (the tallest yet measuring 32-mm), a sporty construction, a breathable knit and mesh upper in numerous colorways that collectively makes a statement and gives the silhouette its signature look.

This Air Max model ticks off all the boxes concerning comfort, support, superb fit, and lightness, which makes up for its expensive price point. 

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Our reviews

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Fans of the Air Max lineup have had their fill of some of the most iconic and sought-after shoes for more than 30 years.

The Swoosh has provided sneaker fans a plethora of eye-catching and mouth-watering sneakers since Tinker Hatfield decided to turn the status quo upside down by revealing the Air unit in the midsole of the Air Max 1.

This year, Nike’s relentless drive to get the most out of its incredibly deep and historical archives takes another significant turn as it introduces the Nike Air Max 270.



Sneaker enthusiasts who are very familiar with the Air Max history should know that two of the most recognizable shoes of the Air Max lineage are the Air Max 93 and the Air Max 180. The former was the first of its kind that had a colored air unit for the world to see while the latter was famous for its 180° of Air Max visibility.

The 180 also took center stage during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics as Michael Jordan’s shoe. It proved that it could offer the type of performance needed on the basketball court as well as on the tracks.

From the basics of these two hugely popular shoes came something very new from Nike. This is the very first shoe that utilizes the Air Max unit solely for lifestyle purposes as opposed to the running-defined versions of past models.

For those who want more “Air,” Nike offers the 32mm of this in the heel for a thoroughly revolutionary design and riveting appeal.

Up Close and Personal

Out of the box, the feature that really stands out is the seriously huge heel where 270° of Air unit can be readily seen. The Air unit looks even bigger than it really is because of the transparent heel counter.

Nike intended to clearly impress upon fans that this is some serious Air and heel unit. The degree of visibility and the gaudy color definitely achieved their purpose. The combination of the Air unit and heel counter delivers a look that will more than cause a sideways glance from the most jaded observer.



Although the AM93 was also nicknamed as the 270, it just seems fitting that the name should be tagged on the shoe with the biggest heel displacement in Nike’s deep arsenal of shoes.

From the heel and outsole, the sweet mix of engineered mesh and fused overlays should bring a smile to most sneaker fanatics. The prominent perforations all over the shoe should make this a solid choice when the weather gets hot.

Beneath this engineered mesh is a more refined mesh that is surely designed for added durability and to keep dirt off.



Nike also delivers a statement in this shoe by putting 270 and the Swoosh logo on different parts of the upper. Clearly, Nike is making sure this kick will not be mistaken for anything else.

Perhaps Nike is also playing by the numbers as this sneaker does not have the huge Swoosh logo that is usually typical in most shoes of the Air Max dynasty. The sleek details convey a sophisticated and “it” look that sneakerheads long for in their shoes.



The asymmetrical lacing sits on top of a quite thin, but very softly-lined one-piece upper. It has a plush-looking heel that should be up for the test once the shoe gets on foot.

A heel loop should make the shoe easy to put on or take off.

Although the upper is not made of Nike’s very popular Flyknit, it looks like it could have a form-fitting fit with still enough room for a relaxing feel. Up front, a fused overlay is designed for forefoot protection and durability.

Nike Air Max 270 On Foot

According to Dylan Raasch, the creator of this shoe and the very popular Roshe Two, the Air Max 270 was purposely designed for all-day comfort.

This is a lifestyle shoe that is supposed to find its home in the shoe closets of thousands of sneaker fans. Hence, it’s about time Mr. Raasch’s words will be put to the test.

Putting on the shoe was quite a breeze. The slip-on like design of the upper and the heel loop got their jobs done. The interior offers adequate room for the toes to move around without feeling sloppy.



Nike’s upper design generates an element of glove-like fit that is by no means constricting. The foot was smiling from ear to ear already. It took only a few steps for me to realize that this is easily one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. The heel counter brings comforting support that does not intrude with every stride.

It is in the cushioning that Nike really aced in this shoe. As expected, the heel was superbly soft with enough bounce that does not make walking mushy. The clincher lies in the forefoot cushioning. It’s almost something you can’t describe, but you know you got a good thing going on there.

For people who are looking for that rare mix of softness, support, and exceptional comfort, the Air Max 270 should be a definite must-have.


The Air Max 270 is unabashedly a fashion-forward sneaker that is quite versatile. It passed with flying colors when used while wearing jeans, tapered denim, joggers, and shorts.

Cuffed jeans or sweatpants should also be a perfect opportunity to flaunt the sophistication and cool style of this shoe. It is almost a guarantee that one can pull off a casual, sleek style in the Air Max 270.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • It generally fits true to size
  • The price tag is reasonable
  • There is a large variety of colorways to choose from
  • Versatile when it comes to style
  • Owning one is clearly getting a piece of history considering that this is the first lifestyle sneaker where the Air Max is utilized
  • The outsole is designed for more than adequate durability
  • Lighter than it looks


  • The chunky outsole might put off some sneaker fans
  • People with wide feet could have some issues with the fit


Nike essentially pulled another rabbit out of the bag with the unveiling of the Air Max 270.

Besides getting another milestone for their Air Max family, the Swoosh brand also introduces to sneaker fans a revolutionary shoe with spades of comfort and versatile styling in the mix.

The reasonable price will only give sneakerheads more reason to drool over this shoe.

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I was extremely excited when I first saw these shoes, mostly for its huge heel airbag. I liked that the silhouette had a different look.

The colorway I wanted actually was sold out, which was a bummer, but that didn’t stop me from looking. Not all colorways sell out and these are actually a pretty easy shoe to find. There are many color options as well.

When I first got the Nike Air Max 270 in hand, I was surprised by how large the airbag was and how much it stuck out the back of the shoe. Once I got the shoe on my foot, I was again shocked. This time about the comfort!



The airbag is a lot softer than I was expecting, but the airbag is wrapped around the foam (I will show a picture a little lower in the review) which helps catch your foot when you take a step and allows your foot to roll forward from your heel to the rest of the foot.


The midsole is a very comfortable foam mixed with the airbag at the heel. The shoe is very responsive and very comfortable for walking, standing and running. When I first pulled out the shoe from the shoebox, I was a little concerned of the quality and material used for the midsole.  

It seemed very cheap and almost plastic looking. After wearing these for almost a month, the midsole looks much better. They just needed to be broken in. They are pretty squishy and do a great job absorbing the impact while walking or running.

I am NOT a big fan of how the foam and airbag meet at the mid foot. It looks a little cheap to me. The gap is a little too much for me. I wish that it fit a lot tighter.


Again I was concerned about the quality of the material when I first pulled these out of the shoebox. I am not a big fan at how the outsole looks, it looks like a kindergartner glued them together.  As I have worn the Air Max 270 more and more, they have become more grippy, offering better traction.



The traction on the heel does the job and allows your foot to roll to the toes very nicely.

As I explained above, the pressure of the airbag is just enough to absorb the impact of your foot while taking a step and then the foam that the airbag is wrapped around catches the rest of the impact and rolls to your toes very nicely.  The traction under your midfoot and toes does the job as well.



I love the upper on this shoe. That is a personal preference, but this and the monster airbag is what made me want these.

It is a sock/moc style, where the tongue is attached. This shoe does not need to be tied, however, I think it would look silly without the laces. I tie mine lose enough to slip my foot in and out without untying the shoe.



The shoe does fit nicely around your foot, but there is really not a way to lock it down tighter if needed. The bottom lace line is at an angle which adds extra character to the shoe.

Nike was concerned that we wouldn’t know who made the shoe or model it was so they threw their logo and AIR270 all over this shoe. I count 5 swooshes just on the upper and either, MAX, AIR or 270 7 times again just on the upper. I am ok with it though as I feel it adds character.

The upper is very flexible and breathable and is easy on the eyes!!  


  • New looking silhouette
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to cop (Find a pair)
  • Lightweight
  • Great Price


  • Feels/Looks cheap in some places
  • Cant lockdown the shoe on feet if needed
  • Over branded
  • Huge Airbag that not all people will like


All and all the Nike Airmax 270 is a great shoe. I will buy them again if the right colorway pops up.

The price is right considering the cheap looking parts of the shoe. They offer a smooth ride and will be good for manicured trails or for people that are on their feet all day or just for your everyday gym goer.  


Here's my unboxing vid of the AirMax 270:

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Good to know

This sneaker is available for both men and women. Like most lace-up shoes, the AM270 provides a customized or versatile fit that should benefit most sneaker fans or loyal followers of the Air Max line.

The low-top profile of this shoe is equipped with a bootie construction, one-piece tongue, and a knit upper that gives a snug and secure fit while allowing flexible foot movement and breathable ride. A pull tab is present on the heel for easy on and off, and the asymmetrical lacing adds to the snug fit.

Nike Air Max has established a name in the sneaker community as a lineup of sleek and fashionable sneakers with a rich heritage and long list of influences to different cultures and subcultures. The Nike Air Max 270, otherwise referred to as AM 270, is not an exception to this. It takes just a glance from sneakerheads or even regular consumers to give a nod of approval to this silhouette’s modern and sporty-casual façade that embodies the Air Max legacy.

The overall look can be described as innovative and stylish. The knit upper is equipped with no-sew overlays and mesh areas, which gives out an impression of comfortable wearing while ensuring a supportive fit and breathable comfort. Down the heel is the largest heel Air unit for impact absorption and improved cushioning fit for an active lifestyle.

This Air Max shoe has a wide range of colorways that both men and women would surely find a pair that suits their style best may it be a simple get-up, athleisure look, or a monochromatic look with the AM270 as a pop of color. The extensive color selection of this kick also allows different ways of styling it. Case in point, one way to draw the attention to the sneaker is by incorporating an equally attention-grabbing pair of socks that would match its color while maintaining muted elements in the rest of the outfit.

  Black Nike Air Max 270 Sneakers

With a myriad of colorways available, the new Air Max model sure shares a huge chunk of black sneakers in the market. Here are some of them:

  • Nike Air Max 270 “Black Multi-Color – This black Nike Air Max 270 is one of the newest colorways that released in January 2019. It flaunts an all-black textile upper with a multicolor gradient Air Max heel unit and white midsole.
  • Nike Air Max 270 “Reflective Black” – Dropped initially on November 19, 2018, this black Nike Air Max 270 sports a tonal textile upper, laces, and midsole with red Swoosh accents on the tongue, mudguard overlay, and sides. The large Air unit comes in a glossy red hue that matches the pop of color on the upper.
  • Nike Air Max 270 “Black Crimson” – One of the most hyped Air Max silhouette received a "Black Crimson" treatment in October 2018. As clean and stylish as other black colorways of the AM270, the black knit upper of this shoe shows a touch of red underlay accents that complement the pops of red on the heel tab, side Swoosh, eyelets, and Air heel unit.

  White Nike Air Max 270 Sneakers

Fashion trends have been dominated recently by white sneakers for several reasons. Not only are white sneakers complement well with any outfit, but they also make a great fashion statement. The growing force of white sneakers in the fashion department have reached even one of the latest silhouettes from the Air Max line. Although this trend’s popularity commenced with retro classic sneaker models, it eventually evolved and included newer and contemporary models like the Nike Air Max 270.  

  • Nike Air Max 270 “HQ Trivia” – Nike partnered up with HQ Trivia, an app and trivia game, for the “HQ Trivia” colorway of the legendary AM 270 sneakers which released as part of the Air Max Day 2018 celebrations. The shoe features an all-white upper and midsole with pops of vibrant blue hue on the Air heel unit, heel tab, and insoles. The special release was limited to 100 pairs only.
  • Nike Air Max 270 White Pack – Also released as part of the Air Max Day 2018 celebrations on March 26, 2018, is a three-piece pack of the AM270. The collection consists of three colorways with a white-based tonal upper, tonal midsole, and varying bright colors of the signature Air heel unit. It includes the Nike Air Max 270 "White Pack/Total Orange" with an orange Air heel unit, the Nike Air Max 270 “White Pack/Hot Punch” with a hot punch or coral-like red Air heel unit, and the Nike Air Max 270 “White Pack/Photo Blue” with a vibrant blue Air heel unit.

  Other Popular Nike Air Max 270 Colorways

Summarized below are just some of the most popular AM270 releases that definitely caught the attention of sneakerheads and casual wearers:

  • Nike Air Max 270 “Light Bone” – The Light Bone Air Max 270 shoe first dropped on March 2, 2018. It displays a light bone upper that offers superb comfort and sufficient ventilation with its laser-cut perforations. Welded overlays on the forefoot, midfoot, and heel areas come in black for that much-needed contrast, while the chunky Air heel unit gives a pop of vibrant red that oozes with contemporary flair.
  • Nike Air Max 270 “Dusty Cactus” – One of the most popular colorways of the Nike Air Max 270 silhouette is the "Dusty Cactus" which released on March 22, 2018. Inspired by the OG colorway of the Nike Air Max 93, the men's exclusive colorway is dressed in a white mesh crafted upper with black synthetic welded overlays and heel area. The large Air heel unit, on the other hand, comes in a vibrant turquoise hue that matches the heel loop tab. The stylish flair of the "Dusty Cactus" Air Max 270 is sealed off with a small turquoise Swoosh on the sidewalls and forefoot area.

Considering that it is inspired by two of the most highly recognizable Air Max shoes, the Air Max 93 and the Air Max 180, it is not surprising that the Nike Air Max 270 is another standout silhouette in the Air Max heritage.

One feature that this AM shoe prides itself on is its remarkable plush and responsive cushioning given by its dual-density foam sole and Nike’s biggest 32mm-thick Air unit in its heel. Aside from its functional values, the prominent Max Air unit also contributes significantly to the shoe's aesthetics. It is a feature that gives character to the entirety of the silhouette and makes it easily recognizable in the eyes of seasoned sneakerheads and ordinary sneaker buyers. Its exaggerated one-piece tongue and tongue logo, on the other hand, pay homage to the 1991 Air Max 180.

When Nike came up with a concept of fusing two of the most iconic Air Max models to produce a new Air Max silhouette and actually released one, Air Max fanatics were in awe.

The Nike Air Max 270 is no stranger to the sneaker community as a lot of buzz had been going on about it before its release for the Air Max Day 2018. The new Air Max model flaunts a design and features that pay homage to the Nike Air Max 180 and the Nike Air Max 93.

This promising lifestyle kick offers exciting facts for a Swoosh that carries on the Air Max heritage. It is the first shoe in the Air Max lineup to feature a heel Air unit that is specially engineered for lifestyle use and all-day wear with similar performance vigor as those used in its sports performance predecessors. Its prominent heel Air unit is further worth noting as it is Nike’s largest yet measuring 32-mm thick. The 270 moniker is based on the 270-degree of visible Air unit, which happens to be a nickname for one of the two inspirations of this shoe – the Air Max 93 that pioneered the blow-molded Air Max unit in the heel.

Some thought that the large visible Air unit in the heel is next to impossible. But Nike Air Max Creative Director Dylan Raasch, the man behind the sleek design and concept of the AM 270 (and Nike Roshe Run, of course), and his team made it all achievable after series of conceptualizations and product testing.

The new silhouette officially released on February 1, 2018, via the Nike SNKRS app in its Light Bone introductory colorway. On March 26 Air Max Day 2018, the Teal Air Max 270, which colors are inspired by the AM93, made its debut. Countless other colorways followed since then.

  • This shoe also features a 3-piece midsole for added durability and a smooth transition.
  • Before its official release date, the Nike Air Max 270 was worn off-court by Kevin Durant on November 22 and on December 5. Nike had to make a size 18 for the NBA star.

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