10 Best Leather Sneakers in 2021

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If you're on a hunt for sneakers that offer instant comfort and get even better as you wear them, leather sneakers are your best bet. With so many leather sneakers available, finding the best one without reading hundreds of reviews is not easy.

Whether you're new to the sneaker world or planning to add another leather kick to your collection, we will help you out. We have spent hours sifting through over a thousand pairs of leather kicks and concocted several recommendations for your easy reference. 

How we pick the best leather sneakers

We meticulously assessed more than 100 leather sneakers to help you find the best one for you. To give you honest and fair reviews, here is our approach:

  • We buy these kicks using our own money to stay unbiased. 
  • We thoroughly test these sneakers to check their comfort, durability, and many other parameters.
  • We gather all available reviews from other wearers of these leather sneakers. 

Based on the above, we assign a CoreScore for each sneaker. Ranging from 1-100, this scoring system will determine how this shoe performed for the majority.

Best overall

More than a thousand leather sneakers have been put through tests and comparisons, and we handpicked the Adidas Superstar 2 as the best in the overall category. 

We are amazed how the 50-year-old Superstar silhouette still reigns in the current market as one of the most popular to date! The iconic shell-toe vibe effortlessly turns our attire into a fashionable one. 

Plus, it amazingly can be paired up with heaps of styles; this sneaker is indeed an A-lister when it comes to versatility.

Not only stylish, but this sneaker is definitely one of the most comfortable kicks we've ever tried. From day one, we enjoyed a well-supported feel and cushy strides. Thanks to its modernized padding, walking for hours along the streets felt so breezy and effortless. 

Owing to its premium make, we were astonished how this sneaker stayed intact after countless uses. Despite its lack of modern techs, we got to enjoy this longer than expected.

These unisex sneakers are indeed for everyone! With a price range that will make your pockets smile, the Adidas Superstar 2 is genuinely a great deal when it comes to a wide range of parameters!

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Also bagging our recommendation as one of the best leather sneakers is the Reebok Club C 85. This kick secured its premium spot after beating over a thousand pairs of leather sneakers. 

Launched more than 30 years ago, this sneaker still got the nod of most sneakerheads for its clean, simple, and timeless vibe. We enjoyed how its soft leather upper gave a hint of a retro vibe to our ensembles. 

Like its contemporary Adidas Stan Smith, we adore its versatility that can be paired up with oodles of attires. Jeans, shorts, or even dresses, the C85 is a surefire winner!

History aside, this model deserves to be recognized in today's sneaker world. It is one of the comfiest in Reebok's arsenal, making this suitable for any sneaker rotation. Although it might fit a little bit wider than the usual, we did see this as a problem. In fact, we felt more relaxed. 

Also, we enjoyed how lightweight it is on our feet! We never had any dragging-down sensation as we pounded the city streets. 

With Reebok Club C 85, you get to enjoy all these exciting features without the need to spend beyond your budget!

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Best chunky

After countless tests and comparisons, Nike Air Max 90 bagged our commendation as the best chunky leather sneaker on our list. 

Featuring a beefed-up profile, this shoe quickly gained our approval as it is one of the most comfortable leather pairs we have ever examined! Day-one, we instantly felt its fantastic fit. We enjoyed its superb cushioning and had zero issues when it came to comfort. 

We also want to highlight its retro vibe. Its layered upper and stocky profile display an authentic running heritage that quickly turned our regular attire into a neck-breaking one. Just choose among its comprehensive collection of colorways, and you're good to go!

For the summer season, we did not have any qualms wearing this. We were confident that we would still have enjoyable strides as this sneaker would keep our feet cool and dry.

Durability-wise, we can vouch for this sneaker. Nike definitely built this to last. After wearing it countless times, it amazingly remained undamaged. This kick is indeed one of the toughest sneakers out there!

If you want to experience cozy steps while strutting a truly eye-catching pair, the Nike Air Max 90 is the one you're looking for!

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We also consider the Nike Air Max 97 as one of the best chunky leather sneakers available on the market. After surpassing more than a thousand pairs on our list, we've come up with several reasons why this kick truly deserves its spot. 

Since it was launched in the '90s, it quickly set the bar higher regarding how footwear must look. The Nike AM 97 flaunts a noticeable style that will undoubtedly update your look into an extra snazzy one. 

This sneaker remained intact after several usages. We love how Nike designed it to last by using premium materials and adding extra reinforcements on strategic areas. 

Walking through a light rainshower has never been a problem. This kick kept our feet dry, and its traction worked fantastically on slippery surfaces. This model is indeed one of the excellent options from summer to rainy seasons. 

While this sneaker is sold at a bit pricey range, Nike ensures that you get what you have paid for! This sneaker has a brimful of remarkable features that will let you enjoy the city without any pain at all!

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Best minimalist

Coming in strong as the best minimalist leather sneaker on our list, the legendary Adidas Stan Smith. Defeating more than 1000 sneakers, this iconic pair clearly deserves its top spot. 

We were filled with astonishment for these sneakers' immortal style. Because of its widely popular look, the brand has been unstoppable in releasing contemporary versions of Stan Smith. 

Its clean and straightforward aesthetics is a brilliant piece if you're looking for an authentic versatile sneaker. It is easy to pair off with a wide range of outfits. Dressing up or down has been easier with the Adidas Stan Smith.

When it comes to robustness, this one is a keeper. After putting it through so many external stresses, it amazingly remained in excellent condition. We get to enjoy it for a longer period than usual. 

Although it has perforations, what's good about this leather sneaker is it can repel water. Our feet stayed dry when we used this during light rain showers. 

Amazingly, Stan Smith has remained one of the highest-selling sneakers of all time. As it ages, it becomes more captivating. Owning a pair of these legendary sneakers is a must for every sneaker lover.

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Adidas Continental 80 is another highly recommended leather sneaker in our minimalist category. This model outdid more than a thousand or of leather kicks in our list. 

Displaying stunning yet simple style, we adore how Adidas revamped this tennis classic into fashionable lifestyle footwear. The shiny leather upper with perforations and overlays clearly flaunts the '80s fashion. We're over the moon by how it boosted our usual ensembles. 

Its simplicity makes it one of the versatile pairs we have on our wardrobes. Plus, it is available in a wide array of hues! We love how we easily mixed it with countless attires without worrying how our overall look will end up. 

Comfort-wise, the Continental is a sneaker that is hard to beat! The Supple leather upper hugs the feet cozily while its padding cradles our trots like a pillow. Walking all day in these kicks is pain-free! 

Do you want to know another exciting feature? The Continental 80 is sold at a budget-friendly rate! Now you can be stylish with a premium impression without the need to spend a fortune! 

The Adidas Continental 80 is indeed one of the most functional pairs you must add to your arsenal.

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Best high-top

After meticulous tests and comparisons of 1000+ leather sneakers, Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage quickly landed as our top choice. 

This basketball-inspired sneaker undoubtedly flaunts an attractive flair that can quickly revamp any attire. From the usual to snazzy, its high-top construction fashionably adds a vintage feel.

As the collar hugged our ankles, we felt very comfortable. Plus, its roomy toe box warded off any restrictive sensation. We experienced no pain at all, even after walking all day in these sneakers.

Weight-wise, this sneaker did not disappoint us. It felt airy as we wore it down the streets, making our city cruising enjoyable and acheless.

Like its Nike folks, this kick has a premium make. Despite its top-notch build, we were surprised upon finding out that this is sold at an economical price! This sneaker inarguably suits practical sneaker fans.

And to top it all, Nike conceived a sustainable version of this model! The Nike Blazer Mid 77 VTG is indeed a sneaker that is hard to beat!

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Beating the rest of the 1000+ leather sneakers on our list, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Leather High-Top bagged our recommendation among its high-top contemporaries. 

 We love its all-leather upper that hugged our feet comfortably. It may feel a bit tight at first, but it stretches cozily after wearing it a couple of times. If you have any insole preferences, this sneaker best fits you as it has extra room to accommodate your support insole. 

We adore how this sneaker kept our feet toasty during the warmer days. The leather material perfectly insulated our feet as compared to sneakers made with canvas material. This sneaker is undoubtedly an all-season kick!

While we wished this sneaker had better arch support, we still enjoyed its comfortable strides! It felt so light and comfy as we explored the city in this footwear.

Not only does this sneaker look trendy, but it is inexpensive too! We were surprised by its affordability, even if it is made with premium materials!

The CTAS Leather Hi is a perfect all-rounder kick. Style, durability, and comfort this is a must for every sneaker collector.

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Best budget

Topping our best budget leather sneaker is the tennis-inspired Nike Court Vision Low. Knocking down more than a thousand pairs on our list, we've got several reasons why this sneaker deserves its top spot. 

We stood in awe of its exceptional durability. After wearing it countless times, the leather upper stayed intact. While there were a few signs of wear, it was still in its trendy and functional form.

We love its clean and straightforward style. We were smitten by its versatility, which made our dressing up or down easier than usual. Whether we prefer rugged jeans or sleek trousers, the Court Vision Low can blend in. 

Unlike the Air Force 1, we enjoyed how our feet looked skinny in the Court Vision Low without sacrificing comfort. We were fond of wearing it all day without any comfort issues. This pair is a keeper!

Fashionable, durable, and long-lasting, the Nike Court Vision Low is a pair you must try! While it is sold at an inexpensive price point, it will not bum you out when it comes to essential features.

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Landing as our next best bet among the budget leather sneakers is the Adidas Grand Court sneaker. 

Although it may have "grand" on its name, this sneaker is not grand when it comes to price. It is one of the best affordable sneakers to date, dodging more than a thousand leather pairs on our list. 

We were crazy about this sneaker's affordability! It has an eye-popping budgeted price range to suit buyers looking for cheap yet quality sneakers to wear every day. 

Featuring a look that lies between the simplicity of Stan Smith and Superstar, the Grand Court is one of the most stunning and versatile kicks we have ever tried! Pairing it with limitless clothes has been breezy and fun!

The leather upper, meanwhile, adds a hint of a luxurious vibe. With this kick, we felt plush and extra ritzy without the need to spend more than our means. 

In the comfort department, this sneaker did not fail to satisfy us! Roving around the town has been very easy and smooth as this kick is inserted with ample cushioning and a flexible sole. 

Grab a pair or two of Adidas Grand Court before it runs out!

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