Our verdict

The Nike Dunk Low represents an institution that sneakerheads of all ages have advocated. Joining the well-revered Nike Dunk shoe collection, this sneaker features several superior comfort elements. And to ensure reliable durability, it is covered with meticulously selected materials, from the upper down to its outsole, to endure daily usage. Other than that, we believe that this icon needs no more introduction.


  • Retro aesthetics
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Feels comfortable for hours
  • All-rounder flair
  • Fashionable hues
  • Easy to clean upper
  • Value for money


  • Stiff at first
  • So-so cushioning

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Nike Dunk Low

Grab a pair of Nike Dunk Low if you:

  • appreciate retro sneakers bursting with coziness
  • enjoy wearing affordable yet durable footwear
  • prefer kicks covered with fashionable colorways

Nike Dunk Low lateral view of the swoosh

Who should NOT buy it

The Nike Dunk Low has a rigid leather upper and rubber sole, which can be weird for many who prefer flexible outsoles. If you are inclined to wear bendy kicks, consider checking out the timeless Nike Air Force 1 07  or another b-ball footwear from Adidas, the Adidas Campus.

Nike Dunk Low toe box front view

Nike Dunk Low: A style that fits all ages

Obviously, the Nike Dunk Low's retro profile is the main reason to choose this sneaker. With its classic design and a wide array of styles and hues, this sneaker can be sported in many ways, ranging from shorts for men to skirts and dresses for women. For more formal events, the shoe also complements suits and long-sleeved shirts.

Nike Dunk Low heel view

Superb comfort for hours!

Similar to the popular Converse sneakers, we were amazed at how comfortable the Nike Dunk Low felt on our feet all day, even with its little cushioning. We appreciated its lightweight EVA midsole and flexible cupsole contributing to smoother strides.

Nike Dunk Low laces front view

Rigid at first

It feels stiff right out of the box, but after a few walks, it is amazingly comfortable. If you still find it a little stiff, bend the sole in all possible directions with your hands a few times to increase flexibility.

Durable yet affordable

There is no need to rip out your budget to enjoy wearing long-lasting sneakers, as the Nike Dunk Low is among Nike's affordable models

Nike Dunk Low heel area of midsole

Nike Dunk Low vs. Nike SB Dunk

The remarkable difference between the Nike Dunk Low and Nike SB Dunk Low is the grooves found at the outsole. The SB Dunk contains more grooves and fine lines than the Nike Dunk Low. The latter remained almost similar to the outsole design of the Air Jordan I, while the former provides more grip whenever the surface touches the skateboard.

A visible SB marking can also be seen on the tongue of the SB Dunk Low. The women's and men's Nike Dunk Low also retained the detail of the original release where the lace patch overlaps the toe overlay. Another accent that serves as leverage to further determine the differences between these iterations is the rounded laces in the SB franchise.

Interesting facts about Nike Dunk Low

  • The Nike Dunk Low top was re-released first in 1998, which was the spark plug for creating the SB Dunk series in 2002 after several disappointments penetrating the skating industry.
  • The shoe had its first Flyknit release in August of 2017 which proved to be good to wear for summers.