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  1. Merrell Jungle Moc - Taupe (J60801)
    Any color
    Merrell Jungle Moc - Taupe (J60801)
    Merrell Jungle Moc - Hemp (J20029)
    Merrell Jungle Moc - Castle Rock (J71447)
    Merrell Jungle Moc - Dark Earth (J65685)
    Merrell Jungle Moc - Brown (J63829)
    $80 $33 Save 59%
  2. Merrell Alpine Sneaker - Moon Rock (J00327)
    Any color
    Merrell Alpine Sneaker - Moon Rock (J00327)
    Merrell Alpine Sneaker - Multi (J00060)
    Merrell Alpine Sneaker - Navy (J00372)
    Merrell Alpine Sneaker - Moon/Mint (J00259)
    Merrell Alpine Sneaker - Bracken (J00351)
    $90 $51 Save 43%
  3. Merrell Hut Moc - Spice (J00357)
    Any color
    Merrell Hut Moc - Spice (J00357)
    Merrell Hut Moc - Black / Brown / Green (J00358)
    Merrell Hut Moc - Night Sky (J00371)
    Merrell Hut Moc - Black (J90731)
    Merrell Hut Moc - Sable (J00193)
    $80 $32 Save 60%
  4. Merrell Jungle Slide - Midnight (J00329)
    $95 $32 Save 66%
  5. Merrell Embark Lace - Birch (J06721)
    $110 $63 Save 43%
  6. Merrell Jungle Moc Nubuck - BROWN (J60831)
    $95 $75 Save 21%
  7. Merrell Gridway - Black (J97457)
    $130 $44 Save 66%
  8. Merrell Burnt Rock Travel Suede - Brown (J95233)
    $100 $54 Save 46%
  9. Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer - Coyote (J00356)
    $105 $48 Save 54%
  10. Merrell Nova Moc - Black (J06695)
    $100 $57 Save 43%
  11. Merrell Gridway Moc - Boulder (J97455)
    $120 $53 Save 56%
  12. Merrell Moab Adventure Mid Waterproof - Black (J91815)
  13. Merrell Range AC+ - Green (J00096)
    $120 $46 Save 62%
  14. Merrell Cloud Moc Vent - Burlwood (J00344)
    $80 $38 Save 53%
  15. Merrell Alpine Hiker - Burgundy (J00377)
  16. Merrell Jungle Moc 2.0 - Black (J00465)
    $110 $96 Save 13%
  17. Merrell Jungle Moc AC+ Pro Work - Black (J45361)
    $120 $114 Save 5%
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Merrell sneakers

Traverse the urban jungle and make the pavements bow down to you in a pair of Merrell sneakers. These hardy shoes meld form and function harmoniously, allowing you to own the city streets in style.

Now if getting high-quality trainers for cheap excites you, RunRepeat will give you a heart attack (though not the deadly kind)! Yes, crazy deals and mad price cuts await you on our site, so browse around and splurge to your heart’s content!

A catalog of street-tough sneakers from Merrell

We have a vast selection of incredible sneakers for men and women here at RunRepeat, and Merrell’s offerings only make it even more comprehensive. With dozens of kicks available to you from this brand, choosing the right pair can become quite perplexing. That said, our smart filters will make things three-fold simpler for you.

When it comes to hiking-inspired sneakers, Merrell has, arguably, the most robust lineup. From this particular roster, the must-have Jungle Moc is a worthy street-to-trail companion.

Do you look forward to dress-down Fridays every single week? Then look into our casual sneakers catalog. Merrell pieces in this collection are smart-looking shoes, but with soles that can stick to various surfaces like a master ninja.

Merrell sneakers: You get what you pay for

The sweet spot for Merrell shoes price-wise is around $110. While these sneakers are pricier than most, their build quality and longevity speak volumes. Beyond the 110-dollar mark, you will have access to Merrell’s waterproof kicks. More supportive mid-top offerings from this brand can cost up to $140.