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7 reasons to buy

  • The Brooks Vanguard Heritage received a lot of praises for its stylish, retro look and its attractive color schemes.
  • This lightweight shoe is extremely comfortable, the majority of the reviewers remarked.
  • A large number commented that this versatile sneaker is perfect for walking as well as casual events and for the gym.
  • One purchaser advised that the Vanguard Heritage only needed a day to be broken in.
  • A user noticed that the shoe’s color is true to what is displayed online.
  • Less than a handful of wearers who suffered from plantar fasciitis tried the shoes and were satisfied.
  • The feet eased well into the shoes, even during the first use, several happy consumers reported.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Several who purchased the Brooks Vanguard Heritage observed that the shoe’s sole wore out quickly and that the leather around the edges tore up.
  • The sneaker needs more arch support, a few purchasers reported.
  • The shoe felt unsupportive and unstable with inserts or orthotics, some wearers complained.
  • The sneaker’s heels squeak, observed by a few users.

Bottom line

Effortlessly stand out in the crowd by wearing this iconic vintage lifestyle shoe released by Brooks. The Vanguard Heritage, described by many as sporty and attractive, continues to receive heaps of praises from sneakerheads of all ages worldwide since the kicks were re-issued.

For a budget-friendly price, this popular sneaker ensures to provide quality and durability. On top of that, with the multiple stunning color variations released for this model, owning one pair just isn’t enough for many sneaker enthusiasts.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Brooks sneaker
A popular pick

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The Vanguard Heritage’s shoe size may run larger than your favorite Brooks running shoes, as such, it is advised to order a pair 0.5 size smaller than your normal size. Men’s shoes are available in sizes 7-13 while the women’s versions are offered in sizes 6-11.

Although the sneaker’s design was rooted from a running shoe, this lifestyle shoe does not promise to provide the same type of support its predecessor offered.

Sporty and stylish, the Brooks Vanguard Heritage ensures to make heads turn. Available in a wide array of colorways, the brand made sure that there’s a pair available for every person’s unique style and personality.

Men’s models are offered in 5 color schemes, while women are considered the luckiest, with at least 15 color combinations offered in the market. This low-top shoe is perfect for everyday wear. Pair this retro-styled shoe with jeans, shorts and other casual clothing, and look great and feel comfortable all day.

Aside from this shoe’s noticeable and durable pigskin upper with the iconic T-toecap, the Brooks Vanguard Heritage is also well-liked for its sponge Octopi outsole. The suction-like pattern on the shoe’s outsole gives this sneaker improved traction. In addition, the shoe’s pebbled Chevron heel tab adds a luxe look to the sneakers already stylish aesthetics.

The 1970’s was a momentous era for this legendary brand. It was during this period that Brooks became a popular choice among runners and running enthusiasts for its high-performance sneakers.

The Vanguard is among the most coveted running shoes during that time. Originally released in 1976, this classic shoe has won the admiration of many sports lovers for its functionality as well as clean and appealing aesthetics.

In celebration of Brooks’ 100th anniversary, they decided to release the Heritage Collection, allowing the brand’s loyal followers to relive and experience the running craze during the 1970s. Included in this line is the Vanguard. Re-engineered to give the shoe’s classic silhouette a modern and fashion-forward look, Brooks fans are certainly in for a treat.

However, it is notable that this recent iteration is made as a lifestyle shoe and was not built to function as a performance running shoe.

  • This street-ready kicks also feature a dual EVA midsole that gives the sneakers enhanced comfort.
  • The shoe’s upper also includes a breathable nylon mesh and a mesh tongue.
  • The Vanguard Heritage is also distinguished for its classy leather lining.
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Danny McLoughlin

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