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    Shoes sharing the same inspiration, history, materials, or technologies are routinely assembled under one compilation for the convenience of those who may wish to categorize or label their own collection as such. The classic collections like the Adidas Originals, Air Max 1, Air Force 1, new balance classic sneakers, and the Classic Leather head the pack of frequently asked about collections.

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    Sneakers dominantly take their heritage from running, basketball, skate, tennis, training, hiking, and football. Still retaining a few of their performance-based technologies, these sneakers have transcended their respective niches and have successfully and popularly transformed themselves as staples of fashion footwear.


    Sneakers designed for a laidback, "cool" vibe that is built for lifestyle wear right from the get-go.

    Good to know

    Brands are now blending elements of performance and casual appeal in basically every sneaker. One can hardly go wrong with a sports-inspired sneaker or a simple casual shoe.

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    Leather is considered by some as an upgrade over canvas. This is the kind of material that gives sneakers more durability, protection, and sophistication. Many of the most popular leather shoes are variations of the original models that were previously made of mesh or canvas. See *leather sneakers*


    The material that is originally designed for sneakers. Back then, canvas was sought after as it was durable, flexible, and extremely lightweight. Today, sneakers made of canvas are wide-ranging as they are normally affordable with plenty of options where style and versatility go. See *canvas sneakers*


    Suede kicks are covered with a fibrous version of animal leather giving its users shoes with a softer and more luxurious finish. These footwear provide more durability but considered disadvantageous as it attracts water and dirt easily. Suede sneakers are typically worn during Spring and Winter as many found this modish while providing warmth for the chilly days. See *suede sneakers*


    The most common of all materials used in sneakers or shoes of all kinds. Whether it's a performance shoe or a lifestyle shoe, mesh is a most coveted material. It is durable, breathable, and is one of the reasons why a shoe is reasonably-priced.


    At the forefront of technological innovation is knit. It offers breathability, sophistication, durability, and lightness that is not found in other materials. It is arguably the best material found in the upper of a sneaker.

    Rubber Sole

    The tried and tested outsole material of practically all shoes. It brings a nice mix of cushioning, durability, and impact protection.

    Vulc Sole

    The skaters' bestfriend is known for its flexible and soft nature for better board feel. Sneakers with vulcanized sole are ideal for skating for just a casual walk around town.

    Gum Sole

    Also known as crepe soles, gum soles are sought by sneaker fans for their hot or edgy look while bringing in a ton of grip on slippery conditions. It is also more durable than regular rubber soles.

    Cup Sole

    Cup soles are basically the regular rubber variety but with more height on the side walls that allow the rubber to "cup" the upper part of the shoe. The design offers better support during movement.
  • Low Top

    Extremely popular sneakers because of their price range, versatility when it comes to style, and freedom of movement. Almost everyone is guaranteed to have low-top sneakers in their shoe rotation.

    Mid Top

    Mid-top sneakers extend toward the ankle for a little more support and hold. These lie somewhere in the middle between low-top and high-top sneakers in terms of usage and popularity.

    High Top

    Sneakers with collars that go above the ankles for optimal hold and support are some of the most sought-after models in lifestyle shoes. Most of these shoes take their roots from basketball and have easily or fashionably crossed to mainstream wear.

    Good to know

    Regardless of cut, it's always good to start with sneakers that can be worn for the daily grind, also called as "beaters" by some, as these are usually cheaper, easy to clean, and still gives that lifestyle "edge" before going for those wallet-thinning models.

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    Although breathability is subjective, it is safe to say that shoes that are mainly made of mesh or has perfortations are particularly superb in providing optimum ventilation. Breathable shoes are sought after as they help prevent users from developing blisters or having a slipper feet. Sneakers with good ventilation also enable sneaker fans from using their shoes sockless without fear of having a smelly feet. See *breathable sneakers*


    Fit is highly personal and a shoe that is Orthotic-friendly raises this feature to a different level. Sneakers with removable insoles allow the user to be more comfortable and also give a more "customized" support based on usage. Across all brands, Orthotic-friendly shoes are found at an affordable price and in stylish designs. See *orthotic-friendly sneakers*


    Vegan sneakers are generally produced using methods and materials that do not involve experimentation on animals, which make them technically cruelty-free. Ideally, all sections of a vegan sneaker – from its upper down to its sole composition, including the ingredients used in the assembly of the shoe, such as adhesives -- are free of any traces of animal parts and animal by-products. See *vegan sneakers*


    Style never goes out even during the rainy season. Sneakers made of waterproof material is quickly becoming a must-have, particularly for people on the go. Waterproof sneakers prevent water from seeping into the shoe and help keep the foot warm and dry.


    Sneakers with reflective materials are now sought by many. Although shoes of this type are not as important as those used for running, these kind of sneakers are also needed by sneaker fans for safety, particularly while going out at night.
  • Dad

    Also dubbed as ugly shoes or turbo trainers, dad sneakers are chunky footwear inspired by the rubber shoes our fathers strutted in the 80s and 90s. These kicks feature massive soles adding few inches to the wearers' heights, with a thick and well-padded upper for ultra-comfortable strides, and often finished with curvy lines, patterns, and striking colors for flashier charm. See *Dad sneakers*


    In the sneaker world, classic is the name of the game. The older the shoe is, the more it is sought-after by sneaker fans. Classic sneakers are basically the original models with very little or almost no changes since they were released years ago. Fans of classic sneakers can have their fill as the choices are so many and they vary in price, style, and design. See *classic sneakers*


    Oversized and thick soles best describe platform sneakers. Specifically, sneakers within this category are outfitted with at least 1” sole. *Puma Thunder Spectra* and *Balenciaga Triple S Trainers* are the widely popular models of this category. The trend started and continues to be a hit among women, but has recently caught the attention of men as well. See *platform sneakers*


    These are sneakers that are initially released in the past, preferably a decade ago, and eventually resurrected due to its popularity. These re-released sneakers are now assembled with modern materials though their constructions lie close to the original model. Some of the most famous lines capitalizing on this trend come from the Jordan series as well as the Air Max, New Balance 990, Adidas EQT lines to name a few. See *retro sneakers*
    • Boost

      Adidas' most popular cushioning technology, BOOST utilizes the TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane) in the midsole that offers superior energy return and impact absorption to wearers. Many of Adidas' classic sneakers are now featuring this sophisticated midsole tech.


      Adidas fuses its own technology on ordinary fabric to create a flexible, yet long lasting upper. This material is renowned for enhancing the comfort and and fit of sneakers in Adidas collection.


      A midsole cushioning tech that provides efficient shock absorption in the forefoot and heel. An enhanced version is also available, called the AdiPRENE+.


      The Nike Joyride is a cushioning technology that uses thousands of strategically positioned small TPE beads in the midsole. These beads arrange themselves around the foot for a unique underfoot experience. As the foot strikes the ground, the beads experience multi-directional displacement to absorb the impact while maximizing the energy return.


      The Nike Lunarlon is a lightweight cushioning technology that was inspired by the manner on how astronauts bounce on the moon. This tech provides spring-like cushioning to its wearers and distributes impact across the foot. This shock-absorbing technology is used in many of Nike's performance sneakers, such as basketball, tennis, skateboarding, running, and training.


      The top of the line upper material of Nike that is made of micro-engineered knit for lightweight, durable, and form-fitting fit. Sneakers with Flyknit uppers are some of the most comfortable shoes around.


      One of Vans' latest tech that is launched to improve the comfort and support of the old classics. Most of Vans' iconic shoes now offer this midsole and outsole tech for an even better sneaker experience.


      Vans' DNA as a skating brand is not lost despite their classics being used as a lifestyle wear than usual skating. For loyal Vans fans, the UltraCush HD for sockliners brings more protection without sacrificing board feel from the brand's top of the line sneakers.
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      • Sping

        These are sneakers that are normally durable, versatile, and are usually stylish due to the spring-like vibrant colors. There's a wide variety of options for those who wish to travel in Spring as the choices for breathable and comfortable sneakers are just as easily available. Considering that Spring sneakers are some of the most affordable and versatile on the market, it's no wonder they are a dime dozen for everyone. See *spring sneakers*


        These must-cop kicks for the warm season are typically made of durable, lightweight, and breathable materials that will lessen its wearer's chance of having smelly or sweaty feet. Generally covered with brightly colored hues, these heat-busting footwear will surely suit the intense heat of the sun while keeping the user's overall ensemble on-point for the summer. See *summer sneakers*


        Still retaining its street-style look, these winter-ready sneakers will undoubtedly keep its wearers feeling comfortable and toasty even when the temperature is way below the freezing point. These kicks are commonly loaded with innovative fabrics, lining, and right technologies designed to retain heat aiding its wearers to survive the sub-zero temperature. Also, some brands add grippy lugs on its flexible outsole for wearers to endure the slushy, slippery terrains. See *winter sneakers*
      • Good to know

        A masterful team-up between two or more entities, usually between brands and artists, pro-athletes, designers, and boutique labels. Limited Releases are very popular and are normally sold out in just hours or minutes upon release despite the hefty price tag. Collaborative works for General Release regularly come with a decent price tag, but can sometimes cost an arm and a leg because of hype, social media anticipation, or marketing strategy. Kanye's collab with Adidas is one such example.

      • Slip-on

        Sneakers that can be quickly put on or removed and usually possess an upper with a fused tongue with matching elastic accents to keep the shoe in place. Some shoes with straps, toggle laces, and waterproofed iterations in a bootie construction exclude them almost naturally from being called slip-ons. Most major brands contain at least one slip-on in their catalog while a few like Vans and Keds capitalize on the trend.


        Easily the most common and popular type of closure in sneakers. The use of laces allow the user a more customized fit and hold. It is for this reason that lace-up shoes are extremely popular and versatile.


        Sneaker fans who value convenience find these shoes perfect for their needs. For those who are always on the go, sneakers with straps as closure are a must have. Previously coming almost exclusively in white, different brands now offer this kind of shoes in a multitude of colorways for versatility when it comes to style.
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        1. DC Pure - Black
          Any color
          DC Pure - Nero Bianco E Nero
          DC Pure - Black
          DC Pure - Black Smooth
          DC Pure - Black
          DC Pure - White/Battleship/White
          $70 $52 Save 26%
        2. DC Stag - Dark Grey
          Any color
          DC Stag - Dark Grey
          DC Stag - Brown/Brown/White
          DC Stag - Black
          DC Stag - White/Black/White Print
          $75 $41 Save 45%
        3. DC Maswell - Black
          Any color
          DC Maswell - Black
          DC Maswell - Blue
          DC Maswell - Black/Black/White
          DC Maswell - Black Grey Yellow
          DC Maswell - Black
          $75 $50 Save 33%
        4. DC Court Graffik SE - White
        5. DC Net SE - WHITE
          $70 $25 Save 64%
        6. DC Kalis Lite - Grey/White/Green
          $75 $34 Save 55%
        7. DC Infinite - Cream
          $70 $31 Save 56%
        8. DC Anvil - Grey Ash
          $60 $42 Save 30%
        9. DC Anvil TX SE - Black/Herringbone
          $55 $33 Save 40%
        10. DC Anvil TX - Grey/Black/Grey
          $60 $47 Save 22%
        11. DC Pure SE - Camo Black
          $70 $39 Save 44%
        12. DC Pure High-Top  - White / Green / Black
        13. DC Villain - White
          $60 $38 Save 37%
        14. DC Trase TX - Black
          $50 $39 Save 22%
        15. DC Net - Black/Black/Black
          $70 $52 Save 26%
        16. DC Infinite TX - Red White
          $70 $39 Save 44%
        17. DC Trase SD - Black / Dark Red
          $60 $18 Save 70%
        18. DC Legacy 98 Slim SE - White Grey Red
        19. DC Manteca  - White Navy Red
          $70 $44 Save 37%
        20. DC Trase TX SE - Grey Rinse
          $55 $25 Save 55%
        21. DC Kalis Lite SE - White Gum
        22. DC Reprieve SE - Weiß
          $75 $31 Save 59%
        23. DC Evan Smith S - Beige
          $70 $34 Save 51%
        24. DC Evan Smith Hi WNT - Wheat/Dark Chocolate
        25. DC Kalis S - White Camo
          $100 $45 Save 55%
        26. DC Heathrow - Blue/Blue/Orange
          $70 $41 Save 41%
        27. DC Pure TX SE - Black/Battleship/White
          $70 $44 Save 37%
        28. DC Wes Kremer 2 S - Brown
        29. DC Legacy 98 Slim - Navy Orange
          $90 $45 Save 50%
        30. DC Court Graffik - Black

        DC Sneakers 

        Best DC Sneakers
        Best DC Sneakers - May 2019

        A skateboarding company that rapidly grew to become one of the world’s top leading sports footwear brand, DC Shoes Inc. does not hold itself back from evolution. The brand, popularly known for its high-performance and functional skate shoes that also offer style, has massively expanded its product line. 

        Men’s, women’s, and kid’s collection for skateboarding, apparel, snowboarding equipment, outerwear, footwear, and accessories, and lifestyle shoes are among the expanded collection offered by the brand. DC Shoes also has built teams of global professionals in skateboarding, snowboarding, and in other extreme sports that helps to epitomize and intensify the DC brand. 


        Being recognized as one of the top-leading sports brands globally, what DC offers does not just limit on one category nor does it restrict its capabilities of expanding and contributing more to meet the demands and needs of the people. DC shoes vary on different things such as: 

        DC lifestyle sneakers based on their cut:

        Low-top  resting just below the ankle, mostly displays simple design structures. They provide more movement freedom for the wearer and are commonly described as versatile, lightweight, stylishly independent, and primarily offered in affordable price. 

        Some of low-top DC sneakers are as follows: 

        DC Evan Smith TXDC Anvil TX SECole Signature ShoeDC Anvil SEDC Chelsea TX SEDC Trase TXDC Studio SDC Heathrow SEDC CrisisDC Anvil 

        Mid-top – just reaching right on the ankle, mid-top DC sneakers, like any other mid-top shoes do not go higher nor lower than the ankle. Mid-top shoes are usually confusing for most as sometimes it may look like high-top shoes. These silhouettes give more ankle support but less ankle movement freedom compared to low-top shoes. 

        The following are some of mid-top DC sneakers: 

        DC Ashlar Mid-Top, DC Council SE Mid-Top, DC Avatar Mid-Top 

        High-top  additional ankle support is provided by the high-top DC sneakers as they exhibit a design structure that goes over the ankle. High-top silhouettes may offer enhancement in style as they display a more appealing image, but they also limit the freedom of ankle movement and lessens versatility. 

        Here are some of high-top DC sneakers: 

        DC Spartan WC WNT High Top, DC Evan Smith Hi S, DC Evan Smith Hi TX, DC Spartan WC High Top   

        DC Shoes Collection

        DC Skateboarding Shoes  DC Shoes has always been keen in designing its skate shoes since to be on top of high-quality performance. With the brand’s innovative technologies, its skateboarding shoe collection is built to comply with the needs of its “elite team.” DC sneakers in the collection are also leading the goal of allowing the brand’s skate team to “push the limits of what is possible on a skateboard.” 

        DC Sneakers – the balanced combination of wearability, style, and comfort is what powers the design of DC sneakers. Blending style that is inspired from the rich background of the brand’s athletic shoes with the decades of experience of high-technology building of performance skate shoes, DC offers a wide range of stylish sneakers. DC sneakers that exhibit an impressive style with distinctive patterns and colorways and built with premium materials which offer excellent comfort. 

        DC Heritage Collection – the DC Heritage Collection is a re-issue of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes. The purpose of this collection is to be able to focus on notifying the newer and younger skateboarder generation of DC’s “Golden Era of Skate Footwear.” 

        • The Lynx – The DC Lynx was first introduced in 1998 in which a handful of pairs of the shoe were released in a specific colorway. It was for the whole DC team to test the silhouette while it was still in its development process. The same colorway of the DC Lynx was then released the following year, and it instantaneously became a classic icon. 

        The Transworld Sixth Sense video part of Josh Kalis was filmed around the time of the DC Lynx’s release, and the shoe along with its iconic colorway received a “Holy Grail Status” leading to people asking the question, “But what are those?” 

        Another skateboarder pro to have worn the DC Lynx is Brian Wenning.  

        • The DW1  The DC Danny Way 1 signature shoe was introduced in 1994. It was the first DC Sneakers to hit the market. It made an impression on the skateboarding community that affected their perception of skating.  

        As a celebration for its almost 25 years after its first release, DC pays tribute to the DC DW1’s legacy through a limited edition re-issue. 

        DC Skate Shoes and Collaborations 

        DC Shoes and skateboarding are in a way synonymous with each other. The brand has worked with skateboarding professionals and has its own Skate Team that continues to evolve with the brand. DC Shoes works with its Skate Team, and together they develop performance skate shoes that meet the needs of skaters.  

        In teaming up with some of these skate pros, the brand offers these DC sneakers that have made their way into classic, iconic, and skateboarding enthusiasts’ favorites. Some of these skate shoes are the following: 

        • DC Evan Smith – built with the brand’s own Impact-I technology, the DC Evan Smith shoes offer excellent board feel with enhanced protection for impact. These DC sneakers display a distinctive rubber toe-cap and a “first-of-its-kind” vulcanized sole that exhibits an original style. 

        Variations for the DC Evan Smith are also offered by the brand, and some of them are as follows: DC Evan Smith Hi Zero, DC Evan Smith Hi V S, DC Evan Smith TX SE, DC Evan Lo ZeroDC Evan Lo Zero S   

        • DC Centric – Josh Kalis has been on the DC Skate Team for more than fifteen years. The DC Centric S is the pro skater’s signature shoe. It presents the fusion of the contemporary technology and DC’s heritage, showing the evolution of both DC and Kalis. 

        The DC Centric S shoes are built with the exceedingly durable SUPER SUEDE toe that keeps it to last long. These low-top DC sneakers also feature no stitching to impede any tearing and blowouts. They give off enhanced breathability with its perforated detailing. 

        • DC Tiago S – a DC Pro Model of Tiago Lemos Soares. Tiago, with his fantastic video parts in which pays attention to the skateboarding’s golden era along with its vast popularity and style, has marked his place in skateboarding. 

        The DC Tiago S is built with the brand’s innovative technologies such as the Impact-A Airbag that provides heel cushioning, the SUPER STITCH that keeps the shoe last longer, the jacquard style tongue that provides superb ventilation, and the SUPER SUEDE that is proven to offer 50% more durability along the toe area. 

        • DC Wes Kremer – The Wes Kremer signature shoes exhibit the combination of style with durability and function of a skate shoe, and it delivers Wes Kremer’s unique design. The brand built these DC sneakers with suede and leather upper construction and a customized metal eyelet.  

        Some variations of the DC Wes Kremer are as follows: 

        DC Wes Kremer 2 SDC Wes Kremer 2   

        DC Shoes and the DC Skate Team 

        In 2017, DC along with the Thrasher magazine released a promo video called “The DC Promo Video” in which it features the people behind the DC Skate Team. As what DC described it, “the video speaks for itself,” it represents a manifestation of the whole team being in their natural habitat and doing what they do best. 

        The DC Skate Team: 

        • Danny Way– Born on April 15, 1974, and from San Diego, CA. His carries a Global Pro status and he was the founder of the DC Skate Team in 1994. Way’s stance in skateboarding is “Regular.” He got sponsorship from DC Shoes, Monster Energy, Pacific Drive Skate, Nixon Watches, Plan B, Independent Trucks, and Boneless. Danny Way’s favorite DC Shoe is the DC Mega. 
        • Josh Kalis– From Grand Rapids, MI and currently residing in either Carlsbad, CA or his hometown, Josh Kalis was born on April 27, 1976, and he joined the DC Skate Team in the year 1997. Kalis holds a Global Pro status and got sponsorships from DC Shoes, DC Apparel, Mob, FKD bearings, DGK, Plus Reserve, 9FIVE, Uprise, Gold Wheels, Grandeur, FTC, Premier, Silver Trucks, and Zico. The Goofy stance skateboarder’s favorite DC Shoe is the DC Centric. 
        • Evan Smith – From Orlando, FL on February 4, 1991, Smith is a Global Pro with a Goofy stance. His sponsors include DC shoes and apparel, Bones Wheels, Creative Life Support, Swiss Bearings, and Element Skateboards. He now resides in Pittsburgh, PA and favors the DC Evan Smith Hi Zero. He joined the DC Skate Team in 2011. 
        • Wes Kremer – Currently residing in Carmel Valley, CA, Kremer was born in Tokyo, Japan on the 27th of November, 1989. He is a Global Pro with a Goofy stance and got sponsorships from Oj’s wheels, Basimpleasy, Sk8 Mafia, Independent, Paradox Grip, and DC. 
        • Colin McKay  A Global Pro from Vancouver, B.C., and now residing in Encinitas, CA, McKay was born on the 29th of August, 1991. He joined the DC Skate Team in the year 1993. His favorite DC Shoe is the DC Legacy. The Goofy stance skater’s sponsorships include DC, Independent, Nixon, and Plan B. 
        • Tiago Lemos Soares – Born on the 26th of April, 1991 and originally from Campinas, SP, Lemos currently resides in Jaguariúna, SP. He is a Goofy Global Pro, and his favorite DC shoe is the DC Tiago. DC Shoes, Boulevard Skateboards, FKD Bearing, Gold Wheels, Mtn Dew, Diamond, AFNTskateshop, Silver Trucks, Grizzly Griptape, and PTG Crew sum up his sponsorships. 
        • Brian Wenning  Currently residing in Jersey Shore, Wenning is originally from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey. He was born on February 22, 1981, and is now a Global Pro with both Regular and Goofy stance. His sponsorships are as follows: DC Shoes and Habitat Skateboards. Wenning’s favorite DC Shoe is the DC Lynx. 
        • Madars Apse  Joined the DC Skate Team in 2010, the Global Pro lives currently in Riga, Latvia. He was originally from Ventspils, Latvia and was born on November 19, 1989. He got sponsors such as DC, Element, Perus Wheels, Ashes Grip, and Red Bull. The Goofy skater’s favorite DC Shoe is the Wes Kremer 2. 
        • Cyril Jackson – Born on November 18, 1990, and lived in Cleveland, OH to Bakersfield, CA, and now resides in Studio City, CA. He joined the DC Skate Team in 2012, and his favorite DC Shoe is the DC Council. This Goofy, Global Pro got sponsorships from DC Shoes, Spitfire, Loud Headphones, Baker, Shake Junt, Happy Hour, and Independent. 
        • Tommy Flynn – Originally from Brisbane, Australia and born on the 5th of October, 1988. He now resides in Los Angeles, CA. This Global Pro’s favorite DC Shoe is the DC Astor. This Goofy skater’s sponsors include DC Shoes and Apparel, Independent Trucks, Stereo skateboards, Picture Wheels, and Modus Bearing. 
        • Chase Webb  Started skating in 2000 and his favorite skaters include Chad Muska, John Cardiel, and Geoff Rowley. The Global Pro skater is originally from Murrieta, CA and he got sponsorships from DC, Thunder, Mob Grip, Active, Pizza Skateboards, and Spitfire. This Regular Stance’s favorite DC shoe to skate with is the DC Evan Smith. 
        • Thaynan Costa – Born on December 9, 1994, and originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He now resides in resides in Lisbon, Portugal. He joined the DC Skate Team in 2012 and got sponsorships from DC, Enjoi, and Red Bull. Costa is a Regular Stance, and his favorite DC Shoe is the DC Evan Smith. 
        • Josh Gardner – A Regular stance, Global Pro is originally from Summit, NJ and was born on the 14th of January, 1992. This Regular, Global Pro’s favorite DC Shoe is the DC Wes Kremer and the DC Evan Smith as he also stated that Kremer and Smith are also two of his favorite humans. His sponsorships include DC Shoes, OJ, Broson, MOB, NJ Skate Shop, Creature, and Skeleton Key, and Jimbucha. 
        • Alexis Ramirez – Started skating in the year 2006, this skater from San Diego, CA is a Global AM with a Regular Stance. His favorite skaters include TomPeny, Tommy Sandoval, and Eric Kosto. His favorite DC Shoe is the DC Wes Kremer 2 and his got sponsorships from DC, Mob Grip, Quantum, JSLV, Sk8mafia, Bronson Speed Co., Spitfire, Slappys Garage, and Thunder. 
        • John Shanahan – This Global Am with a Regular Stance started skating in the year 2003. Shanahan is from East Stroudsburg, PA and his favorite skaters include Rob Welsh, Josh Kalis, and Stevie Williams. The DC Shoes that he skates in are the DC Josh Kalis Lite, DC Manteca, DC Syntax, and “any OG shoes” that he can get. His sponsors are DC, Homebase Skateshop, Venture, VintageSponsor, and DGK. 

        How DC Shoes Inc. came to be 

        Damon Way and Ken Block met at a class in a community college that they both go to. They started a sequence of business start-ups. In 1994, the DC Shoes Inc. was established and founded by both Way and Block. Before the company settled with the Korean manufacturer known as the Samil Tong Sang Company for the production of their first set of shipments of shoes, they first had a contract with Vans and then Etnies. 

        Snowboarding was a “natural extension” for the brand as also in the fall of 1994, for the snowboarding weatherproof outerwear line another brand named “Dub” was introduced. It was said in a survey that half of the skaters also do snowboarding and 40% of the skateboarding community rode BMX bikes. 

        In the following year after its launch, DC had a $7 million-revenue that is double compared to the previous year. The brand was also known as the first skateboard shoe company to use broad professional endorsements. By the year 1996, eight pros filled the DC Skate Team, and in 1997, they went on a world tour. By that same year, motocross and surf teams were also convened by the brand. 

        DC continues to expand and successfully made its way into the 2000’s keeping a solid reputation as one of the leading skate shoe brands. It had globally distributed its products by the late 1990’s. 

        In 2004, DC was obtained for $87 million by Quicksilver which then boosted up the company to reach $1 Billion in revenue. 

        DC Sneakers FAQs:

        Can I wear the DC skateboarding shoes for casual use? 

        Yes. DC Skateboarding shoes can also be worn for casual use as they are built with both functionality and style. Although DC skate shoes are designed explicitly for skate purposes to provide high-quality performance and meet the needs of skaters, they are also designed with style that fits well in the lifestyle category. Many have worn DC skate shoes solely for casual purposes, and these silhouettes have blended in effortlessly with the fashion category.

        How do DC sneakers fit? 

        DC sneakers fit through length or size and width. One must know their exact size and the width of their foot as some may have wide feet and would not favor the medium width that is commonly offered for shoes.

        Are there any DC casual kicks that are exclusive to women? 

        Yes. DC offers the women’s collection in which features DC sneakers for women. Various options for style and colorways are offered in the women’s collection that gives the buyers choices and helps them pick the one that suits their taste.

        Are DC shoes also offered at a discounted price? 

        Yes. Like any other brand and any other footwear products, DC sneakers are opted for being offered at a discounted price whether it be that the shoe is included in a promo done by the brand or the shoe is subject to being phased out.

        Is there any customization for DC sneakers? 

        Customization for DC sneakers is available. There are websites or online companies that offer customization for shoes including DC Shoes. One must provide their design or submit their design template to the customization company with their pair of DC sneakers.

        Do prices vary for DC casual shoes of the same style? 

        Prices for the same DC sneakers style may vary depending on the materials used for the iteration of the model or if it is a limited edition release. 

        Are DC sneakers really durable? 

        DC sneakers are built to endure abuse and to last longer with the brand’s own innovative technologies. But the lifespan of the shoe may depend on how the wearer takes care of his pair of DC sneakers. The shoe model may also be a factor as some may use less durable materials compared to other DC shoe models. 

        Where are the DC shoes based? 

        The main base of the DC Shoe Inc.is now located in Huntington Beach, California. 

        Do DC sneakers only have athletes/pro skaters do its endorsements? 

        No. DC Shoes may have been known for their global skate pros endorsements, but the brand also has teamed up with other sub-cultures. DC has partnered with some musicians that also led approvals for the brand. To name one is Linkin Park in which the brand has worked with, and they produced signature shoes. DC also has sponsored tours for other musicians. 

        15 best DC sneakers

        1. DC Legacy 98 Slim SE
        2. DC Villain
        3. DC Stag
        4. DC Net SE
        5. DC Infinite TX
        6. DC Court Graffik SE
        7. DC Pure High-Top
        8. DC Net
        9. DC Infinite
        10. DC Kalis Lite
        11. DC Anvil TX
        12. DC Anvil
        13. DC Maswell
        14. DC Pure
        15. DC Trase TX
        Danny McLoughlin
        Danny McLoughlin

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