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Tretorn sneakers

Designed to survive the Scandanavian weather without getting in the way of everyday life, Tretorn sneakers have been around for over 120 years! These kicks are truly a stylish option for both city dwellers and nature lovers.

From introducing the very first rubber sneaker to the world’s first luxurious tennis sneakers, Tretorn has definitely made an irreplaceable mark in the footwear industry. And with that, we bring you an extensive collection of remarkable sneakers from this brand. 

Whether you’re searching for high-quality leather sneakers, fashionable casual kicks, or versatile classics, we bring you some of the most popular offerings from Tretorn.

Tretorn sneakers: Stylish sneaker collection for men and women

Previously known around the world for their line of luxury sneakers called the Tretorn Nylite, the brand quickly dominated the niche as celebrity-players like Björn Borg and Martina Navratilova wore them on and off the court. This brand is also the name behind the popular original Racket shoes.

At present, Tretorn has modernized the Nylite sneakers, infusing premium materials, and adding Ortholite insoles for more comfort and durability.

With over a hundred years under its belt, you can be confident that Tretorn knows how to make a good sneaker. To cater to an even larger market, the company has also produced casual shoes, featuring sleek designs that beautifully match different styles and personalities.

The brilliance of Tretorn sneakers lies in their elegance and simplicity. These are shoes you can wear to sporting events, concerts, and other occasions, or use for travel. 

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