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    Sperry Cloud CVO - White (STS19182)
    Sperry Cloud CVO - Birch (13519899)
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Sperry sneakers

As odysseys await you, slipping into a pair of Sperry sneakers will ensure that you get a wonderful time exploring the outdoors. Our notable collection of Sperry sneakers is created not just for Sperry fans but also for those who are excited to try these sought-after kicks the first time.

Sperry’s finest collections of men’s and women’s shoes

First became famous for their boat shoes in 1935, Sperry continues to up its game with its line of sneakers that come in varying styles, from classic kicks to lace-ups and slips-on. These shoes are known for their excellent non-skid properties, which isn’t surprising given the brand’s admirable story about how it started. 

There are many things to love about Sperry sneakers. Their most touted collection - the Sperry Striper - boasts of classic designs in canvass uppers. So if you’re looking for breathable sneakers for summer, this collection perfectly fits the bill.

Looking for something to wear for a trip around the town? Sperry also makes a great choice if you’re on the hunt for casual footwear. What makes Sperry’s line of casual kicks unique is that they have the dapper looks of a boat shoe and comfort of a sneaker. Yes, because you can actually have both!

Budget-friendly Sperry sneakers only at RunRepeat

Every day, over two million people visit our site to find their next pair of kicks. We have over 3,000 sneakers (and counting) on our list so we most likely have the shoe you need. But here’s the more exciting part: we help you find quality sneakers at affordable prices!

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