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Columbia running shoes

While less popular than trail running household names in the likes of Hoka and Salomon, Columbia is also known for its high-quality running shoes — particularly trail shoes. And if you're out to buy some of the newest editions of the Columbia trail running shoes, RunRepeat has got you covered. 

If you want to get them at a discount, get them here. With over 200 partner retailers, we can guarantee you marked-down offers on your chosen model. 

Deconstructing the Columbia shoes

Made with protection and comfort in mind, the running shoes from Columbia are designed to tackle high-mileage efforts. Whether it's in your next long-distance training or marathon, you can rely on Columbia's running shoes. 

Thanks to their superb cushioning system, these running shoes are also equipped to handle ultras. And if you're a heavy runner, don't fret, you have various options from our selection of Columbia running shoes. 

In terms of support, they are all neutral shoes. This means that they are suited for neutral runners and supinators (whose feet roll outward). If you're unfamiliar with pronation, you can read through this pronation guide and find out the features you need for your running shoe. 

Other features you'll love 

For those who run under wet conditions, the Columbia running shoes also come in waterproof/GTX versions. They may be more expensive than their non-GTX siblings but don't worry because you can get them at a discount, should you choose to purchase from us. 

On the one hand, there are also some models made with a rock plate. This amps up protection, especially for the gnarly and unfriendly terrain.