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Alexander McQueen sneakers

Alexander McQueen is a relatively new brand in the fashion industry. The label was born in 1992 by British fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen. To expand its product line, it collaborated with other brands, including Puma.  

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Alexander McQueen and oversized sneakers

If you look into our vast collection of chunky sneakers, you will probably see the luxurious Alexander McQueen brand. The brand’s collaboration efforts with Puma is the foundation of the high-end brand’s chunky sneaker history. 

One of its popular dad shoes is the Alexander McQueen Oversized sneaker. It is a minimalistic sneaker with an oversized outsole that catches the attention of many. This sneaker can also be seen among our white sneakers and silver sneakers. Due to its overall silhouette, this is among the most relaxed sneakers to style.

The brand has continued to release conceptual sneakers since the release of the Oversized sneaker. The products it released varies from low top sneakers to high cut sneakers with chunky soles.

Some of these sneakers, like the Alexander McQueen Oversized sneaker, have removable insoles that make them orthotic friendly. If you are in need of this kind of sneakers, we can also offer you different orthotic friendly sneakers.

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