3 best Under Armour hiking shoes

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                If you’re about to gear up for an adventure, you may want to check out Under Armour hiking shoes. The company’s low-top offerings for outdoor lovers are packed with various technologies that render comfort and performance for day hikes. They also come with components that shield your foot from harm and the elements. 

                Moreover, you may also rely on these hikers to give you a lot of value while you’re out and about. When you require a pair that can keep up with you, these Under Armour hiking shoes for men and women may be worth considering.

                When and where you may use your new Under Armour hiking shoes

                Best Under Armour hiking shoes - May 2020

                Some outdoor enthusiasts prefer to go on a hike that won’t exceed a single day or present a number of difficulties along the trail. In this type of activity, some consumers opt for low-top footgear products, such as Under Armour hiking shoes. 

                The upper construction of these offerings grants an improvement to the ankle’s range of motion, making the user agile. Since a day hike doesn’t involve a heavy backpack or challenging ground conditions, UA’s hiking shoes are more suitable, given the conditions. In the event you require ankle support, you may check out Under Armour hiking boots to fulfill this need.

                Those interested in getting new Under Armour hiking shoes may need to check the details of their trip first. Some of the brand’s offerings come with a waterproof membrane. This component allows these waterproof hiking shoes to protect your feet from most types of wet conditions. 

                On the other hand, some Under Armour low-top offerings don’t use this feature. Its absence makes these shoes ideal for warm and dry environments because of their optimized breathability.

                How to get an ideal fit when choosing Under Armour hiking shoes

                Getting a pair that offers a precise fit doesn’t need to be hard, especially for those who are planning to purchase online. Shown below are some of the brand’s fit and sizing tips when buying new Under Armour hiking shoes.

                • Get a piece of paper and step on it. Mark the position of your longest toe and the back of your heel with a pen or pencil
                • Measure the distance between the two points in inches or centimeters.
                • Match the measurement with its corresponding size in the brand’s fit guide.
                • Under Armour recommends sizing up if the measurement falls between the chart numbers.

                Key benefits you get from the best Under Armour hiking shoes for men and women

                They’re comfortable

                Comfort is a key element for individuals to complete their hiking trip. The brand’s best hiking shoes are built with an emphasis on this attribute so you won’t experience any discomfort while you’re outdoors.

                They are equipped with breathable uppers with a lightweight construction. This design lessens the fatigue experienced by your foot and reduces the buildup of sweat inside it. A cushy midsole component is employed for underfoot comfort while you’re tackling uneven terrain. 

                Moreover, those with reviews of Under Armour hiking shoes state that their break-in period is close to none. This benefit allows you to wear them straight out of the box to your upcoming trip. All of these attributes come together in the brand’s low-top products, so there won’t be much discomfort while you’re outdoors.

                Under Armour hiking shoes help you stay surefooted

                Having enough ground adherence is a must if you want to stay safe while you’re on a hike. The best Under Armour hiking shoes for men and women come with outsoles that give you this benefit. 

                Take a look at their outsole and you’ll find a pattern of aggressive lugs. This design provides grip on challenging terrain, especially slippery surfaces, so you won’t lose balance. Some of these hikers integrate grooves into the outsole’s rearfoot and forefoot zones. They help adventurers by delivering added control when ascending or descending.

                Thanks to these outsole-centric features, you may worry less about various ground conditions during your hike.

                They are built to last

                The finest Under Armour hiking shoes are crafted to withstand virtually all kinds of harsh trail conditions. Some of the brand’s best low-top hikers use a mesh upper reinforced with welded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) caps and Ultrasonic welded heel counters. These components make these products robust.

                Moreover, the rubber compound used in the midsole and outsole components is engineered to endure constant bending and rough terrain. These features work in unison to help you get a lot of value out of your Under Armour hiking shoes for a long time.

                The best UA hiking shoes grant ample protection

                The best hiking shoes from Under Armour comes with several protective features. Foremost among these components is a waterproof liner embedded into the upper. This technology prevents water intrusions while giving breathability at the same time. 

                Furthermore, some of these low-top offerings come with robust toe caps to provide protection from various trail dangers.

                How do waterproof Under Armour hiking shoes work?

                Some of the finest UA shoes for outdoor lovers are equipped with a Gore-Tex laminate. The surface of this specialized membrane houses more than a million pores to effectively block water droplets from penetrating it. This microporous design also grants breathability by allowing excess moisture and heat to pass through. 

                With this technology embedded into the upper of select Under Armour hiking shoes, individuals may tackle various wet conditions with ample protection.

                Support won’t be an issue

                Having sufficient support from the pair you’re wearing is a must, especially if you’re going to spend a whole day hiking. Under Armour hiking shoes offer this benefit, thanks to its construction and the technologies they feature. 

                Most of these UA offerings come with midsoles made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, a material known for rendering lightweight cushioning and shock absorption. They employ a dual-density midsole design, delivering enough rebound for a smooth ride. 

                An insole sits on top of this midsole component to supply the user with arch support and extra cushioning. The presence of these components gives support as you negotiate various trail challenges.

                The blueprint behind the finest men’s and women’s Under Armour hiking shoes


                Gore-Tex. Select Under Armour hiking shoes feature a Gore-Tex laminate integrated into the upper. The membrane’s microporous surface acts as a barrier that prevents water intrusions. It also functions by helping disperse excess moisture, granting breathability.

                Storm. This is UA’s patented waterproof technology. Some of the brand’s low-top offerings are lined with this component to provide protection from the elements. Moreover, it also allows heat and moisture to pass through for optimized breathability.

                Boa. Some Under Armour hiking shoes feature a Boa lacing system, which consists of a thin lace and a dial. This feature allows wearers to gain a secure and personalized fit in a swift, singular motion.

                Lycra. This robust material is incorporated into the upper of some UA low-cut shoes. It is engineered to deliver a glove-like fit using its elasticity.


                The finest lightweight hiking shoes from Under Armour are priced according to the features they come with. Entry-level UA offerings start at 85$ while premium hikers are available at $150


                Under Armour was established by Kevin Plank on September 25, 1996, as a company that produces apparel that won’t get soaked in sweat. UA’s initial products gained a following among football athletes, causing its growth to soar over the subsequent years.

                Under Armour has a vast assortment of products in the market, including apparel for athletes and sporting equipment. The company also manufactures various footwear options for different activities, which include Under Armour hiking shoes, basketball shoes, and training shoes. It employs around 15,800 people and has a total revenue of 4,977 million USD in 2017. 

                The use of a solid market presence, wide product lineup, and a profitable business model give Under Armour a strong foundation to stand upon in the coming years.

                Frequently asked questions about the best Under Armour hiking shoes

                How can I keep my Under Armour hiking shoes in good condition?

                The pair you’re wearing will be filled with dirt and debris at the end of each trip. The brand recommends cleaning your shoes regularly to preserve their quality. Shown below are some of UA’s tips in keeping your hikers in good condition.

                • Use a dry brush to remove excess dirt and mud on your Under Armour hiking shoes.
                • After doing the first step, you may find several stains on your footgear. Create a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Use a towel or a sponge to apply this solution onto your Under Armour hiking shoes to clean the stains off.
                • Do not submerge your hikers under water when cleaning them.
                • Stay away from harsh cleaning products when washing your Under Armour hiking shoes as they may damage the synthetic materials.
                • The brand recommends leaving your newly-washed footgear in an airy spot to dry. Do not place them near any direct source of heat as it may affect its quality.

                What’s the best accessory I can pair with my Under Armour hiking shoes?

                One of the options you may consider is Merino wool socks. This particular material is engineered to wick moisture and improve breathability inside the shoe. It also has certain properties that prevent your foot from producing a foul smell during a warm hike. 

                Moreover, Merino wool socks help create a more comfortable in-shoe environment when it is worn during a hike.

                1 best Under Armour hiking shoes

                1. Under Armour Syncline