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Minimalist hiking shoes

Does minimalist hiking appeal to you? Do you love it when you can feel the earth underneath your feet? Then you might benefit from a pair of minimalist hiking shoes!

Touted for their sleek design, flexible insoles, and wide toe box, minimalist hikers are developed for maximum freedom of movement. Whether it’s your first time buying minimalist kicks or looking to replace your old pair, you’re in the right place! We’ve gathered some of the most sought-after minimalist hiking shoes for an easy search. 

Well-thought minimalist hiking shoes for men and women

Our collection features some of the most trusted brands for minimalist footwear. They include Arc'teryx, Adidas, and Lems. Depending on the terrain you’re tackling, we can help you streamline your search through our customizable filters. 

Not all minimalist hiking shoes may have the features you’re looking for. If you’re in search of waterproof hiking shoes, you’ll find a few minimalist offerings from Arc'teryx. This brand makes hiking kicks for backpacking and multi-day hikes.

If you have minimal requirements and prefer lightweight hiking shoes, you can count on Adidas. Minimalist kicks from this brand are breathable and super lightweight, which are perfect for day hiking in the summer.

These kicks are also great if you’re new to minimalist hiking. With a little more cushioning, you’ll have an easy transition especially if you’re used to wearing clunky hiking boots.

But if you’ve been doing minimalist hiking for a while now and you want to upgrade your footwear, Vibram minimalist kicks are worth a try. Their FiveFinger series features uniquely designed shoes wherein each of your toes has its room, as if you’re wearing gloves. Plus, the super thin yet durable and sticky sole makes you feel like you’re one with nature.

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