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Light hiking shoes

Do you enjoy walking around the neighborhood? Love quick walks in the park? For on-foot adventures close to home, you will greatly benefit from light hiking shoes. 

These kicks are designed to provide your feet with more flexibility, breathability, and lightness. Also called “trail to town” shoes, getting a pair should save you money and closet space.

But if you aren’t sure which light hiking shoes to buy or if you’re looking for the cheapest options, RunRepeat is here to help. From the lightest models to the toughest ones, we’ve rounded up great-looking trail-to-town kicks that will make your daily adventures more enjoyable.

Light hiking shoes for men and women

Our collection of light hikers feature some of the top-rated offerings from different brands. From industry leaders like Merrell and Salomon to the less popular yet nevertheless reputable manufacturers such as Ariat and Meindl, our diverse line of light hiking shoes will astound you.

Like most people, you probably have breathable hiking shoes on top of your list. Light hikers made of breathable fabric like mesh spell comfort, especially on super hot days. Unless you’re off to far-flung trails, these kicks are sure to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

But if you live in areas where it regularly rains, you definitely want a pair of waterproof hiking shoes. Some trail-to-town shoes are equipped with Gore-Tex or other waterproof membranes and are ready for adventures - rain or shine.

Not all lightweight hiking shoes are great for “trail to town” adventures. However, light hiking shoes should be incredibly lightweight. After all, you’re less likely to be carrying a backpack or a heavy load when you take a quick trip to the countryside or to the local parks.

Need more support around the ankle? You’ll benefit from a pair of mid-cut hiking shoes. Guess what? Our collection of light hikers has them too. Make sure to check our list of orthotic-friendly hikers as well especially if you suffer from some conditions, such as foot pain, plantar fasciitis, etc.

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