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Altra hiking shoes

What if you can combine the performance of robust hiking boots and the flexibility and breathability of hiking shoes? Well, you’ll have Altra hiking shoes! Touted for their grip, lightness, and on-trail performance, they make a great choice for backpacking or hiking in moderate conditions. 

RunRepeat brings you the finest collection of Altra hiking shoes. Plus, we make sure you’re getting each pair at a low price! 

Our popular selections of Altra men’s and women’s hiking shoes

Altra footwear was launched in 2009. Over the years, they have developed high-quality kicks and made it to the Top 10 brands for “run specialty” and trail running. A few years after, Altra extended their offerings to include hiking shoes that are sleek, light, and durable.

If you browse through our nimble collection of hiking shoes, you will see some of the finest from Altra, particularly in the day hiking category. Having known what it takes to create a super comfortable running shoe, you can expect that Altra hikers are equally good in such aspects. Making them more appealing is the fact that they are lightweight.

Altra also makes trail hiking shoes (also called canyoneering shoes) that are ideal for difficult and irregular terrain as well as trekking shoes that will keep your feet comfortable during long hikes.

Affordable Altra shoes and more at RunRepeat

Altra makes premium hiking footwear. These shoes are priced between $100 and $160 per pair. The good news is you’re a tap-of-a-finger close to getting Altra hiking shoes at the lowest possible price!

Here’s the thing, we scan the web for the best deals on hiking shoes so you don’t have to. Yes, we save you time and money! Discover more great outdoor footwear on our site and filter shoes based on what you need. We help you find the right hiking shoe at a great price.