buy barefoot hiking shoes for men and women

Barefoot hiking shoes

That feeling of being as close to the ground as possible is unlike any other—a feeling that barefoot hiking shoes readily provide. Other benefits come with such hikers as well, including the ability to pull off maneuvers as if you had two extra hands for feet (or close to that, at least).

As exciting as these intimate kicks sound, you will be doing yourself a huge favor if you snag one of them through RunRepeat. Indeed, we bring down the goods by making hiking shoes, barefoot or not, unbelievably affordable on us.

An expanding selection of barefoot hiking shoes for everyone

This dedicated space houses highly sought-after barefoot kicks for men and women. These must-buys, which are also part of our lightweight collection, do a fantastic job mostly on mild trail adventures, as well as city hikes.

When it comes to brands, Lems is, arguably, the flagbearer of the bunch. And if a seamless combination of quality and performance is what you are looking for, the Primal 2 will make your shoe shopping worth it.

And it might not look it from its thumbnail image, but Vibram’s Fivefingers V-Trek is as quirky as it is as close to looking literally barefooted. Yes, it has a dedicated compartment for each toe, allowing for enough toe splay as you go!

Barefoot hiking shoes and RunRepeat

We are partnered with hundreds of retailers. What that means for you is barefoot running shoes selling at discounted prices on us. Beyond that, RunRepeat is also the place to be for all things kicks because:

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