10 Best Summer Hiking Shoes in 2022

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Are you looking forward to busting some trails this coming summer season? If so, don’t settle for anything less — be in the best hiking shoes possible by considering the summer kicks on display below.

Do you need a doozy in the comfort department? Maybe you’re quite desperate for a grippy summer pair? Or perhaps you just need something super-affordable? Whichever kick you need, there’s more than enough summertime goodness waiting for you here.

How we select the best summer hiking shoes

RunRepeat is the place to be for compelling collections, including this summer-ready lineup. Here is what helps us come up with the top picks:

  • We purchase summer hiking shoes with our own money.
  • We wear these breezy hikers during the summer months to gauge their truest potential.
  • To make our reviews as comprehensive as possible, we reflect hundreds of opinions from trail-goers and gear mavens.

The result of this straightforward approach is what we call CoreScore. Every reviewed summer hiking shoe gets this score, which we then use to pick out the best of the best in a variety of categories.

Best summer hiking shoes overall

A spunky and super-versatile hiking shoe, the ACG Nasu 2 encourages faster strides and bolder leaps both on trails and concrete pathways. It also makes hikes under the heat of the sun as fun as ever, all while earning you style points from random onlookers. And once you get past its workable flaws, the ACG Nasu 2 becomes a true knockout.
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Where the trail becomes rougher without warning, but you prefer to speed up anyway, the X Ultra 4 has you covered. Indeed, this svelte-yet-stout hiker from Salomon will make you bolt across treacherous terrain well-protected as if you were in a pair of beefed-up trail runners. It has its flaws, but if you can reach a compromise, the X Ultra 4 is quite a keeper.
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Best Merrell summer hiking shoes

If there is one word that can describe the Moab Speed outside the bounds of “fast” and the like, “liberating” should be it. Dubbed by Merrell as their tackle-any-trail shoe, this agile hiker will draw out the creative adventurer bubbling inside you. Yes, the Moab Speed is poised to live up to its moniker, especially once you get it on nice and secure.
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This low-cut suede hiker from Merrell may be a competent option for those who value comfort and traction. Its breathability and lightweight construction are also well-received by the outdoor community. However, this footgear causes disappointment because of its faults, mainly its lack of heel security. Overall, the Merrell Accentor hiking sneaker may still be a worthy choice for day hikes, especially in places where there are no wet trail conditions.
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Best Salomon summer hiking shoes

Designed with technical terrain in mind, the Salomon X Ultra will make a cakewalk out of moderately rocky valleys, particularly in the summer. Its well-loved grippy outsole is sure to impress you, along with its lightweight build and seamless upper. Minor flaws aside, this hiker from Salomon can transform your daily outings into exhilarating escapades.
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If spontaneous explorations define your outdoor life, then the Outbound Prism has got to be on your radar. One of Salomon’s highly adaptable shoes, this hiker leaves no room for restrained steps, be it on trails, sidewalks, or fancy floors. It is a stellar piece, especially if you are one such adventurer that toughs it out wherever you wind up.
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Best Adidas summer hiking shoes

Grippy, powerful, and comfortable. The Adidas Terrex Voyager water shoes have all it takes for an effortless transition from land to water (and vice versa). It gets high marks for its superb traction on wet and slippery rocks, solid construction, lightweight feel, and super stylish, all-black design. What’s more, it’s among the inexpensive hiking footwear you can use for navigating the trail or traveling in the summer. While it can, without a doubt, tackle rugged terrains, novice hikers and those who need extra support around their ankles may be better off with a high-top hiker.
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A lightweight hiker for any season, the Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Parley men's boots get high marks for being super comfortable. Hikers and casual wearers love its flexibility, stylish design, and most of all - its quality construction. Whether you're up for a quick trip to the trail or you wish to push yourself harder by hiking longer, this boot is meant to keep your feet protected and supported. It's a great shoe overall and certainly fits the bill for anyone looking for quality hiking footwear.
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Best budget summer hiking shoes

A shoe for women created by women, this hiking shoe by Merrell gets high ratings for being downright comfortable, light, and supportive. Equipped with some really admirable features like a ballistic knit upper and a grippy outsole, this shoe perfectly fits the bill for women looking for gender-specific footwear they can use on and off the trail. Even more impressive are the fun colorways that suit women's varying styles and personalities.
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From the mountains to the streets, the MQM Flex is back with a more grippy outsole and flexible midsole. It gets amazing feedback in terms of comfort, durability, and versatility. Avid hikers and casual wearers love this sturdy hiker from Merrell because they can use it for so many adventures, from trail walking to urban strolling, biking, and more. While it falls a little short in the design, as a few customers find, the MQM Flex 2 has earned a spot in many people's shoewear.
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What are the cheapest summer hiking shoes in 2022?

  1. Columbia Pivot - from $47
  2. Columbia Ivo Trail Breeze - from $51
  3. Chaco Torrent Pro - from $53
  4. Merrell Hydrotrekker - from $55
  5. Teva Gateway Low - from $57
  6. Danner Caprine - from $60
  7. Merrell Altalight - from $62
  8. Keen Targhee III Oxford - from $63
  9. Columbia Vitesse - from $64
  10. Columbia Flow District - from $64
  11. Adidas Terrex Skychaser 2.0 - from $65
  12. Salomon Tech Lite - from $66
  13. Merrell MQM Flex 2 - from $69
  14. Merrell Chameleon 8 Stretch - from $71
  15. Salomon Tech Amphib 4 - from $77

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