buy danner hiking shoes for men and women

You can’t wake up one day and go outdoors for a hike right away. You need the proper gear to pull this demanding task off. Otherwise, you might incur an injury, ending your enjoyment outdoors abruptly. In particular, you need to use competent low-cut shoes for your hike. Among the options you can consider is a pair of Danner hiking shoes.

Qualities of the best men's and women's Danner hiking shoes

best danner hiking shoes
Best Danner hiking shoes - December 2019

Fit and comfort

You won’t be able to go far if your low-cut hiker doesn’t fit well. Danner hiking shoes are designed to lock your foot in place without causing any discomfort to it. The company’s finest footgear models use a low-profile last that emphasizes on fit, comfort and a sleek profile. The hiker’s tongue and collar are padded to relieve pressure from your foot. The shoe’s lacing system locks your foot in place and prevents it from moving around. The brand’s best low-cut footgear uses a multi-density footbed for improved cushioning. This component also features an open-cell polyurethane design to help heat escape and allow air to circulate better.

What are the things I need to remember when fitting a new pair of Danner hiking shoes?

  • The brand offers low-cut hiking footwear for men and women.
  • Men’s sizes are around 7 to 14. Danner hiking shoes for women range from 6 to 11.
  • Getting the right fit for your foot can be tricky, especially if you’re ordering a pair online. What you should do is get the actual width and length of your foot in inches. Once you have that piece of information, you can refer to a universal size guide to determine the precise fit. Aside from standard, Danner has wide width offerings.
  • Don’t forget to wear your actual hiking socks when measuring your foot. The added girth of these garments will contribute to the overall size.
  • A person’s foot swells a little bit during the afternoon. You need to consider this detail before purchasing new Danner hiking shoes so you’ll choose the appropriate size.

Do I still need to break my new Danner hiking shoes in?

In most cases, you can use the brand’s hikers straight out of the box without breaking them in. The shoe’s low-cut design allows you to wear it for your excursion immediately. If you want to be on the safe side of things, there’s always the option of breaking your new Danner hiking shoes in before going outdoors. What you should do is wear the footgear with your actual hiking sock. Walk around in them inside your house every day. Once you feel comfortable, you can take it up a notch by strolling for a few blocks outside. You can even carry your backpack, so you’ll get an idea of how these hikers feel. During this period, your feet will adapt to the shoes. This act will prevent any fit or comfort issues when you’re out and about.


Keeping your foot planted on the ground is a must whenever you’re on a hike. Danner hiking shoes are designed to provide the traction you need. Take a look under, and you’ll see an aggressive lug pattern dominating the outsole’s surface. These multi-directional lugs bite into different ground surfaces so you won’t slip and fall. The brand’s hikers can also handle wet surfaces just in case the weather turns for the worse.


Your feet need to be adequately supported while you’re out and about. This is true, especially if you’re going to carry a pack on your back. Danner hiking shoes are packed with components that provide this essential aspect to your trip. These hikers are fitted with an ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole for improved rebound and shock absorption. There’s a multi-density footbed that adds cushioning and arch support to your every stride. In addition, you’ll also find a nylon shank inside the brand’s low-cut footgear for an ample amount of rigidity.


Danner hiking shoes are built to endure harsh trail conditions, so you’re going to get your money’s worth. The company’s finest hikers come with an upper made of full grain leather. Some footwear models use suede. Both of these leather variants are known to be robust and can endure harsh conditions on your hike.

The finest Danner shoes are equipped with a midsole and outsole made by Vibram. The midsole component is engineered using a combination of EVA and synthetic rubber. On the other hand, the outsole is made of Megagrip, a durable compound that can withstand constant bending and the challenges of various surfaces. All in all, these features make a pair of Danner hiking shoes tougher against anything your trip can throw at it.


Encountering dangers on the trail is a given. Your hike will end on a sour note if your feet aren’t protected well. Danner hiking shoes are imbued with several features that afford the protection you need. For starters, the company’s best hikers are equipped with a waterproof liner to keep your feet dry. This same feature also allows moisture to escape from inside the shoe. Select Danner hiking shoes come with full-grain leather uppers while some use suede. Both of these leather variants act as the first line of defense against abrasion and the elements. On the inside, you’ll find a specialized footbed that dissipates heat and improves the circulation of air. This component prevents your foot from sweating too much. Overall, Danner hiking shoes render adequate protection so you can focus better on your time outdoors.

Can I use my Danner hiking shoes in places with snow?

The brand’s low-cut footgear models offer adequate protection against wet trail conditions, excess moisture, and abrasions. What it doesn’t grant to its users is proper insulation against cold temperatures. The design of Danner hiking shoes isn’t configured to trap heat so you can still move in places filled with snow. In this particular environment, a pair of winter hiking boots is the preferred choice of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. This kind of footwear is insulated and uses a more aggressive lug pattern for improved traction.

When should I use my Danner hiking shoes?

A day hike is not as demanding as a backpacking or trekking trip. Therefore, hiking shoes are enough if your excursion wouldn’t exceed a single day. The lightweight construction of Danner hiking shoes helps you move faster on the trail. Its low-cut design grants more freedom to your ankles so you can overcome different obstacles with ease. If the terrain you’re planning to explore doesn’t have too many steep angles, bodies of water, or uneven surfaces, a pair of Danner hiking shoes is going to be more than enough for your needs.

Perks of the best Danner hiking shoes for men and women


Danner is an American company that specializes in manufacturing gear for outdoor enthusiasts. The brand started in 1932 when its founder, Charles Danner, began making handcrafted boots. Danner formed a team of 12 employees to realize his vision of creating sturdy outdoor footwear for the people in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. During the outbreak of World War II, the company thrived by supplying work boots to the military. Around 240 pairs were produced on a daily basis at the time.

After the war, Danner would relocate its operations to Portland. The company took advantage of President John F. Kennedy’s message on the importance of exercise and personal fitness. Danner saw an opportunity by offering quality hiking boots to the public. Over the years, the brand would refine and improve its products to better serve the needs of outdoor aficionados. Their hard work was recognized in 1973 when Backpacker Magazine hailed the Danner 6490 as being close to the ideal hiking shoe.

As of the present, Danner operates a 59,000-square foot factory in Portland, Oregon. The brand churns out quality footwear, not only for hikers, but for military, casual, and work purposes. Danner’s products also enjoy a worldwide presence, thanks to its connections with various retailers and distributors. Their offerings are present in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Danner’s place in the outdoor industry is solidified with its rich history, excellent footwear, and vast reach.


The brand’s hikers are priced according to the technologies they possess. Danner hiking shoes range from $140 to $160. Some of these footwear models use premium materials, such as suede leather and waterproof liners, which contribute to the overall cost.

Shoe technologies

  • DPDX. This is Danner’s patented last for their hiking shoes. It boasts a sleek profile that’s suitable for trail and urban uses. It is built with an emphasis on comfort.
  • Vibram SPE. The best Danner hiking shoes use a Vibram Specialized Performance Elastomer or SPE technology. This midsole uses a robust compound that mixes EVA with synthetic rubber. The result improves comfort, cushioning, and shock absorption without adding weight to the shoe.
  • Vibram Fuga. Take a look at some of the brand’s low-cut hikers, and you’ll see Vibram outsoles underneath them. These outsoles use a compound called Megagrip as its main material, making it durable. The surface of a Vibram Fuga outsole is also filled with an aggressive pattern of self-adapting lugs to deliver the traction you need on the trail.
  • Ortholite. The company’s hiking shoes come with an Ortholite footbed. This third-party technology features a polyurethane formula that provides sufficient cushioning, arch support and ample breathability. Its open-cell construction creates a moisture-free environment.
  • Danner Dry. This is the company’s patented waterproof technology. The best Danner hiking shoes use this feature to prevent water from coming into contact with your foot. It also allows excess moisture to pass through so your foot won’t sweat as much.
  • Danner Plyolite. Certain Danner hiking shoes contain a Plyolite midsole. This technology revolves around its ability to absorb shock while granting lightweight comfort to its user.
  • Danner Alpine Ascender Light. Some footwear models use an Alpine Ascender Light outsole in its configuration. This outsole contains a streamlined pattern of aggressive and multi-directional lugs to deliver traction in most terrains.

Frequently asked questions about the best Danner hiking shoes

What’s the warranty coverage of my Danner hiking shoes?

There are times when the shoes you ordered contain one or several defects. The brand’s one-year warranty coverage protects you from using a subpar pair. As such, there are conditions that need to be fulfilled first before deeming your Danner hiking shoes as defective.

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper maintenance of your footwear
  • An unauthorized repair or modification was performed on your Danner hiking shoes
  • The damage was caused by accidents, neglect or misuse
  • You chose the wrong size

If the defect is related to poor workmanship or a defect in the materials used, your warranty claim can be processed. If you bought your Danner hiking shoes from the brand’s website, you should send it back right away. The same logic applies if you purchased a pair from one of the company’s official stores or one of its authorized retailers. Once Danner has determined the validity of your claim, the company will either repair the shoes or replace them.

What’s the best way to take care of my Danner hiking shoes?

Cleaning your hikers on a regular basis can go a long way in their preservation. A good place to start is to use a nylon brush to wipe all traces of dirt and debris. Keep in mind to use silicone or water-based products that are safe for leather. You should also be wary of solutions that clog up the leather upper’s pores as well.

After cleaning your Danner hiking shoes, the brand recommends treating it with a waterproofing spray. This treatment solution will maintain your shoes’ ability to repel water and protect your feet better. Stay away from creams, conditioners, leather cleaners, and waxes. When applied, these products can damage or discolor your low-cut footwear. Use the products recommended by the brand.

After applying a waterproof treatment to your Danner hiking shoes, it’s crucial to let them dry at room temperature. Exposing them to direct sunlight or any other sources of heat can affect the leather portions of your hikers.

Lastly, you can prevent your Danner hiking shoes from smelling bad using a simple solution. Get some baking soda and sprinkle it inside your footwear. Leave it on for one whole night and shake your hikers after. In this way, the baking soda will neutralize any foul odor inside the shoes before your next outdoor trip.