10 Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes (Buyer's Guide)

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Some hikes are ruined with even light rain or morning dew. Not to mention rain showers. Your feet get soaked, cold, even blisters appear. That’s where waterproof hiking shoes enter the scene. This guide will showcase the best waterproof hiking shoes on the market and features that set them apart from other hiking shoes. 


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Features of waterproof hiking shoes 

Waterproof hiking shoes are, as their name suggests, hiking shoes with an additional feature: being waterproof. We’ve already covered in detail features you should look for in (regular) hiking shoes in our guide on best hiking shoes. Here, we’ll focus on what sets waterproof shoes apart from the rest. 

  1. Waterproof. They should keep your feet dry by keeping water on the outer side. This is accomplished by using special fabrics or membranes that guarantee a certain level of waterproofness. You should always look for a “Waterproof” sign or check online for the waterproof levels of the materials used. 
  2. Breathable. Hiking shoes can be both waterproof and breathable. This is not only good-to-have but a must. This is possible because completely waterproof hiking shoes don’t exist. If they did, you wouldn’t want to use them because they would not be breathable AT ALL.

“Just” because they bare waterproof, these shoes tend to cost and weigh more. Keep that in mind when making a purchase.


5 things to know when buying waterproof hiking shoes

1. Even with waterproof hiking shoes, your feet might get wet. 

There are times when, whichever shoe you’re wearing, your feet will get wet. You can submerge your feet into a stream or a river, or rain showers can be so heavy that the waterproof membrane can hold the water outside anymore. Additionally, you can also wet your feet when water gets there from the inside: thanks to rain or water sliding down the trouser legs or skin on your legs.

2. Gaiters can be a life-saver! 

The chances of water appearing in your shoe from the inside (rain trickles down your legs) are greater in hiking shoes than hiking boots. That’s why you can buy waterproof gaiters as well - they are lightweight and packable so you won’t feel them in your backpack but will treasure them once they are needed. 

3. Every waterproof membrane has a limit. 

When you’re looking for waterproof hiking shoes, you can see which membrane was used to make them waterproof. Every membrane is described with a hydrostatic head, measured in millimeters. It’s a measure of how waterproof a fabric is.

What this number actually tells us is how high you can fill a tube with inner dimensions of 1’’x1’’ with water when put over a piece of certain fabric, before water begins to leak through. The higher the number in mm, the more waterproof the fabric. 

Additionally, these fabrics won’t last forever in given conditions. Sometimes it’s minutes, sometimes hours. 

4. Waterproof hiking shoes cost and weigh more.

This is because waterproof technologies are involved. These technologies might add some weight to the shoe, so brands try really hard to make the shoes both waterproof and light as much as possible. It comes with a price, literally. On average, waterproof hiking shoes cost $34 more and weigh 39g more than non-waterproof hiking shoes. 

5. Use coatings to prolong the life of your hiking shoes.

There are some brand-recommended and general coats: they come in spray cans and they create a protective water repellent coating on the surface of the shoes. There’s a whole debate on whether you should use these sprays while shoes are wet or dry. In our experience, it works both ways. Before using them, always check for the producer’s advice for your specific shoe model. 

The best waterproof hiking shoes in every category

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Oboz $140
Salomon $142
Vasque $167
Asolo $180
Salewa $192
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Now, are you ready to buy waterproof hiking shoes?

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