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If you’re looking for a new kind of adventure, you may want to consider going on a hike. This outdoor activity promises an experience unlike any other. In fact, more and more people are starting to discover what makes hiking so enjoyable. But before you head out, it’s crucial to have the proper equipment. One of the choices for such a trip is a pair of Salewa hiking shoes.

Advantages of the best Salewa hiking shoes for men and women

best salewa hiking shoes
Best Salewa hiking shoes - December 2019

Fit and comfort

The time you spent outdoors will amount to nothing if your footwear doesn’t fit well. Salewa hiking shoes are designed to give you a precise and comfortable fit. The brand’s best hikers use a lacing system to lock your foot securely in place. This system works in tandem with the shoe’s padded cuff and tongue to induce more comfort. Some footwear models contain a footbed with interchangeable layers. You can customize this component to better suit the width of your foot. The finest Salewa hiking shoes use full-grain leather lining for a more comfortable feel.

How can I ensure a proper fit when I order Salewa hiking shoes online?

  • The brand offers hiking shoes for men and women.
  • Men’s sizes are around 7 to 13. Women’s Salewa hiking shoes range from 6 to 11.
  • To get the right fit, you need to know your foot’s exact measurements in centimeters. Get a ruler and measure the length of your feet. Once you’re done with that step, head on over to Salewa’s sizing guide and match the data to its corresponding size.
  • The socks you’re going to wear are going to add a little bulk to your feet. Likewise, a person’s foot swells a little bit during the afternoon. These factors should be considered when you’re ordering Salewa hiking shoes so you can the right fit.

Do I still need to break in my new Salewa hiking shoes?

Normally, you’ll need to spend some time breaking a new pair in so your feet can adapt to the footwear and prevent any problems when hiking. Unlike backpacking boots, these Salewa hiking shoes can be used straight out of the box. The low-cut design and softer materials allow you to wear them for a trip right away. To be on the safe side, you can walk around in your new footgear for a short span of time. This process will help you get an idea of how your Salewa hiking shoes actually feel.


The hikers you’re going to wear should be tougher than any challenge you’ll encounter on the trail. Salewa equipped its line of hiking shoes with different sorts of features to make it last longer. The footwear company uses sturdy materials, such as suede and nubuck leather, for the upper. These leather variants are robust and resistant to abrasions. The midsole is designed to handle constant bending while the footgear’s outsole can endure harsh ground conditions. Overall, Salewa hiking shoes are going to give you your money’s worth when it comes to durability.


If you’re looking for a balance between ankle flexibility and support, you’ll find it in a pair of Salewa hiking shoes. The brand’s low-cut footgear models offer adequate support for your day hiking trips. Certain hikers are equipped with a flexible collar around the cuff to increase the range of motion. Salewa’s midsole technologies cushion your every stride by reducing shock. Premium low-cut shoes use a wired frame that links the lacing system to the back of the footgear. These features help lock your foot in place and render sufficient support to your movement.


It’s important to keep your footing as secure as possible. Salewa hiking shoes render the traction you need on your excursion. Most footwear models manufactured by the brand are equipped with Vibram outsole. A chosen few use outsoles made by Michelin. The surfaces of these outsoles are filled with an aggressive lug pattern that bites securely on varied ground conditions. These multi-directional lugs also shed dirt and debris as you walk. There’s a heel brake design with ferrata lugs in some shoe models to help you slow down during a descent. All of these components work together as one to make your every step as secure as possible.


It’s always better to be on the safe side of things while you’re on a hike. A pair of Salewa hiking shoes is equipped with different features to deliver adequate protection. Foremost among these technologies is a Gore-Tex liner underneath the upper of select boot models. This specialized fabric hinders water from entering the footgear’s insides. It also prevents moisture from building up and causing your foot to smell bad. Speaking of moisture, premium Salewa hiking shoes use Cleansport NXT technology to combat odor-causing microbes. This feature helps your feet stay fresh, even in the most demanding outdoor situations.

Salewa’s shoes come with an upper made of abrasion-resistant materials, such as suede and nubuck leather. These uppers serve as your first line of defense against jagged rocks, tree roots, and the elements, among others. A rubber rand wraps around the brand’s best footgear models to protect your foot better. There’s also a gusseted tongue found in these shoes to prevent dirt and debris from entering. These components all work in unison to keep you safe during a day hiking trip.

Advantages of the best Salewa hiking shoes


Salewa started out when Josef Liebhart founded the company on July 8, 1935 in Munich, Germany. It wasn’t until 1952 when the brand cemented its place in the outdoor sports industry when it started manufacturing ski poles. Salewa would go on to make a name for itself by producing products that cater to mountain climbers and ski aficionados. In 1990, the Oberalp Group took over the management of Salewa and widened its reach to every part of the globe. The outdoor company’s products are sold in Europe, North America, and Asia, among others.

Outdoor enthusiasts all over the world won’t have a hard time finding a new pair of Salewa hiking shoes. Retailers are carrying the brand’s footgear products and numerous online stores ship to a wide range of countries. Furthermore, various outdoor websites have released positive reviews on the brand’s low-cut hikers. These factors are proof of Salewa’s expertise in crafting lightweight hiking shoes that can satisfy the footwear needs of outdoor lovers.


Salewa’s low-cut hikers are loaded with various features to help boost your performance on the trail. As such, the brand’s footwear models are priced higher than the competition. These Salewa hiking shoes start at $170 while the top-of-the-line options go for $200 because of the technologies they possess.

Shoe technologies

Any pair of Salewa hiking shoes is loaded with technologies. These features cover important aspects of your performance on the trail. Shown below are some features you’ll find in the footwear company’s low-cut hikers.

  • 3F. This feature links the lacing system to a cord that wraps around the back of the shoe via a thin wire. The technology also anchors the midsole section to enhance fit and support further.
  • Multi Fit Footbed Plus. This technology allows you to customize the fit of your Salewa hikers better. There are two interchangeable layers you can attach to the footbed. These layers are designed to adapt to your foot’s shape better. As a result, you get a more comfortable experience using the brand’s hiking shoes.
  • Vibram. Most Salewa hiking shoes use outsoles manufactured by Vibram. The aggressive lugs on its surface characterize these outsoles, making them grip well on varied ground conditions. They are also built with an emphasis on durability.
  • Cleansport NXT. The insides of specific Salewa hiking shoes are infused with Cleansport NXT technology. This feature uses specialized microbes that reduce the effect of sweat and moisture, preventing your feet from smelling bad in the process.
  • Gore-Tex. The finest Salewa hiking shoes possess a Gore-Tex liner to keep water out of the footwear. The surface of this specialized fabric contains more than a billion pores that prevent water from passing through it. This microporous design also allows moisture to escape, making the shoe breathable.
  • Ortholite. Some of the Salewa’s low-cut hikers come with Ortholite technology. These removable footbeds are cushioned, breathable, lightweight, and manages moisture well.
  • Climbing Lacing. This lacing system offers a precise fit and adjustment that starts from the shoe’s toe area. You’ll get improved support and performance from this feature.
  • Ferrata Zone. The brand’s best low-cut hikers feature a Ferrata Zone on the outsole’s surface. This design provides an improvement in traction to the shoe.
  • Gumflate. A Salewa hiker that uses this cushioning foam enhances comfort by lessening the pressure points under the sole. This midsole technology adapts well to the ground and reduces shock.
  • Michelin. The footwear company also uses Michelin outsoles for some of its hiking shoes. These outsoles use Michelin’s Outdoor Compound to make them durable and adapt to uneven surfaces.
  • Flex Collar. Select Salewa hiking shoes are fitted with a flex collar. This component adds more range of motion because of its curved design that matches the ankle’s plantar flexion.

Frequently asked questions about the best men's and women's Salewa hiking shoes

How can I keep my Salewa hiking shoes in good condition?

It’s important to clean your footwear once you get home from a hike. As such, knowing how to maintain your hikers properly is a must. Here are some simple cleaning tips for your Salewa hiking shoes.

  • Shake out the shoe first to remove sand, soil, or any other form of debris inside it.
  • Remove the laces and the footbed. Separating these parts will help you clean them thoroughly.
  • Get a piece of cloth or a brush. While clean your hikers with lukewarm water, wipe away all traces of dirt and grime stuck on the shoe.
  • Don’t use chlorine bleach to wash your Salewa hiking shoes. This cleaning product may cause discoloration or reduce the quality of your hikers.
  • Once you’re done cleaning your pair, you can leave them to dry in a spot with moderate temperature. Don’t place your them near a direct source of heat as it can cause severe damage to your hikers.
  • Using a convection-style dryer is safe for your Salewa hiking shoes.

I found something wrong with my Salewa hiking shoes. What should I do with them?

In the event you receive a defective pair, you should reach out to the store where the product was purchased. A two-year warranty covers Salewa's products so you’ll have plenty of time to resolve this predicament. Bring the receipt as proof of your purchase so the warranty can be processed right away. Usually, it takes around 30 days for your claim to be approved and the new shoes to be returned.

If accidents or normal wear and tear cause the damage, your claim will be voided. It’s important to confirm the defect is caused by the poor workmanship or quality of the shoes themselves before filing a warranty claim.