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Are Hi-Tec hiking shoes good?

Founded in 1974 in Essex, England, Hi-Tec has been known around the world for introducing the world’s first lightweight hiking boot. Fast-forward today, they remain a favorite brand of many avid hikers. And that’s because of the quality that has withstood the test of time.

Note, however, that Hi-Tec doesn't cater to all types of hikers. Overall, they make great shoes for hiking in easy to moderate terrain. They aren't ideal for backpacking, multi-day trips, and mountaineering. 

What are Hi-Tec hiking shoes best used for?

Light hiking in well-established trails. Hi-Tec makes quality light hiking boots that feature durable uppers for speed and agility, impact-absorbing EVA midsoles for comfort, and deep-lug outsoles for off-road traction. 

Everyday use. Since they have versatile designs, many people use these shoes not just on the trail but also for other activities, such as work, travel, and everyday wear.

Hi-Tech hiking shoes for men and women: top features

Breathable mesh upper. Traversing the trail in the summer season can mean sweaty feet. Hiking shoes with mesh uppers ensure that your feet stay cool and comfortable amidst the scourging heat. Also, they dry very fast so even if it suddenly rains or you step in a puddle, your shoes will get dry in no time.

Toggle-up lacing system. Hi-Tec trail runners have an elastic toggle lace system that makes adjusting the fit quick and easy.

Lightweight design. All their trail runners are lightweight which makes them ideal for well-established trails and easy terrain.

Aggressive lugging. Hi-tec hiking shoes feature deep lugs for enhanced traction on multiple terrains. Some models, such as the Altitude VI I WP, has Michellin outsole that is known for being sticky, durable, and highly resistant to abrasion. They also make shoes with Vibram outsoles.

Protective uppers. Light hiking shoes from this brand are either made of mesh and synthetic uppers or leather uppers. They have their own waterproofing technology which is basically a membrane attached to the shoe interior that keeps moisture out.

Comfort. All of their hiking shoes come with Ortholite footbeds for extra cushioning and support. 

How much does Hi-Tec hiking shoes cost?

Hi-Tech is among the footwear brands that have very affordable prices, ranging from $60 to $100. Definitely, they are among the reliable cheap hiking shoes out there.

How do you care for your Hi-Tec footwear?

You can maintain the quality of your Hi-Tec shoes by cleaning it regularly. Remove mud and dirt by brushing them off once they have dried. Wipe with a clean cloth (damp cloth if necessary) after. Hi-Tec shoes aren't machine-washable. Leather boots should be regularly treated with waterproofing and conditioning sprays. When cared for religiously, your hi-tec shoes and boots can last for years.

Hi-Tec hiking shoes: interesting facts 

  • Before the brand entered the world of hiking, Hi-Tec is already known for its innovative and lightweight squash trainers. The Squash Classic is still available today and the company has sold over 19 million pairs since it was first offered in the market.
  • The Sierra Sneaker was the very first light hiking shoe developed by Hi-Tec. It was also the world's first lightweight shoe and was popularized as a sports shoe for the mountains.
  • Later on, they entered the running category with the launch of Silver Shadow, which later on became Britain’s top-selling running shoe.