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Each step you take on your Asolo hiking shoes represents innovation, technology, and decades-worth of craftsmanship experience. The Zanatta family, who pioneered a small shoe shop in Nervesa della Battaglia, worked their way to the top. It wasn’t all smooth of course. Just like where their active and outdoor products are worn, the way to success had its own slippery, muddy, and bumpy trails.

While the family business flourished after the Second World War, what cemented Asolo’s status is its boldness to innovate. In 1975, Giancarlo Tanzi invented a trekking boot that uses Cordura fabric. This material was used mostly for military footwear. It is best known for its durability, versatility, and reliability. This effort, without Tanzi predicting it, changed the whole outdoor footgear industry.

Asolo is an innovation factory. Soon after, they announced the AFS system which is the first shoe for alpinists that use a single molded structure using thermoplastic materials. They also introduced the first Asolo boot that used Gore-Tex fabric for waterproofing. Through the decades, the brand showed no sign of slowing down in the innovation department.

Why men and women love Asolo

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Best Asolo hiking shoes - December 2019

Everyone who found their perfect match in Asolo hiking shoes can share a thing or two about the traits they love most about their footwear. A very common attribute that fans love about their gear is the coziness it affords them. The brand is quite generous in adding comfort features into their design. Using upper materials like Schoeller soft-shell fabric and robust leather that do not just protect against abrasions and debris but also encourage flexibility and weather protection, so wearers feel less pain throughout the hike.

Waterproofing is also a huge part of why Asolo hiking shoes are favored by adventure-seekers. For a company that is first to introduce Gore-Tex-lined footwear, it comes as no surprise that fans continue to enjoy trips without worries of getting their feet wet.

A true-to-size fit for many models is also a well-praised trait. Several users appreciate that their Asolo hiking shoes fit them as promised. So many people wear the wrong footgear size primarily because brands use different sizing standards. Luckily, Asolo has worked hard to create boots and shoes that reflect the feet’s morphology, therefore, making them fit wearers as if they were custom-made.

Benefits of wearing Asolo hiking shoes

With fans raving about their pair of Asolo hiking shoes, it is not surprising that the word spread all over the world. These are few of the traits that swept fans off their feet:

Comfort and fit

Hiking is an activity that demands a snug fit so people can avoid blisters and other injuries. Wearers appreciate that Asolo hiking shoes offer a true-to-size fit. This means that such footwear fits the person in the right width and length as their feet.

The materials used by the maker are also worth mentioning. For different models, leather is a component of choice. It is reinforced by other reliable products like polyester and Schoeller soft-shell fabric. These are known for their protective properties and the comfort they provide wearers.


One of the biggest questions of individuals when buying a pair of footwear, just like Asolo hiking shoes, is how long they will be able to use it. There are no brands that promise a specific length of service for their offerings, but Asolo is one of the few that could vouch for the durability of their products. To achieve their prospect lifespan, the maker uses several components and technologies that make their products last. 


Outdoor activities mean having to deal with the great world where people are exposed to the weather and uneven grounds. Making sure wearers will not have a hard time tackling different trails, Asolo has picked materials that could offer the support that they need.

One way Asolo hiking shoes deliver in this department is by using the A-Fast technology. Through a combination of Vibram outsole and EVA midsole, the footgear becomes more comfortable while offering maximum grip on different surfaces.


Traction, the capacity of the outsole to grip on a surface when moving, is a must for trail shoes. For owners of Asolo hiking shoes, this is not a problem, especially that the footwear maker, for its A-Fast technology, has partnered with Vibram for its outsoles.


Wet feet is definitely not what every hiker wants to experience. Dewy grass, muddy trails, creeks, brooks, and streams are inevitable. To make sure this doesn’t happen to their fans, Asolo offers hiking shoes equipped with a waterproof lining.

Qualities of men's and women's Asolo hiking shoes

Extensive conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, and testing before they are even passed for production and distribution—these are the things done by Asolo to create their hiking shoes. The mentioned processes alone are proof that each shoe lives up to the brand’s standards.

Materials used

Making each model of Asolo hiking shoes dependable, the manufacturer sees to it that all of the materials they use all contribute to the quality of the gear. Here are some common components used by the maker:

  • Leather. Raw animal hides preserved to host a wide range of dependable Asolo hiking shoes and many other products from the brand are known for their high-quality leather upper.
  • Polyester. Used on a few Asolo hiking shoes, this fabric could come in natural and synthetic
  • EVA. Asolo hiking shoes are mostly equipped with ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA. This is known for being flexible, lightweightIt is also responsible for shock-absorption while maximizing energy return.  


Through the years, Asolo has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the outdoor footwear market. It is not surprising that many technologies have been developed to improve the function of each pair. These are just a few of the features that make Asolo hiking shoes great:

  • Lite 2 plus. The Lite 2 plus anatomic footbed works well with the EVA midsole of many Asolo hiking shoes. This helps in enhancing the comfort experienced by hikers throughout the activity.
  • Gore-Tex. A weatherproof lining of choice, Gore-Tex could be referred to as a fabric, laminate, or membrane. At the end of the day, this is used in Asolo hiking shoes
  • Schoeller soft shell. A favorite fabric brand for many outdoor products, Schoeller has made a variety of Asolo hiking shoes more comfortable. The soft-shell is a soft fabric that offers breathability and protection against wind and water.
  • A-Fast technology. One of the trademarked technologies of Asolo, the A-Fast is a collaboration between the shoe manufacturer and known rubber sole brand, Vibram. The double-density molded EVA midsole takes care of the stability, comfort, and shock absorption demands while a robust rubber outsole promotes slip-resistance (through its self-cleaning lugs) and grip.
  • Vibram Megagrip. This high-performance rubber compound promises to deliver excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces, longevity, and ground adaptability.


If you are fixed on getting a pair of footwear from one of Italy’s most popular brands, you are in good company. Pairs of Asolo hiking shoes could cost $200, but for fans raving about their comfort and function, this is a price worth paying. 


Asolo hiking shoes are available in 42 countries all around the world. Aside from catering to the European market, there are also shops in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Asian countries, Australia, and South American countries.  

Some popular Asolo hiking shoes

Its reputation for crafting excellent outdoor footwear has cemented Asolo’s prominence in different markets. Along with its mountaineering boots, hiking boots and urban outdoor products, the maker’s hiking shoes are also the favorite of many enthusiasts. Two models that earned praises are Nucleon GV and Megaton GV.

Asolo hiking shoe FAQs

Is there a way to easily identify if the Asolo hiking shoes I want are waterproof and offer good grip?

The kind of materials that are used on models is indicated on the model’s label and the brand’s product page. Asolo is also the type to name their footwear with letters that represent the technologies they come with. Common symbols are V for Vibram, GV for those with Gore-Tex lining and Vibram outsole, and GTX for those with Gore-Tex lining.  

What is the best way to clean Asolo hiking footwear?

To enjoy the maximum lifespan of Asolo hiking shoes, cleaning them should be a top priority. The maker recommends using cleaning gels for both fabric and leather footgear.  

What is the proper way to store Asolo hiking shoes?

Proper storage also plays a great role in maximizing the lifespan of any footwear. After cleaning, the shoes should not be placed in plastic bags or containers for a long time. They are best kept in a dry and well-ventilated place.

How long will my Asolo hiking shoes last?

There is no set number of years as to the length of time that the gear can be used. Even the best manufacturer could not predict such things. However, there are actually things that can affect the condition of footwear such as the way this is used, cleaned, and kept. Improper use and lack of care will result in wear and tear, shortening its lifespan.

Do Asolo hiking shoes come with a warranty?

Asolo footwear comes with a two-year warranty against defects in the materials and workmanship. The maker encourages those who bought their product and may have found some defects to have these sent back through their nearest dealers. In the event that such issues are verified, the wearer can expect that it will be repaired without any cost. However, this warranty does not cover defects due to natural wear and tear even if it is within the prescribed two-year period.