8 best The North Face hiking boots

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      For a company that manufactures and sells outdoor products, it is a little ironic that The North Face was conceived on a beach. Its name in itself means the coldest and harshest side of a mountain. The year was 1966, and then-couple Douglas and Susie Tompkins started a climbing equipment store. What just started as selling, turned into the production of some merchandise that bloomed in the 1990s. They began with athletic clothing then casual sportswear, insulated jackets, and of course, outdoor footwear such as The North Face hiking boots.

      More than 50 years after it opened, The North Face now offers an extensive line of products (like trail shoes and above-the-ankle hikers) that cater to the needs of the outdoor-loving members of the population. Through the years, the people behind this brand only has one advice to everyone: Never Stop Exploring.

      Why men and women love The North Face

      best The North Face hiking boots

      Best The North Face hiking boots - August 2019

      Despite being relatively young, The North Face is considered to be one of the most recognizable American outdoor brands in the world. Many fans from all over the globe have great things to say about their gear. The North Face hiking boot owners would have a story to tell about why they are enjoying this product.

      The brand charmed its way to the hearts of outdoor lovers by supporting people’s love for various explorations. Whether it is a rocky trekking journey to Vipeak, a chilling and exciting adventure to Meru, conquering Mica to Greenland, or marveling at the aurora borealis, The North Face is with them through it all.

      Everyone who also pushes for the conservation of the environment can even count on the brand to offer them products that are made with earth-friendly materials. Part of its responsibility pledge is to support the protection of the world outdoors – the place where every single fan lives and play, and where its factories operate. It also stated that it would make products that are environmentally sound.

      If there is anything that droves of fans adore about The North Face hiking boots, it will be the dependability of each pair. Every model comes with comfort features and techs to make sure that the wearer will be at ease donning them even if the hike is rigorous. The protection and support they offer are also unparalleled.

      Benefits of wearing The North Face hiking boots

      For many who are craving for a great adventure, augmenting their gear options with The North Face hiking boots will be a good shot. Gaining international prominence didn’t happen accidentally as many owners have great things to say about their pair:

      Comfort and fit

      Two things that can make or break a couple of The North Face hiking boots are the comfort and fit they could offer. In many of its footwear products, the brand is getting plenty of positive reviews. The Hedgehog Fastpack Mid GTX is one of those that are gaining praises for offering one-to-one fit.

      There is no denying as well that plenty of these brand’s offerings come with full-grain leather, molded-latex sockliner, EVA midsole, molded-TPU cradle heel, and many other comfort features. With the help of these components, hikers can endure long stretches on different trails.


      Buying a pair of The North Face hiking boots, owners have high expectations as to their capacity to handle the toughest trails. The good news is, this is exactly what the maker is giving their followers. The maker delivers high-quality gear as they craft them to endure various outdoor pursuits.

      The durability and dependability of The North Face hiking boots are determined by three things: the materials, the technologies, and the techniques used by the maker. For decades, starting from the first pair’s release, the company has been gaining recognition for using the best components and methods. It is no wonder why casual outdoor lovers and professional athletes rely on this brand.


      Cute and dainty casual shoes can't tackle the roughness of trails. Outdoor gear is made so that hiking adventures don’t have to be painful and dangerous. The North Face hiking boots all come with a high level of support even with difficult trails to conquer.

      Models like the Hedgehog Fastpack Mid GTX, for instance, features ankle support which comes in handy especially for enduring the long stretch. Also worth noting is the EVA midsole used on several models of The North Face hiking boots which offer both stability and cushioning.  


      Whether you are thinking about going the safe route or plan to conquer even higher summits, The North Face hiking boots will have you covered. Each model is equipped with reputable outsole technologies so that wearers can safely reach their destinations. Most come with a Vibram outsole. The mentioned brand is best known for delivering rubber outsoles with excellent grip and traction.


      The world outdoors exposes everyone to various elements: rocks, twigs, water, wind, snow, and animals. All of these things can cause discomforts and injuries that will ruin any trip. With the help of various features, wearers are sure that they will not suffer from such. The North Face hiking boots come with robust upper materials, insulation, gusseted tongue, waterproof membrane, and mudguard.

      What quality The North Face hiking boots are made of

      The North Face hiking boots do not just come magically in store racks. Behind each pair is a group of designers, expert hands, high technology, and of course, well-picked materials. 

      Materials used

      One of the things that buyers look for when considering a pair of footwear is the material used on them. From the top down to the outsole, The North Face hiking boots are made of reliable components that prove their reliability. Here are a few of the things you will find on their labels:

      • Leather. Considered as the most durable upper footwear material, leather is a top choice for many models of The North Face hiking boots. Regarded as an old footwear component, this is derived from the rawhide of animals like cattle, to obtain a durable, comfortable, supple, and naturally-resilient product. Through modern techniques, they now come in a variety of colors and types.
      • Calfskin. This membrane or leather is produced from the hide of a calf. Calfskin is best known for being soft and durable which makes it an ideal component for parts that lessen shoe-to-skin friction like the collar. The North Face hiking boots with this material are appreciated for their warmth and comfort.
      • Felted wool. This woven textile originated as wool roving and spun into thread after it is cleaned and carded. The yarn is then woven into wool cloth, washed in hot water, and dried. What comes out is a piece of fabric that is puffy so it is soft to the skin and also helps keep wearers warm.
      • Rubber mudguard. The mudguard is the shoe pattern in the forefoot section along the edge of the outsole. With the help of this feature, The North Face hiking boots afford adventurers with protection from the elements.
      • Latex sockliner. The North Face hiking boots should be comfortable, so the maker equipped these with materials like the latex sockliner, which is also known as an insole. This component comes with a felted-wool top sheet to provide more warmth and comfort.
      • EVA. Ethylene vinyl acetate midsoles are very popular in manufacturing outdoor footwear like The North Face hiking boots. Using this helps in providing cushion and support to wearers.
      • TPU heel clip. Some active lifestyle shoes come with heel clips with LED to provide light when walking, jogging, or running in the darkness. In the case of this brand’s products, more than a fancy gear, the TPU heel clip helps promote stability.
      • Ballistic-mesh. This thick and tough nylon fabric is used in The North Face hiking boots. Although its name sounds a little harsh, the term ballistic nylon originated from the primary purpose of the material which is to provide wearers protection from debris and bullets.
      • Midfoot shank. The shank is a component that helps in providing the needed stiffness of the sole. It is tucked between the midsole and the outsole.
      • Fleece lining. This type of lining is a synthetic fabric derived from plastic. It is characteristically soft, warm, and breathable which makes it an ideal component of The North Face hiking boots.


      Reinforcing the materials used in The North Face hiking boots are the technologies used in making them. If you are a fan of this maker, you would surely know that they are not the kind to skip on new tech that can improve their products, like the following:

      • CRADLE heel technology. This proprietary midsole construction affords wearers of The North Face hiking boots with the support, stability, and cushioning needed when conquering new heights. This is engineered to absorb impact, improve foot stability, and gives support to the perimeter of the heel to encourage an anatomically-correct stride and help in the correct biomechanical positioning of the fatty tissues under the bursa.
      • OrthoLite footbed. OrthoLite is an authority when it comes to insoles. Using their products on The North Face hiking boots help improve the cushioning experienced by the wearer. It also characteristically increases breathability and moisture management.
      • ESS Snake Plate. A trademarked technology, the Snake Plate is a technology composed of a forefoot plate that winds to and fro the lateral and medial sides of the foot. The plate allows the foot to move as it anatomically should – bend, flex, and contort according to the changing terrain.
      • PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Eco. Some models of The North Face hiking boots also come with PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Eco insulation. This offers warmth, comfort, and softness to wearers while saving the environment. Apart from being an excellent insulation material, it is also made of 70 percent recycled content.
      • Hydroseal waterproof membrane. One of the components that make The North Face hiking boots waterproof is Hydroseal waterproof membrane. It is praised for keeping the feet dry even when walking through muddy or snowy trails.
      • FastFoam midsole system. One of the proprietary technologies of the brand, The North Face hiking boots like the Fastpack III Mid GTX can maximize the energy return so adventurers can cover longer distances.
      • Gore-Tex. It is a favorite waterproofing technology across brands. A few offerings of The North Face hiking boots also use Gore-Tex linings or membranes. This technology promises not only to protect against water, but also to keep the footwear breathable.
      • Vibram. Arguably the most popular outsole component of them all, The North Face hiking boots also come with Vibram rubber soles which are known best for their excellent grip and traction on a wide range of surfaces.


      For everyone who loves to own The North Face hiking boots, a wide range of choices are there to choose from. Some offerings could suit budgets easily as they are offered for as low as $120 to $160. If you want a model that is both functional and stylish though, you can get one like the Cryos Hikers for $400.


      With the rise of its popularity, the maker has made it easier for its fans all over the world to get their own The North Face hiking boots and other products. Aside from stores and retail outlets available in North and South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, there is also an online outlet they can buy from. Leading department stores in various territories also have their products in the store.

      Some popular men's and women's The North Face hiking boots

      Making sure there will be The North Face hiking boots to cater to everyone; the maker released a wide array of models. Some popular and affordable shoes for the adventure-seeking souls include Hedgehog Hike II Mid, Tsumoru, Ultra Fastpack III, and Hedgehog Fastpack Mid.

      Also worth the attention is the Cryos line. The North Face hiking boots model Cryos hiker is part of the collection of the same name. The model is made explicitly for urban outdoors. The technical products are designed to offer versatile gear options for the fashion-conscious and adventure-seeking urban populace.

      The North Face hiking boots FAQs

      What is the sizing standard used in making The North Face hiking boots?

      The North Face hiking boots are crafted following American standard sizing. If you look forward to owning your own pair but is unsure of the size equivalent, you can look up the sizing charts available on the brand’s website.

      Are The North Face hiking boots covered by warranty?

      If you have a pair of The North Face hiking boots, you can look forward to a limited warranty for it. According to “The North Face Renewed” all of the products manufactured by the company are warrantied of any factory or material defect for one year from the date of purchase. Under this, the maker will have the discretion whether to replace or repair the products returned to them.

      Do all shoe products, including The North Face hiking boots, have the same fit?

      If you got a footwear pair before from this brand and thought of adding The North Face hiking boots, it is best to understand that there are slight differences in the sizing used for products for different activities. The maker, however, advises ordering your normal size as this would likely fit well unless it is indicated that the model is not true to size.

      I have The North Face hiking boots. How do I care for it?

      One of the best ways to extend, or at least let your pair of The North Face hiking boots live a full life, is to make sure it is properly cared for. These are some easy steps to make sure you do the right thing in caring for them:

      1. Using a silicon-based waterproofing agent in protecting The North Face hiking boots is a sound start. A wide range of products is available to cater to this need. However, make sure that the upper can be applied with such products, especially those that come with weatherproof lining. Refer to the product care page of the brand for their recommendations.
      2. See to it that your footwear is appropriately cleaned. Remove all traces of dirt, mud, and other things that can cause fiber decay. Washing is discouraged by the maker, and the best alternative is to use a rag and cleansing agent to get rid of the traces of each adventure.
      3. Just air dry your wet footgear. A common mistake that people commit is letting their shoes dry under heat sources which damages its components. The best thing to do is to air dry it.
      4. Store The North Face hiking boots in a cool and dry place when not in use.

      How long will The North Face hiking boots last?

      There is no company, no matter how reputable, that can guarantee a certain lifespan for their products. What the company promises, however, is that every pair of The North Face hiking boots are made with the best product quality standard they can come up with.

      The brand also has its warranty and repair department that handles the items returned for any defect. There are also some that send their pair of The North Face hiking boots for repair even if they were bought a long time ago.

      3 best The North Face hiking boots

      1. The North Face Back-To-Berkeley Redux Leather
      2. The North Face Hedgehog Hike II Mid GTX
      3. The North Face Vals Mid Waterproof
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