Our verdict

One of the long-standing hiking boots from Danner, the Mountain Light has earned our respect. We appreciate its superb comfort and classic style. It's a worthy purchase because of its durability, versatility, and best of all, quality. While we felt that it could be somewhat stiff at first, the Danner Mountain Light is undoubtedly among the most sought-after backpacking boots that we have scrutinized.


  • Super-durable
  • Great for casual wear
  • Generously comfy
  • Maximal ankle support
  • Warm
  • Excellent finish
  • Easy to resole
  • Vintage looks
  • Great for rocky terrain


  • Break-in period needed

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Danner Mountain Light

The Mountain Light is extremely durable and as historical as it is a force of nature on the trail. You are this Danner boot's target audience if:

  • You're a fan of authentic leather boots engineered with Gore-Tex technology.
  • Rugged trails and dusty tracks are part of your backpacking expeditions.
  • You're into vintage boots, especially those with seamless uppers.
  • You tackle rocky descents more often than not.

Danner Mountain Light buy

Who should not buy it

Consider the Timberland Sprint Trekker instead if you want something you can rock casually as well. Also, you might want to trade the featured boot for the Columbia Fairbanks Mid if your pack adventures involve steeper inclines with low-lying boulders along the way.

Danner Mountain Light not

As tough as it looks

We proved that Danner Mountain Light has an enduring construction.

Danner Mountain Light t1

The Mountain Light's dreamy confines

We are at a loss for words with the boot's incredible comfort level. We just really love its spot-on coziness in mildly chilly conditions.

Danner Mountain Light break

Patience is a virtue

But you might need to hike in it a few miles to get it to loosen up fully, as we had to break it in first, too.

Danner Mountain Light con

Craftsmanship at its finest

Its construction is nothing short of flawless, and we are obsessed!

Danner Mountain Light cr

Bar-hop with the Danner Mountain Light

We noticed that the boot's grounded design and versatile outsole make the Mountain Light a fine casual kick, as well.

Danner Mountain Light bar2

Reassuring collar

We also experienced maximal ankle support in this dapper backpacking boot.

Danner Mountain Light coll2

Hollywood fanfare

In the film Wild, Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon wore the Danner Mountain Light (Cascade colorway). The movie was an adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s best-selling book, which tells the author’s journey on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Danner Mountain Light holl2