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Vibram hiking boots are widely recognized in the outdoor community for their performance and longevity. The Vibram brand has always been at the forefront of sole technology and innovation over the past decades. Their experience and lineup of quality products have made their way into the catalogs of numerous footwear companies.

How the best men's and women's Vibram hiking boots perform

best Vibram hiking boots

Best Vibram hiking boots - August 2019


Vibram hiking boots are characterized mainly by how they render traction on various trail conditions. Flip one of these hikers, and you’ll see an outsole filled with an aggressive lug pattern. These lugs are designed to grip on virtually all types of surfaces. Select sole models are equipped with self-cleaning channels to shed dirt and debris as you move, granting optimal traction. The finest Vibram hiking boots feature grooves on both ends of the sole to help you handle uphill and downhill conditions better.


Traversing countless obstacles can shorten the lifespan of any normal footwear. In comparison, a pair of Vibram hiking boots is engineered to last long. These outsoles are made with special rubber compounds developed and tested rigorously by Vibram to withstand harsh trail conditions. They are highly resistant to abrasion and can withstand wear and tear.

Regarding durability, there are a few footwear options better than a pair of Vibram hiking boots with Gore-Tex membranes. The combination of a waterproof upper and a grippy outsole renders enhanced protection and performance that will go a long way. The proven sturdiness of both technologies makes it a popular choice for outdoor lovers who need a piece of gear that brings a lot of value to the table.


Select Vibram hiking boots are designed to be resoled after its original sole has deteriorated. This quality helps extend the lifespan of these hikers and restore their performance. Vibram offers a wide array of soles that are designed for the finest leather hiking boots or day hiking gear that can be attached in no time at all. You can resole hiking boots with Vibram products and they can be as good as new once again. This benefit can even be applied to some of the best low-cut hiking shoes or mountaineering boots available in the market.

Technologies of the best Vibram hiking boots

XS Trek. This technical compound is commonly used in some of the best day hiking boots. It grants a boost in performance, specifically flexibility and traction on wet surfaces. Vibram hiking boots that use a non-marking XS Trek sole is highly responsive to various trail conditions. It can even be used in urban settings and indoor activities.

Megagrip. Vibram hiking boots that feature this technology are known for its remarkable traction on wet and dry surfaces. This compound is also engineered with an emphasis on durability for outdoor enthusiasts traveling under any season.

Vibram’s Megagrip compound comes in two formulas – soft and firm. Both of these variants can be molded in various outsole shapes and patterns to handle any trail condition. Those looking for the best backpacking boots can aim for this outsole material for its satisfactory performance.

Arctic Grip. If you are searching for winter hiking boots, you might want to go for a pair equipped with Arctic Grip sole. This compound is designed to grip on slippery ice and keep you balanced. Vibram hiking boots that use this sole technology are also able to withstand low temperatures without stiffening while you move. Also, the outsole’s surface is filled with thermochromic lugs which turn blue when you encounter cold weather conditions.

Icetrek. Vibram’s Icetrek is another compound suitable for use in cold environments. Soles equipped with this technology supply traction on icy surfaces and snowy terrain. Its soft rubber construction is paired with unique lugs to allow the user to move freely on challenging trails.

History of Vibram hiking boots

Vibram was founded in 1935 by Vitale Bramani when six of his friends perished while mountaineering in the Italian Alps. This tragedy was partly caused by footwear with questionable quality, leading Bramani to create a sole designed for climbing. His efforts led to the creation of the Carrarmato sole which contained a tread design that maximized grip on a wide range of surfaces. It also has an impressive resistance to abrasion, making it a success among outdoor enthusiasts during that time.

As of the present, the brand’s soles are incorporated into the products of numerous outdoor gear companies all over the world. Their offerings are produced in several countries, such as the United States, China, Italy, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. Outdoor lovers everywhere know a pair of Vibram hiking boots, no matter what the brand may be, can deliver a stable grip without losing its quality over time.

Frequently asked questions about the best Vibram hiking boots

Does Vibram offer a warranty for their products?

Since Vibram hiking boots are being sold by various footwear manufacturers, their respective warranty policies differ. You should check these footgear brands for how they can honor your warranty claim and replace your defective pair. Remember to keep the original receipt as your proof of purchase and make sure the damage isn’t caused by your usage of the footgear. Otherwise, your claim will be voided, and you will be left to repair your Vibram hiking boots on your own.

What’s the best way to maintain the soles of my Vibram hiking boots?

Even if the best Vibram hiking boots come with self-cleaning channels, they still require regular cleaning. In doing so, your hikers will grip on any surface without being hindered by excessive dirt. A good place to start is by getting a used toothbrush to clean the soles of your Vibram hiking boots. This small tool can reach those small creases and eliminate any impurities stuck in there.

You can also use a mixture of warm water and powdered detergent to wash your hiking boots with Vibram soles better. After cleaning your gear, place it in a well-ventilated spot to dry. Don’t leave it near any source of direct heat for it may affect the quality of your Vibram hiking boots.