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Hiking entails physical challenges as you traverse toward a sight you’ll never see in the big city. Of course, this won’t be possible if you’re not equipped with the proper footwear. Among the numerous options out there, you might want to check out what a pair of Zamberlan hiking boots has in store for you.

Benefits of the best men's and women's Zamberlan hiking boots

best zamberlan hiking shoes
Best Zamberlan hiking boots - December 2019

Fit and comfort

You won’t go far on the trail if your footwear doesn’t fit well. Zamberlan hiking boots offer a fit that doesn’t compromise comfort. The brand’s finest hikers use a last the grants a snug and anatomical fit with enough room for your toes to wiggle in. These footgear models also use padded collars that wrap around your ankles comfortably. The lacing system locks your foot inside the boot. Zamberlan’s finest boots use a thick insole that enhances the overall fit.

What should I remember when fitting new Zamberlan hiking boots?

  • The brand offers hiking boots for men and women.
  • Men’s sizes are around 8 to 13 while Zamberlan hiking boots for women are around 6 to 11.
  • Ordering a new pair online is more challenging because you won’t be able to check if you’ll get an exact fit before finalizing the purchase. If you’re planning to order online, you need to obtain the precise measurement of your foot. You can do this by stepping on a piece of paper and marking the heel and the longest toe with a pen or pencil. Measure the length in centimeters or inches and match it to the corresponding shoe size in Zamberlan’s fitting guide.
  • Don’t forget to wear socks while measuring your foot so you’ll get the actual size.
  • There are times when one foot is bigger than the other. In this event, the size you need to get should fit the larger foot.
  • A person’s foot swells a little bit during the afternoon. It’s important to consider this detail when choosing a new pair so you won’t end up with ill-fitting footwear.


The trail you’re going to traverse will always be full of uneven surfaces. If you’re not equipped with the right kind of footwear, there’s a big chance you’re going to slip. Zamberlan hiking boots are fitted with high-performance outsoles to keep your feet planted securely on the ground. The surface of these outsoles is dominated with a pattern of aggressive lugs. This lug arrangement helps improve your grip on varied ground conditions. The brand’s premium boots use a thread pattern that aids in downhill braking and toe climbing. At the same time, the wide spacing of these lugs allows for dirt to be dispersed easily as you move along. All in all, Zamberlan hiking boots deliver the traction you need for your outdoor adventure.


Carrying all the required essentials in one pack can be disastrous if your feet aren’t supported properly. Zamberlan hiking boots are designed with various technologies to keep you steady throughout your trip. The company’s best hikers use ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles to cushion your every stride. These boots also contain a low-density polyurethane (PU) wedge and thermoplastic urethane (TPU) inserts for extra rigidity and support. Select Zamberlan hiking boots come with a stiff 4mm insole to handle the added weight on your back. Also, these hikers possess the brand’s patented collar that allows more forward flex motion without any loss to lateral support. Overall, a pair of Zamberlan hiking boots will be sufficient for your hiking needs.


Going on a hike can test the limits of your gear. Zamberlan hiking boots are built to withstand the challenges you’re going to encounter on the trail. The brand’s mid and high-cut hikers use uppers made from nubuck, full-grain or Perwanger suede leather. These materials are known to resist abrasions and the elements. Also, select footwear models come with sturdy PU-coated toe rands to preserve the upper’s integrity. The EVA midsoles of these Zamberlan hiking boots are designed to handle constant bending while its heavy-duty outsoles can withstand contact with harsh ground conditions.


There are all sorts of dangers you’ll face when you go on a hike. A pair of Zamberlan hiking boots comes with different features to protect your feet. Certain hikers are equipped with a Gore-Tex liner and Hydrobloc-treated leather upper. This combo keeps your feet dry whenever you’re facing all kinds of wet trail conditions. Hiking boots manufactured by Zamberlan use an upper made of tough materials, such as Perwanger suede, nubuck, and full-grain leather. It acts as the first line of defense against challenging trail conditions, such as jagged rocks and exposed tree roots. Some models come with a rubber rand that wraps around the boot while others have toe and heel enhancements for improved foot protection. In addition, some of the company’s hikers contain Microtex nylon lining in the collar to help manage excess moisture in the ankles. All of these features and components work together to keep your foot safe while you’re hiking.

Advantages of the best Zamberlan hiking boots for men and women


The company started in 1929 when its founder, Giuseppe Zamberlan, started producing iron-studded boots in their humble home. A generation later, Emillio Zamberlan would inherit his father’s love for the local mountains and footwear that can last in this environment. He would take the company to new heights as Zamberlan products reached various countries all over the world in 1973.

Over the years, the brand would continue to refine and improve its offerings to better serve outdoor enthusiasts. Its efforts were vindicated when Zamberlan received the Backpacker’s Gear Guide and Outdoor Industry Awards for the Tofane in 2010. Also, the Zamberlan Style 230 SH Crosser Plus GTX RR was bestowed with the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award in 2013. Furthermore, the brand has distributors carrying their products in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Australia. The combination of these awards and a worldwide market presence showcases Zamberlan’s popularity in the outdoor gear industry.


Zamberlan offers two kinds of boots in its catalog – backpacking boots and light hikers. Entry-level Zamberlan hiking boots start at $260 while premium models are priced at $360. The brand’s best light hiking boots are around $290 while base variants go for $190 to $240. Premium footwear models cost more because of the inclusion of several technologies and features.

Shoe technologies

  • Vibram. Hiking boots manufactured by Zamberlan use outsoles made by Vibram. The surface of these outsoles is filled with aggressive lugs that dig deep into varied surfaces. Some footgear models are fitted with a Vibram outsole that helps you slow down during descents or aids your grip when you’re climbing up. Also, Vibram outsoles are recognized for their robustness.
  • Gore-Tex. The best Zamberlan hiking boots possess a Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry. This specialized membrane contains over a billion pores on its surface. This microporous design helps block water from entering the boot while allowing moisture to pass through. The result are hikers with waterproof and breathable performance.
  • Hydrobloc. The upper of select Zamberlan hiking boots are applied with Hydrobloc technology. These uppers are coated with a treatment solution to improve its resistance to water and make the boot tougher.
  • ZBPK. This specialized last is used in some of the Zamberlan hiking boots. The last possesses a lower instep and overall volume with just enough room for your toes to wiggle. The result is a dedicated boot for backpackers and hikers.
  • FWS. This pertains to Zamberlan’s method in shaping some of their hiking boot uppers using patented molds. The said technology provides comfort and durability. FWS stands for Foot Wrapping System.
  • RRS. Certain Zamberlan hiking boots are equipped with RRS technology. This feature is a piece of sturdy rubber attached to the upper for extra reinforcement and durability.
  • ZCS. Some of the brand’s boots are fitted with ZCS technology. These hikers are imbued with various materials that reduce shock and increases cushioning.
  • ZAS. Zamberlan’s ZAS feature is a patented construction method designed to maximize breathability and comfort. ZAS stands for Zamberlan Air System.
  • ZFS. Some Zamberlan hiking boots are designed with ZFS technology. This feature allows you to flex your foot forward without losing lateral support.

Frequently asked questions about the best Zamberlan hiking boots

What should be done if I receive a defective pair of Zamberlan hiking boots?

The brand’s footwear models, including hiking boots and hiking shoes, are protected by a one-year warranty policy in the event there are any defects. Zamberlan will only honor warranty claims if the boots contain defective materials or there are any workmanship concerns. The company won’t approve your claim if the hikers are damaged because of misuse, typical wear and tear, or failure to maintain them well. Furthermore, you can’t have your Zamberlan hiking boots exchanged if the wrong size is chosen or the boots are damaged because of an accident.

Once the actual defect has been determined, you can contact the company to get a Warranty Return Authorization form. Fill it out and include detailed photos of your defective Zamberlan hiking boots. The brand will then review your warranty application. If your claim is approved, you’ll then be directed to ship the footgear back to Zamberlan. You’ll either be given a replacement pair, repair the footgear you purchased, or issue credit for valid claims.

The soles of my Zamberlan hiking boots are worn-out. Is there a way to make them usable again?

A majority of the brand’s boots can be resoled (replacing the sole with a new one). You need to determine first if your footgear is covered by Zamberlan’s resoling program. Once you have determined the validity of your pair, you’ll be directed to fill out a work request form for more information. Afterward, you can ship your Zamberlan hiking boots to the company’s affiliate in the United States to have them resoled. It normally takes around two weeks for the whole resoling process to be completed.