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What results in wearing the Terra GTX is reaching the "point B" of your go-to trail with dry, pampered feet. Wearing this thing of beauty from Scarpa also translates to empowered hikes, whether on groomed paths or uneven terrain. While it has some downsides, the Terra GTX's core attributes make it a worthy investment.


  • Glue-like underfoot
  • Insanely comfortable
  • Watertight
  • Quick break-in
  • Lightweight
  • Reliably supportive
  • Sufficient breathability
  • Mildly warm


  • Scuff-magnet
  • Subpar cushioning

Who should buy the Scarpa Terra GTX

Existing true to its nature (and not to mention, to its name), the Terra GTX delivers empowerment for multi-terrain pursuits. This classy, all-leather Scarpa gem is for you if:

  • The routes you tackle lead to slippery descents.
  • You fancy leather hiking boots, particularly those that can wall off moisture in waters of up to 4.5 inches deep.
  • You're after trail kicks that deliver equal amounts of ankle comfort and support.
  • You want debris, sand, and battered twigs to stay out.

Scarpa Terra GTX buy3

Who should not buy it

The Scarpa Terra GTX may not be the ideal boot for those whose adventures involve abrasive hazards (think dried-up bushes and jagged rocks and roots). For such trail-goers, the more protective Salewa Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX is the way to go. If you need something more agile (especially on level terrain), look past this boot and toward the Mojito Hike GTX.

Scarpa Terra GTX not

No slipping allowed

Many experienced hikers adore the Terra GTX’s astonishingly grippy outsole.

Scarpa Terra GTX out

The Terra GTX's 5-star plushness

Scores of reviewers, including a handful of pros, applaud this boot for its overwhelming amounts of comfort. They say that this boot also does away with stiffness right from the get-go.

Scarpa Terra GTX comf

A turtle in the rain

Its waterproofing never lets up, according to dozens of impressed adventurers.

Scarpa Terra GTX rain

Scarpa Terra GTX: Schooling most kicks weight-wise

Hikers in droves are mind-blown by the surprising lightness of the Terra GTX, which is roughly 550 g per shoe.  For more lightweight must-haves, click here.

Scarpa Terra GTX weight

Questionable upper protection

Its lack of overlays is double-edged: it gives the Terra GTX a more premium look in place of heightened defenses against abrasive elements.

Scarpa Terra GTX prot1

Ankle-hugging collar

The boot is quite commendable for its rave-worthy ankle support.

Scarpa Terra GTX ank

The Terra GTX's weather-compliant confines

Outdoorsy folks swear by the boot's versatility as far as weather is concerned. They say that in warmer temps, the Terra GTX provides enough ventilation, while in temperate conditions, it delivers just the right amount of coziness.

Scarpa Terra GTX weath1