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Blurring the divide between trail runners and backpacking boots is the Rush TRK GTX from Scarpa. In other words, this hiker is fully equipped for pulling off more daring strides, even on rocky and root-strewn terrain. Its greatness also translates to grippy hikes in the rain minus the soaking-wet feet.


  • Immensely stable
  • 10/10 support
  • Among the lightest backpacking boots
  • Spacious toe box
  • Through the roof comfort level
  • Great grip
  • Watertight
  • Shock-absorbent


  • With break-in
  • Quite expensive

Who should buy the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX

The Scarpa Rush TRK GTX provides surefootedness and control off the beaten path. Buy it if:

  • You want a pair that's even more supportive than the Scarpa Rush Mid GTX.
  • The off-trail routes you take lead to boggy sections.
  • Shoes that provide extra tenacity on soft-soiled surfaces are what you're after.
  • You've always had a fascination for protective yet lightweight hiking boots.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX buya

Who should NOT buy it

The priciness of the Rush TRK GTX can be overkill for some. In its place, check out the Salomon Quest Prime GTX, which is $41 cheaper than the featured boot. Also, opt for the Lowa Tibet GTX instead if you want a pair without a break-in period.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX nobuy

Kingly on rugged terrain

Trail-goers are impressed with the boot's rugged-terrain performance. The Rush TRK GTX's stability and support are both excellent, according to a trusted professional reviewer. This shock-absorbent pair is something you'd want to be in on long journeys, said the same tester.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX king

Allows toes to splay naturally

"Plenty of wiggle room"—this is how an expert finds the roominess of the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX's toe box. Its sufficiently spacious forefoot adds to the shoe's overall comfort level.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX toe

Ninja steps in the Scarpa Rush TRK GTX

Hikers adore the lightness of the Rush TRK GTX (it's 141 g lighter per shoe than the average weight of backpacking boots). In this regard, a footwear pundit among them says that you are "in for a treat" the moment you put these featherweight bad boys on. A non-professional tester describes the boot as "light as a trainer."

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX ninja

Needs time to loosen up

It has been reported that this trekking boot from Scarpa is not as instantly flexible as the Mistral GTX. Thankfully, based on the report, the shoe loosens up in about half a day of walking.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX breaka

Amazing surface traction

The shoe's Presa sole, according to most reviewers, provides amazing tenacity. It has "fantastic grip on all surfaces," says one of them. It latches onto muddy patches and marshy soil without any hitches.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX traction

Rush TRK GTX equals cranked-up pampering

From "superbly comfortable feel" to "extreme comfort" to "more comfortable than my trainers," this is how the Rush TRK GTX's pampering confines are described by trekkers. The footwear blogger among them links this generous helping of comfort mainly to the boot's well-cushioned ankle cuff.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX comf

Falls on the more expensive side of the spectrum

The Scarpa Rush TRK GTX is quite pricey, despite it winning the "excellent workmanship as always" badge from a reviewer. Case in point: the featured kick has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $239 a pair, while the average cost of hiking boots is only $196.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX expens

A savior in wet conditions

Adventurers are quite floored by the boot's excellent water protection. Being fully waterproof, the Rush TRK GTX helped one experienced hiker "cross a soggy marsh" with completely dry feet. Another backpacker said that he "never had wet socks" in them.

Scarpa Rush TRK GTX water