10 Best Cheap Hiking Boots in 2022

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10 Best Cheap Hiking Boots in 2022

They say in the realm of hiking footwear, dependable boots equal costliness. We go against that notion in this article by featuring the finest hikers that don’t break the bank.

We’ve collected and tested over 90 pairs of inexpensive hiking boots just to bring you this enticing selection. So, whether you need a three-season all-rounder, a pair that can beat the cold, or a boot that can satisfy the speedster in you, you’re in the right budget-friendly place.

How we choose the best cheap hiking boots

Coming up with a comprehensive array of the finest affordable hiking boots is a process we take seriously. Here is how we do it:

  • We purchase budget-friendly hiking boots using our own funds.
  • We test these kicks by hiking in them both on and off the trail.
  • Every pair we expose to various weather conditions.
  • Hundreds of reviews from experts and experienced hikers are included in the mix to make ours even more comprehensive.
  • A CoreScore is assigned to every reviewed hiking boot. This exclusive scoring system is among the major facets making up our meticulous selection process.

Best cheap hiking boots overall

Enduring, reassuring, and best of all, quite inexpensive, the White Ledge Mid Waterproof from Timberland deserves the highest recognition among dozens of budget-friendlies.

At an MSRP of $115, this highly affordable boot schools most trail boots with its rugged performance. Indeed, its sturdy sole unit delivers a one-two punch: it has a stunningly protective midsole, which allowed us to trample over sharp rocks safely, and a grippy outsole!

Speaking of the boot’s outsole, it gave us top-notch slip resistance on rocky and grassy surfaces. While its lugs aren’t as deep, its prominent heel brake got the job done on moderately muddy descents.

We’re chalking up the White Ledge Mid Waterproof upper as mighty, as well. Where its outsole can brave the toughest terrain, the boot’s leather shell, on the other hand, is fully capable of keeping itself scratch-free through bushy and wooded areas!

Now, we can’t be bragging about the White Ledge Mid Waterproof without touching on its comfortable interior. Engineered with a soft waterproof liner, its confines felt richly pampering without a need for an initial hike. We experienced no chafing nor hotspots inside its plush upper.

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Do you consider yourself a big Merrell aficionado? Are you looking for a game-changer from this household brand that doesn’t cost a fortune? If so, settle not for anything less and go for the Moab 2 Mid Waterproof!

This Merrell must-buy, which sells for no more than $150 per pair, has immense surface traction going for it. It’s true—The Moab 2 Mid Waterproof’s Vibram outsole proved its high tenacity to us on slippery surfaces, including muddy slope and damp man-made ramps. And just like our top pick, its heel brake was quite remarkable on downhill traversals, too!

In the area of comfort, we can say that the Moab 2 Mid Waterproof is among Merrell’s high-rankers. Breaking it in was quicker than we expected, compelling us to proceed with our actual full-day test-hike rather than a short 3-mile one.

Just by its leather upper alone, you can tell that the Moab 2 Mid Waterproof is one tough bad boy. Its overlays, particularly the puffy one that runs from the heel all the way to the front, kept its mesh panels safe from life-threatening cuts!

Its waterproofing is a mixed bag, though. That said, this Merrell hiking boot is as promising on tricky terrain as it is wooing price-wise!

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Best arch support cheap hiking boots

Taking the crown of budget-friendliness and underfoot security is none other than the dreamy Voyageur Mid!

“Stout yet nimble” is how we’d describe this KEEN hiking boot. Armed with a proprietary support mechanism, the Voyageur Mid helps hikers devastate trails with cradled arches and high shock absorption.

The Voyageur Mid has the lightness to match its $120-ish asking price. Yes, this inexpensive hiker from KEEN weighs no more than 500 g for men and less than 400 g for women per shoe!

As a non-waterproof boot, the Voyageur Mid shines on the breathability front. Its vent panels did a remarkable job of flushing out steam and keeping our tootsies fresh and dry. Yes, its airy interior knows no sweaty feet, making it a highly recommendable kick for summer voyages!

Underfoot, the Voyageur Mid’s sole unit impressed us greatly with its versatility. Both on concrete pavements and mildly rocky trails, the boot granted us nimble steps with excellent surface grip thrown in!

And let’s not forget how plush the Voyageur Mid is! Straight out of the gate, this affordable gem from KEEN blew us away with its no-rub confines. Everything felt nice to the touch on day one, and we’ve absolutely no complaints!

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Breathing down the neck of our top pick for arch support is the brawny Sawtooth II Mid from Oboz!

At around $135 a pair, this fantastic hiker will keep your arches intact, which translates to upright steps and strides wherever. While slightly heavier than the Voyageur Mid, the Sawtooth II Mid’s extra weight delivers additional rearfoot support, thanks to its sturdy heel overlay.

Now, the Oboz Sawtooth II Mid equals lasting comfort. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that the boot in question is engineered for backpacking adventures. That said, we were still quite smitten by how its comfy interior endured those long miles with us. We just wish its footbed had more give to it by default.

Equally jaw-dropping is the Sawtooth II Mid’s tenacious outsole (at least on dry terrain). On wet surfaces, particularly mossed-up boulders, the boot could be better. Just to be safe, we advise you to avoid perennially moist areas while you got this kick on.

And have we mentioned the Sawtooth II Mid’s durable construction yet? Yup, this inexpensive KEEN offering is built to last. Grab one for yourself now!

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Best leather cheap hiking boots

Among the household brands on the western market, Timberland has got to be one of the few that put out exemplary hiking boots that sell for cheap. Case in point: the Euro Sprint Hiker, which has an MSRP of $110!

Built with hardwearing nubuck leather, the Euro Sprint Hiker does not skimp on plushness. Indeed, while the boot’s leather shell looks tough (and it is), its interior is a sanctuary. We give its comfort level a big A+ for spoiling our feet right from the get-go!

Speaking of toughness, the Euro Sprint Hiker’s svelte exterior stunned us with its sturdy construction despite not having protective overlays. We’re quite baffled to this day, but the brains at Timberland did a marvelous job of making one of the most long-lasting “armor-free” kicks under their wing.

The Euro Sprint Hiker’s inexpensiveness is matched by its lightness. In grams, the Timbs boot in question is around 480 per piece. In the world of brawny leather hiking boots, where kicks have an average weight of 600-ish grams, the Euro Sprint Hiker is quite competitive!

But does it perform as well as it sells for cheap? Why yes! It gave us more than enough support, particularly around the ankle!

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No, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. You are indeed looking at another leather must-buy from Timberland, and its none other than the Euro Hiker!

Coming in at $110 per pair (a carbon copy of our leather boot main pick price-wise), the Timberland Euro Hiker brings its A-game where longer strides are the norm. Almost lightweight as the Euro Sprint Hiker, this leather boot made our jaws drop by feeling lighter than what’s indicated on the box!

We fell in love with its upper the moment we laid our eyes on it. With its retro-inspired design, the Euro Hiker’s leather exterior was quite a sight to behold. While it could be more breathable, the amount of midfoot and ankle support we got out of it was downright impressive!

Besides being an arch-securing boot, the Euro Hiker is also a grip wonder. The saw-like design of its lugs (front part) gave us secure footing on mild ascents. Its generous heel brake and heel studs, on the other hand, made downhill negotiations a cinch.

Just like the Euro Sprint Hiker, this Timberland piece is super-durable. We strongly recommend this exemplary alternative. Get it for way less through our price-busting deals now!

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Best cheap hiking boots for speed hiking

Are you more into speedy hikes than slow-paced excursions? If so, try the Topo Athletic Trailventure, and save some dough at the same time!

A boot not going beyond the 150-dollar mark, this Topo hiker will surmount all manners of obstacles for you at break-neck speeds. Indeed, high mobility is yours in the Athletic Trailventure, thanks to its springy midsole.

In the area of flexibility, the boot is, without a doubt, a real doozy. We tested the Topo Athletic Trailventure on pavements and rough concrete roads, and the hiker gave us glide-like transitions as if we were in a pair of road runners!

The Athletic Trailventure is among Topo’s most comfortable hikers. While it’s not without a break-in period (it was rather brief, though), the boot made our feet feel cozy for hours. Its padded interior also did a swell job of preventing hotspots and bunching.

And before we forget: the Topo Athletic Trailventure has a roomy toe box. This amazing feature was what made us keep going. At the end of our hike, which lasted the entire day, our piggies were only mildly aching. Fantastic!

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Altra’s low-cost entry into the agile crowd is none other than the Lone Peak Hiker.

Engineered with a sporty silhouette and an equally sporty sole, the Lone Peak Hiker will take you places as quickly as possible. As affordable as the Athletic Trailventure, this Altra kick elevated our steps and transformed them into stunning leaps!

Now, the Lone Peak Hiker is a force of nature weight-wise. At only around 320 g per boot, this Altra offering beats out some of the lightweight kicks from our low-top category. There’s a catch to its lightness, though: its collar isn’t as supportive.

“Exceptionally plush” is how we’d describe the Lone Peak Hiker from Altra. Its zero-drop construction eased our feet into it quite instantly, while its spacious toe box afforded us extended forefoot comfort. But perhaps the real showstopper about this shoe in the comfort department was how plush and protective its midsole was. Incredible!

Is the boot’s proprietary outsole up to snuff? Absolutely! We tried it on all sorts of surfaces—from boulders to rocky hills—and we experienced not an instance of slippage. The shoe also did remarkably well on man-made floors.

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Best cheap hiking boots for snow

What’s a mind-blowing snow hiker that won’t leave your wallet out cold? Columbia has the answer: the Bugaboot III!

At an MSRP of $115, this extraordinary piece left us scratching our heads long after we bought it. You see, the Columbia Bugaboot III has a lot going for it, yet its price tag is not reflective of its greatness!

Built with a seam-sealed, high-cut upper, the Bugaboot III caressed our feet with supreme comfort minus the break-in time. And thanks to its 200-gram insulation, our feet stayed as toasty as they could be throughout our snowy adventures!

The same winter-ready shell also kept our tootsies moist-free through melting snow and freezing slosh. Its shell-like overlays walled off all manners of wetness, even in waters about 4.5 inches deep.

On snowy terrain, its grippy outsole didn’t disappoint. Its anti-freeze lugs latched on to icy surfaces without a hitch, making our winter traversals as safe as possible. We also tested the Columbia Bugaboot III on muddy sidehills and came away astonished with its super-tenacious heel brake!

And if you’re concerned about its durability, don’t be. If our haphazard snowy hikes are anything to go by, this hiker should last you two winters at least!

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Trail mobility? Coziness in the cold? These winter objectives you can easily tick off by sporting the warm-yet-nimble Fairbanks Rover from Columbia!

As an insulated boot, the Fairbanks Rover has surprising lightness. Yes, its below-500-gram weight (per kick) helped us breeze through the snowy trail in front of us.

While not as affordable as our winter top pick, the Fairbanks Rover’s 140-dollar price tag is not bad at all.

Out in the cold, where the temperature got down to approximately 5°F, the Fairbanks Rover was the formidable ally we needed. Both its lined upper and heat-reflective footbed kept our feet toasty, even in thick snow.

On the same winter hike, we went across a shallow stream. Through the freezing water, the Columbia Fairbanks Rover was quite impermeable, not allowing a single bead of moisture to seep into its insulated leather shell. The Fairbanks Rover also kept its interior dry during our five-minute immersion test!

And to top it all off, the Fairbanks Rover has tons of comfort to give. Its over-the-ankle upper met our feet with superb plushness, particularly around the midfoot. We sustained no blisters nor had to struggle with hotspots within the boot’s pampering confines, either!

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