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Summer hiking boots

Where there is a trail to conquer in warm and dry conditions, summer hiking boots are your best friends. Compared with most over-the-ankle hikers, these shoes offer better ventilation, making hikes in the sun much more enjoyable.

But is purchasing them equally fun? At RunRepeat, the answer is a resounding yes, as these summer-ready kicks can be yours at unbelievably low rates. Shop now—we will do right by you!

An array of summer-specific hiking boots for men and women

Expect more than enough pieces to sink your teeth into as you browse our lineup of summer hiking boots. With our smart filters, we will help you narrow down your choices from within our top picks, leading you to that perfect pair.

Most kicks of this type are included in our breathable hikers’ list. They come with materials, technologies, or a combination of both that make the heat of the noonday sun hardly a threat to your tootsies.

Do you call yourself an admirer of leather boots but still prefer to take on trails in the summer? Then consider yourself fortunate, because several of our warm-weather hikers are engineered with authentic leather. These kicks are built with mesh or knit panels, making them quite breathable.

What about summer hiking boots with waterproofing? You might not believe it, but our collection of Gore-Tex hiking boots has pieces that can also beat the heat. From this particular roster, arguably, the most popular is the Asolo Fugitive GTX.

Summer hiking boots: Easy on the wallet

Many hiking boots from this category are very much within reach price-wise. To paint a clearer picture of that, you can own a pair from over half of our dozen+ summer boots if you have $110 to $150.

Summer hiking boots considered expensive cost $200 and over. These offerings, however, have tougher construction, with some being fully waterproof.