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Anyone who loves to be in and around water will find water hiking boots their most important gear. 

In this quick guide, let us talk about the benefits of water hiking boots and how to choose the best shoe for you.

Why men and women should choose water hiking boots over water shoes or sandals?


Best water hiking boots - May 2020

First of all, why would you go for boots when there are endless choices for water hiking shoes and sandals?

Two reasons.

One - water hiking boots offer more ankle support.

Two - they provide more coverage.

While you're after as much flexibility as you can, many times you will need extra coverage and support as you traverse rough trails. Mid-top hikers create a supportive environment for your foot, preventing your ankle from improper twisting or bending that could lead to serious injury. 

While hiking shoes and sandals offer tons of breathability, one common problem that hikers experience is that debris often gets stuck in their footwear. It's truly annoying and at times, dangerous (think of broken glass bits or sharp rocks that could stab your toes or underfoot). Most hiking boots are made of neoprene fabrics that won't let a single grain of sand in. Some models, such as the Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace, feature elastic collars with reinforced velcro straps that don't just promote a secure fit but also keep small debris from entering your boot.

The best water hiking boots: features to look for

Water hiking shoes are a special type of hiking footwear designed to make your transition to and from the water safe and easy. With these boots, you no longer have to change your footwear whenever you decide to engage in some watersports activities, such as kayaking. Since these boots have outsoles that bite into different surfaces really well, you won't have problems slipping or getting through watery trails.

When shopping for water hiking boots, there are several important characteristics you should look for.


Water hiking is no doubt fun. But without the right gear, it's really challenging. You never know what you're up to. It could be rocks, sticks, shells, broken bottles, and debris. All these potential hazards can injure your feet. Amphibious hiking boots are constructed using durable materials, usually synthetic. While leather boots are really tough, their downside is that they don't dry easily. Some models of water hiking footwear, such as the Astral Hiyak, have uppers made of hydrophobic canvas that dry really fast. Others are made of mesh that ensures maximum breathability.


Crossing streams or waddling through water requires lots of traction so you don't slip. The main advantage of using water hiking boots is that they are meant for both dry and wet terrains. They also have siping or grooves throughout which help in channeling water out. Many models have multi-directional lugs that work well not only on rocks but also in mud, grass, sand, and gravel.

Drainage system

Going for hiking boots that drain water is really helpful. The last thing you want to happen is to have your boot filled with water that you can no longer walk. Some water hiking shoes feature holes in the upper (particularly on the sides) or in the midsole to ensure that water goes out as soon as you get off the water. 

By paying attention to these three things, you will be able to find the best water hiking boot for you.