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Garmont, an Italian footwear company, is adept at what it does. It has developed its own method of boot-building. The Anatomically Directed Design is all the rage in Garmont’s hiking boots, like a secret weapon that the brand has kept in its armory. It is but understandable because it is the only company to pull a method of building boots from the inside out.

The a.d.d encourages the foot’s innate abilities to absorb shock, stabilize and propel in an efficient manner. It is built upon the asymmetrical shape of the typical foot, rendering a better fit.

A company founded in 1964, Garmont is known for its production of outdoor footwear such as mountaineering boots, hiking boots and hiking shoes. The outdoor gear manufacturer promises that its products are made with cutting-edge materials, incorporated with the best technologies, and are innovated to suit modern taste.

To this day, Garmont hiking boots, mountaineering boots, and other footwear are sought after. Distributed in over 35 countries all over the world, the shoe manufacturer promises to deliver high-quality footwear offering comfort, excellent traction, and durability.

Why men and women love Garmont

best garmont hiking boots
Best Garmont hiking boots - December 2019

Garmont hiking boots are well loved by their owners. For one, there are plenty of models that are praised by their wearers for being comfortable right of the box.

Aside from the comfortable fit, many owners appreciate the support that their Garmont hiking boots are giving them. There are models that feature a high collar and sufficient ankle support. They are needed by wearers when tackling challenging trails.

Benefits of wearing men's and women's Garmont hiking boots

Garmont hiking boots are manufactured with great care following the legacy of its original makers. Through its tested manufacturing practices and constant innovations, the brand delivers footwear that wearers love. Here are a few aspects that scores of fans are praising the brand for:

Comfort and fit

Finding a pair of hiking boots that fit like a glove is a miracle for many. Droves of Garmont hiking boots wearers are praising their pairs since they are so easy to wear. Upper materials used are not just chosen to make them durable but also to make them more comfortable.

To ensure that the best hiking boots fit the wearers well, Garmont offers half sizes. The brand also incorporates fitting systems like Performance. It is a technology under the Classic Fit of Garmont that renders footwear with roomier instep and forefoot volume.


For the people who invested in a pair of Garmont hiking boots, longevity is one of the biggest expectations. The brand is headquartered in what is considered as the country that produces the best leather footwear. They use a combination of materials and technology that reinforce the performance of every product produced.


One thing that sets an excellent pair of outdoor footwear apart from the rest is the kind of support it can offer wearers. Fans of Garmont hiking boots can look forward to a reliable pair that provides them with sufficient ankle support like the Heel Lock technology found in a number of their products.

Some models are not bulky like the Santiago Mid GTX but provide the support necessary for tackling the rough world outdoors. But of course, if a tough-looking pair of Garmont hiking boots are what you need, you can choose models like the Tower Trek GTX.


Nothing makes or breaks a pair of outdoor footwear like the grip it can offer. For many Garmont hiking boots, the reliable outsole of choice is Vibram. The spaced lugs and made-for-the-outdoors tread of each sole provide hikers with the grip they need for walking over challenging surfaces.


A protective pair of Garmont hiking boots is made with the best quality upper materials. Most models available come with protective leather upper with Gore-Tex lining. A lot of hikers consider waterproofness as an important feature especially that streams, lakes, and other bodies of water are all over trails. And of course, mid-cut or high-cut hiking boots sufficiently keep scree, rocks, twigs, and stinging animals out.

Qualities of Garmont hiking boots

What you wear for outdoor activities can determine the course of your trip. Garmont promises that each footwear that comes out of its factory is made with techniques, materials, and technologies.

Materials used

The primary thing that makes Garmont hiking boots great is the way the brand has made sure that only the highest quality materials are used. Your footwear’s tag should indicate that your sturdy pair comes with some of these:

  • Leather. Considered as one of the finest footwear upper material, leather boots are a top choice because of their natural waterproofing capacity and durability. Garmont uses suede and full grain leather on some of its models.
  • Schoeller textile. Schoeller is a textile company that manufactures innovative textiles used on a variety of products. The stretch fabric used on the upper of some models like the Tower Trek GTX gave a boost on the comfort of the boots.
  • Nylon mesh. Mesh fabrics are revolutionizing the way footwear is made. Integrating nylon mesh with the leather upper of Garmont hiking boots improve their comfort and breathability.
  • Hook lacing. Hook eyelets are a popular choice for boots and Garmont sees their importance. This set of components are usually found above the ankle. Having hooks enables a user to tie or untie the lace quickly.
  • PU midsole. Polyurethane is a durable midsole material although it can be a little heavier than EVA. Aside from lasting longer, PU can also provide better support to hikers.
  • Bi-density Compression Molded EVA midsole. EVA is a lightweight material that provides comfortable cushioning.
  • Antitorsional shank. Adding rigidity and support to Garmont hiking boots is the purpose of the anti-torsional shank.
  • Asymmetric cuff height and tongue. Protection is key for hikers to enjoy their trips better. Thus, the shoe manufacturer has made it a point to add features like the asymmetric cuff height and tongue. The medial side is protected and stabilized. As a result pressure points are lessened, and tongue movement is prevented, creating comfort on the lateral side.


Not stopping at using the highest-quality materials their production team can get hold of, Garmont also sees to it that the right technologies are also incorporated. Here are a few techs Garmont hiking boots are equipped with:

  • Gore-Tex lining. Waterproofing footwear is getting better through the years. With the introduction of technologies like Gore-Tex waterproof, breathable fabric membrane, outdoor products like watertight hiking boots from Garmont are improved, keeping them ready for creeks, rivers, and other watery parts of the trail.
  • Progressive Lasting Board. This component features different thickness for better scaling of stiffness and flexibility, rendering a progressive uniform flex no matter what size the boot is.
  • Alveolen footbed. The footbed made of EVA, resin, and felt, provides lightweight comfort.
  • Intelligent Flex System. To make the upper more comfortable, this technology is added. This promotes natural forefoot flex and improves the mobility of the shin.
  • 360° rubber rand. Garmont hiking boots with 360° rubber rand have better protected upper and midsole. This protects the boots against abrasions and rock impact.
  • 2.5 mm microporous layer. This is a layer added to improve the cushioning and comfort of Garmont hiking boots.
  • FrameFlex Mid nylon insole. A component in the midsole that gives a blend of stability and flexibility for carrying heavy loads for the long stretch.
  • Heel Lock. In order to support hikers better, securing the heel is one of the things Garmont is focusing on. This system locks down the rear foot in the heel pocket to prevent blisters and slippage.
  • FrameFlex Lite insole. The lightweight, full-length, full-width nylon frame bolsters the rear foot with a center zone that’s made thick. There are also medial and lateral slashes that cross an anatomical angle, enhancing the flex of the forefoot.
  • Vibram outsoles. The most popular outsole brand in the outdoor industry, Vibram is a trusted name that provides rubber soles. The traction and grip of this brand’s rubber lug soles are commended by many.


Garmont hiking boots are very popular. And with the brand’s reputation for being among the most trusted Italian outdoor footwear companies, it can be expected that the high price their products come with is given justice. A pair of their hiking boots ranges from $200 to $350.


Are you looking forward to owning a pair of Garmonts? You don’t have to go to Italy to avail of a pair. The products are distributed in 35 countries while an online shop on its own website is also ready to cater to every shopper.

Garmont hiking boots FAQs

Should I break in my Garmont hiking boots?

Breaking in shoes, the time dedicated to wearing newly-bought footwear, so it conforms to the shape of the foot, therefore reducing the chances of blisters and other discomforts, has been the dilemma of many outdoor enthusiasts. A lot of Garmont hiking boots wearer share that their gear was comfortable right out of the box. However, if you find a need to break the footgear in, spend at least a couple of weeks doing so before the hike. Wear them around the house or take them for a walk in a park for a few hours.

How do I clean my Garmont hiking boots?

Cleaning Garmont hiking boots doesn’t have to be complicated. The entire process can be broken down into three stages:

  1. Cleaning. Using a soft brush, remove mud and other dirt from the footwear. You can use warm water to effectively get rid of the soil. Rinse the footwear properly after.
  2. Drying. When drying your boots, make sure to keep it away from heat sources. Let it air dry instead.
  3. Storing. When storing your boots, make sure that you keep it in a cool and dry place. Also see to it that there are no chemicals that can damage the boots.

Do Garmont hiking boots come with a warranty?

If you purchased a pair of Garmont hiking boots, you get a 2-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. In case you suspect that there are defects on the gear, you may return it to the retailer with the receipt of the product. This warranty is not valid when the damages are caused by natural wear and tear due to use, negligence, improper handling and poor fit among others.