buy barefoot hiking boots for men and women

Barefoot hiking boots

Is feeling more of the earth the one experience you feel like you have been missing? If so, slip your longing feet in barefoot hiking boots. In these responsive hikers, being one with nature is almost always guaranteed.

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An ever-growing lineup of barefoot hiking boots for men and women

Being the barefoot lover that you are, ending up in this place is far from being a happenstance. After all, this collection right here showcases kicks that connect the hiker to the ground with profound intimacy.

Most high-quality boots from Xero Shoes are part of this list. They are the must-buys that give you heightened underfoot sensitivity, allowing you to hike with a greater sense of control. Then there is Lems. Under this promising brand, the Boulder Boot collection is an excellent place to start.

Besides experiencing that high level of closeness to the surface, getting better toe splay is also a thing in these must-haves. Yes, many of these kicks are also wide toe box hiking boots, which provide comfort by preventing squished toes.

Barefoot hiking boots on the pricing scale

Price-wise, kicks from this selection cover a semi-wide range. That said, if your budget sits between $110 and $150, then you would have decent options indeed. Pricier ones exist, but such boots come with features that might prove more useful to you than without.