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              If you’re about to go on a trip, you may want to consider taking a pair of Sorel hiking boots with you. These footwear products for hikers are engineered to deliver a blend of comfort and performance. They also come with a number of protective features to help male and female adventurers tackle virtually any kind of trail. 

              When and where to use a pair of Sorel hiking boots


              Best Sorel hiking boots - April 2020

              The brand’s mid-top boots are designed mainly for easy trails on a single-day trip and urban environments. This means your adventure should have trail challenges that can be overcome by your footgear with minimal difficulty. 

              The look and inclusion of various components all contribute to the performance of these Sorel hiking boots in these given conditions. As such, users who are looking for a pair that can both perform on day hikes and urban settings may be satisfied with these footgear offerings.

              Advantages of the best Sorel hiking boots for men and women

              They’re comfy

              Keeping your feet comfortable is required to help you keep going on the trail. Sorel hiking boots are designed to give you this advantage so your trip won’t end on a bad note. Their uppers are lined with synthetic fabric to create a plush in-shoe environment. They also use padded collars and tongues to relieve pressure from the foot.

              Sorel’s hikers are equipped with cushy footbeds and midsole components. They are built to reduce impact from rough terrain while rendering ample underfoot comfort. Moreover, their lacing system allows you to gain a personalized lockdown without causing any discomfort.

              Sorel hiking boots sport a classic aesthetic

              Those who are particular about style may have more reason to be delighted with a pair of Sorel hiking boots. They are designed to evoke a classic and rugged look. 

              This feat is achieved via the use of a vintage-inspired design, which incorporates a leather upper and alpine-looking eyelets. These style elements all come together to grant Sorel’s finest leather hiking boots a distinct look that helps you stand out from the rest.

              They provide ample support

              Traversing a trail with a backpack may be more dangerous than you think, especially if the pair you’re wearing doesn’t offer enough support. The construction of Sorel hiking boots deliver this benefit so you can stay stable, even when carrying additional weight. For starters, the mid-top upper configuration gives support to your ankle. It also prevents them from twisting or contorting when hiking through uneven ground.

              The brand’s best hiking boots employ a midsole made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) to give a cushioned ride over rough terrain. This lightweight material also works by absorbing shock and delivering rebound with each stride. 

              A footbed made of the same material sits on top of the midsole for added cushioning, arch support, and underfoot comfort. All of these components come together as one to grant you enough support on your adventure.

              Sorel hiking boots render sufficient grip

              Traversing a trail may be dangerous if you choose a pair that won’t supply you with adequate grip. Sorel hiking boots come with rubber outsoles engineered to give you this benefit while you’re out and about. 

              The surface of this component employs a pattern of aggressive lugs, which deliver traction on most types of terrain. It also uses a self-cleaning tread pattern, which optimizes grip by shedding dirt and debris as you move. As a result, you may go on your adventure while staying surefooted with every stride you make.

              They deliver protection

              Going out for a hike means you’re exposing your feet to challenging trail conditions. A pair of Sorel hiking boots are crafted to protect them so you can focus more on your trip. 

              They come with sturdy uppers made of full-grain leather. This material is known to possess a high level of resistance to abrasion and the elements. Moreover, some of the company’s hikers use an upper with a toe cap. These components work hand in hand to prevent trail hazards from causing any injury while you’re hiking.

              Another feature found in the best Sorel hiking boots is the use of a seam-sealed upper construction. The reduction of seams allows the upper to block water from entering, making it suitable for rainy weather. The brand’s hikers may also be used in trails with a number of wet conditions. 

              Thanks to these components, you can focus more on your hike and worry less about any adverse condition you may encounter on the trail.

              What to look for in a pair of men’s and women’s Sorel hiking boots


              Along with comfort, fit is a key element when you’re choosing a new pair to wear outdoors. If it’s too tight or loose, you will have a difficult time traversing any trail. As such, it’s crucial to get new Sorel hiking boots that fit you. As such, here are some of the brand’s fitting tips to help you out in this matter.

              • The brand recommends getting a blank piece of paper, a ruler, and a pen to determine your foot’s measurements.
              • Step on the piece of paper and mark the position of your longest toe and the back of your feet with a pen.
              • Measure the distance between these two points. Match the measurement to Sorel’s chart to find your corresponding size.
              • Those who will purchase new Sorel hiking boots from a physical store should take some time to walk around in them. This should be done to know how they actually feel on your feet.
              • You should take some time to break your new Sorel hiking boots in before using them outdoors. This should be done to prevent blisters from forming on your feet.


              Sorel was established in 1962 as a manufacturer of winter and work boots by the Kaufman Rubber Company. It wasn’t until 2000 when the said company declared bankruptcy. As a result, Sorel was sold to Columbia Sportswear, which added nylon outerwear and work-related apparel to its offerings. Moreover, the brand still produces and sells various footwear products, including Sorel hiking boots.

              Under the management of Columbia Sportswear, the distribution of Sore hiking boots is made readily available to consumers. Those who are interested in purchasing one of the brand’s mid-top pairs may visit their nearest outdoor gear store. Buyers may also check out popular online retailers to order Sorel’s footgear products and have them delivered to their preferred location.


              Entry-level Sorel hiking boots start at around $150 while the brand’s best hikers go up to $190.

              Frequently asked questions about the best Sorel hiking boots

              How can I keep my Sorel hiking boots in good condition?

              The brand recommends cleaning your hikers at the end of each use. Shown below are some of Sorel’s tips to preserve the quality of their hiking boots.

              • Get a medium-bristle brush to wipe traces of dirt, dust, or debris away. The company suggests using one that’s specifically made for leather products.
              • Use a damp piece of cloth to wash your Sorel hiking boots.
              • After cleaning your footgear, they should be placed in a cool and airy spot to dry.

              Can I use my Sorel hiking boots in snowy environments?

              Some of the brand’s boots are designed to be used in places with snow. They come with layers of insulation to prevent heat from escaping. Unfortunately, these insulated offerings are not crafted to be used for hiking purposes. 

              Sorel’s hiking boots are geared towards day hikes and urban environments, not in places with snow and low-temperatures. It’s best to choose a pair of warm winter hiking boots if your adventure is set in frigid terrain.

              How can I make the most out of my Sorel hiking boots?

              Those who want to improve the waterproofness of their Sorel hiking boots may want to consider using gaiters. This outdoor accessory attaches to a portion of your leg and the footgear you’re wearing. It covers the boot’s collar and prevents water from entering through it. As a result, you are more protected from various wet conditions and rainy weather.

              Another accessory you may consider wearing with your Sorel hiking boots is a pair of socks made of Merino wool. This material is known to dissipate heat and wick excess moisture. It also possesses antimicrobial properties that prevent your feet from smelling during a hike. In comparison, socks made of cotton keep sweat and moisture longer than Merino wool, making them detrimental during warm hikes.

              Can I use my Sorel hiking boots for a backpacking trip?

              The brand’s mid-top offerings for outdoor lovers are geared towards single-day hikes. This means the trail you’re planning to take should not be filled with difficult challenges that may slow you down. 

              As compared to day hikes, backpacking trips contain more difficult trail conditions that may overwhelm the pair that you’re wearing. Sorel hiking boots are not crafted for this type of activity, as they may not last long against it. It’s best to use a tough pair of backpacking boots if you’re planning to go on a multi-day trip.


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