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          buy under armour hiking boots for men and women

          When it comes to outdoor adventures, Under Armour hiking boots are capable of delivering the performance you need. The brand’s mid-cut hikers are infused with various technologies to keep you going on the trail without compromising the safety of your feet. You’ll find these footgear models to be made of robust, yet lightweight materials to help you have a comfortable experience. As such, here are the perks you’ll enjoy from the brand’s hikers.

          Benefits of the best men's and women's Under Armour hiking boots

          Best Under Armour hiking boots

          Best Under Armour hiking boots - May 2019


          An uncomfortable pair is going to end your hike even before it starts. Under Armour hiking boots are packed with features that prioritize your comfort. The brand’s best hikers use synthetic and textile uppers. These materials help reduce the overall weight, making your every stride lighter. The upper’s breathable design helps cool your foot, especially during a warm hike. Also, these boots come with a removable footbed to cradle your foot comfortably over rugged terrain.


          Losing your balance because of uneven ground or slippery surfaces is always a risk when you go hiking, Under Armour hiking boots feature robust outsoles which render the traction you need on the trail. They are filled with aggressive lugs which provide grip on rough terrain and slippery surfaces. They are made from sturdy rubber compounds which can handle constant contact with various ground conditions. Some Under Armour men’s hiking boots contain grooves in the heel and toe areas for better ascent and descent control. The sole features come together to keep you steady through any obstacle on your hike.


          Getting sufficient support from your footgear, especially when carrying a backpack, is a must during a hike. Under Armour hiking boots provide this benefit, thanks to its design and the technologies this gear features. These hikers use a mid-cut design which grants support to the ankles and prevents them from rolling. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles cushion your movement and absorb shock.

          The finest Under Armour hiking boots feature plates within the midsole for improved stability. Some footwear models use ESS rock plates while some use an internal wishbone variant made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).  Overlays are welded onto select boot uppers for a boost in support. Moreover, a TPU chassis improves stability by locking the heel down. All of these components work in unison to support your foot while you’re hiking.


          A pair of Under Armour hiking boots is engineered to endure virtually all types of harsh trail conditions. The company’s footgear models use sturdy synthetic materials and suede leather to keep the upper abrasion-resistant. They are reinforced with welded overlays, rubberized midfoot panels, and molded toe caps to make them more durable.

          The brand’s mid-top hikers are fitted with robust midsoles and outsoles to make them last longer. The EVA midsole is paired with an outsole made of tough rubber compounds. This combination is engineered to resist wear and handle rough terrain. The presence of these technologies helps you get the most out of your Under Armour hiking boots for a long time.


          Safety will always be of utmost importance when you set out for a hike. Under Armour hiking boots are fitted with several technologies to make your outdoor experience a safer one. Select hikers use Cupron technology to combat odor-causing microbes. This feature also eliminates 99.9% of foot fungus within 12 hours of making contact with the gear’s sockliner.

          The brand’s mid-top hikers use uppers with molded rubber toe caps and welded synthetic overlays. These components protect your foot from abrasion and stubbing. Certain uppers are infused with windproof materials to shield you from the elements better. Also, the gear’s ESS plate provides extra push through protection.

          How do Under Armour Waterproof hiking boots work?

          There will be instances when you’re going to encounter muddy puddles or streams during your hike. Under Armour waterproof hiking boots are equipped with features to protect your feet from wet trail conditions. These two technologies are Gore-Tex and the brand’s patented UA Storm.

          • Gore-Tex. There are Under Armour waterproof hiking boots that contain a Gore-Tex liner. The membrane’s surface is filled with around a million pores to effectively prevent water from being absorbed. This configuration also allows heat and moisture to pass through, imbuing the footwear with breathability.
          • UA Storm. This is Under Armour’s proprietary waterproof technology. Its membrane is designed to repel water so your foot can stay dry. Breathability is also achieved by giving excess moisture vapor a way out of the footwear. These benefits help you be prepared for both wet and warm environments.

          Fit and sizing

          A good fit from your footwear is a vital requirement for your hike. Under Armour hiking boots are designed with features to help you get the precise fit. The gear’s front closure uses a series of eyelets and hooks. These components hold the lace in place while granting a customized fit.

          The gear’s padded tongue and collar wrap softly around your ankle and forefoot. Moreover, the company’s best hikers use an upper with Anafoam for an anatomical fit. These features function together to give you a comfortable and secure fit for your outdoor adventure.

          Under Armour men’s hiking boots

          The brand’s mid-cut boots for men are around 8 to 14. There are half-sizes available. These footwear models come only in a standard width profile. Also, the gear relatively runs true to size (unless specified otherwise).

          High-end Under Armour Men’s hiking boots use Boa technology for its closure system. This feature offers a faster manner of lacing up with one twist of a dial.

          Under Armour women’s hiking boots

          Sizes of women’s mid-cut hikers range from 6 to 11. Half sizes are available for female adventurers as well. Under Armour women’s hiking boots fairly run true to size. Moreover, they are offered in a regular width (unless the brand specifies sizing issues).

          Qualities of the best Under Armour hiking boots for men and women


          Under Armour started on September 25, 1996, when Kevin Plank was inspired to create apparel that won’t get soaked with sweat. The outcome of his early work was a synthetic fabric shirt that wicks moisture away from the body. This product caught the attention of football athletes and started the company’s rapid growth over the years.

          The brand currently offers a wide assortment of products, including athletic apparel, accessories, and sporting equipment. They also provide various footwear options, such as hiking shoes and basketball shoes. Under Armour employs around 15,800 people and boasts a total revenue of 4,977 million USD in 2017. Their strong market presence, profitable operation, and huge product lineup make them a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.


          The brand’s best hikers are priced according to the technologies they possess. Entry-level Under Armour hiking boots start at around $120. Premium footwear for men has a higher price range: from $200 to $220. Under Armour women’s hiking boots are priced at about $165.

          Shoe technologies

          • Anafoam. Select UA hikers contain a material combining anatomically molded foam and flexible mesh in the upper. This fabric provides a reduction in weight, an improved fit, and enhanced support.
          • Charged Cushioning. This midsole feature helps reduce impact whenever your foot strikes the ground. The energy absorbed by this technology is then converted to make your stride more responsive.
          • Cupron. Copper is applied to select polymers to prevent fungus from spreading. This technology is also used on certain Under Armour men’s hiking boots to prevent odor-causing microbes from multiplying.
          • Vibram. This outsole technology is made of a durable rubber compound to make it last longer. Its profile contains aggressive lugs that are engineered to render optimal traction on various types of terrain. Vibram hiking boots from this brand feature Megagrip—a type of long-wearing compound optimized for slippery trails. It is commonly featured in outdoor footwear (hiking shoes, backpacking boots, mountain bike shoes and more).
          • Boa. A Boa closure system permits a faster lacing method. This feature uses a dial at the top of the boot to swiftly adjust the laces with minimal motion.
          • Michelin. Michelin outsoles use a Wild Gripper lug pattern to bite down on virtually all kinds of surfaces. They also contain self-cleaning channels which shed mud and debris for optimal traction.

          How to maintain your Under Armour hiking boots

          Your pair will be filled with mud, debris, and dirt after each hike. Under Armour recommends cleaning your gear regularly to maintain them in good working condition. Here are some of the brand’s tips in washing your hikers.

          • The first step calls for the removal of excess dirt and mud on your Under Armour hiking boots. Use a dry brush in this endeavor.
          • Some stains may be left after eliminating all traces of dirt on your footwear. Mix warm water with mild detergent. Get a sponge or a towel and apply the solution to the boot’s affected areas.
          • Do not submerge your Under Armour hiking boots in water when cleaning them.
          • Avoid using harsh household cleaning products as they may cause synthetic materials to dry up or crack.
          • Do not iron your footgear after cleaning it.