6 best Oboz hiking boots

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            Bringing a pair of Oboz hiking boots on your next adventure may be a good decision especially if you are looking for a sturdy and comfortable hiker. The story of Oboz began in the outskirts of Bozeman, Montana. The desire to explore the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem led to the development of gear ready for the outdoors.

            Benefits of men's and women's Oboz hiking boots

            Best Oboz hiking boots

            Best Oboz hiking boots - May 2019

            A tree is planted for every pair of Oboz footwear sold. This advocacy, plus a number of advantages that you can use on the trail, makes their products worth looking into. Below are some of the characteristics you can enjoy.

            Comfort and convenience

            Oboz crafted their footwear to meet the demands of outdoorsy people. The brand’s designers build their gears from the ground up. It includes creating their own midsole, outsole, and footbed. This practice enables them to deliver out-of-the-box comfort with virtually zero break-in period. The materials used in their hikers, especially in the upper, ensure that there is a balance between comfort and durability. Some are designed with a molded heel kick, a feature where you don’t need to use your hands in removing your boots—just kick back. A common attribute of their products is a generous strap attached at the back which also aids in donning and doffing.


            Most Oboz hiking boots come with a narrow heel and wide forefoot area. This design enhances comfort by providing wiggle room to your toes and preventing slippage. The lacing system employs numerous eyelets (or sometimes combination eyelets) to customize fit and overall volume of the boot. It is also quite common to see an external heel counter in Oboz hiking boots. This feature securely holds the heel in place and keeps a supportive fit.


            Almost all Oboz hiking boots for men and women come with a rubber toe cap. This is just one of the many protective features of their offerings. Some come with a mudguard for easy mud and debris shedding. These over-the-ankle boots also have a way of protecting you against intrusive trail debris.


            A major deal breaker for a majority of hikers is the inability of their boots to withstand the constantly changing condition of the outdoors. Of course, you don’t want to hike barefooted just because the gear you are wearing have given up on the trail. Oboz engineers designed their boots able to endure such beating so you can enjoy each adventure.

            Sizing and width options

            There are no hard-to-fit foot when it comes to Oboz. Lengthwise, most boots run true to size. A few models even come in extended sizes. In relation to width, a good number of their styles come with an option for wide-footed hikers. They also have a selection for those who have a low, regular or high volume foot. These characteristics allow them to accommodate a vast array of foot types.


            Predominantly, Oboz equips their hiking boots with their customized outsole or sole unit. A common trait found in this feature is the extended lug design on the sidewalls and heel. It will provide you with a secure and stable footing regardless of the terrain type.

            Oboz-owned technologies commonly used in their hiking boots


            This component is present in almost all waterproof hiking boots from Oboz. BDry is a membrane which maintains a dry and fresh in-shoe feel. It is comprised of three sections. First, it includes a tape-sealed polyurethane or PU film bootie which shields the boot against water intrusions while allowing moisture to escape. Second, footwear equipped with this technology comes with hydrophobic materials to optimize its defense against wet encounters. Lastly, a moisture-wicking lining wraps the interior so your foot won’t get soaked in your own sweat.

            O Fit insole

            Many Oboz hiking boots come with a removable O Fit Insole to make your ride more stable and supportive. This element is specific to each model and size. It aims to provide arch support and amplify cushioning through its ability to conform to the natural shape of the foot. Its top layer is able to wick away moisture while its deep heel cup keeps the foot in a neutral position. Extra comfort pods are placed underneath to optimize shock absorption.

            Notable Oboz hiking boots for men and women

            Oboz Bridger Mid BDry. Outdoor lovers will be pleased with this hiking boot from Oboz. Its all-leather upper does not require a break-in period so you will be able to enjoy the trails from the get-go. It wears a traditional look yet it’s teeming with modern technologies. Its extra comfy collar, BDry waterproofing and combination eyelets make up its quite impressive upper. Inside, it employs the trademarked O Fit Insole that is paired with the Granite Peak sole unit. A bonus for intent buyers is its availability in standard and wide (men’s and women’s) which accommodates a medium-volume foot and high-volume foot, respectively. Its silhouette also comes in a low-top WP, mid-height WP with mesh vents and high-cut insulated versions.

            Oboz Sawtooth II Mid BDry. Primarily engineered to overcome rugged day hikes, this hiking boot also has the ability to deliver well on backpacking trips, thanks to its sturdy construction and the technologies used. Its leather upper is combined with mesh panels to provide comfort without sacrificing durability. With the BDry membrane, your foot is protected from getting soaked, maintaining a fresh and dry feel. It carries the Sawtooth sole unit which includes a bi-density EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning and a classic, multi-lugged rubber outsole for traction. It also comes in a non-waterproof package, low- and mid-cut.

            Getting the best fit out of Oboz hiking boots

            Before obtaining the best fit for you, it is important to understand how hiking boots should fit. Keep in mind that it should fit snugly, with minimal heel lift and provide adequate space in the toe box.

            • Hiking socks. When you visit a local retailer, bring the socks that you plan to wear on your outdoor adventure. Doing so may help you determine which is the best size for you.
            • Walk around. While wearing the boots, walk around the store. Observe for heel lift and check if it offers ample room for your toes.
            • Discern if the height of the boot suits you. You want something that will support your ankles, not hinder its movement.
            • Determine if the stock insole conforms to your foot shape. You want your foot to be cradled comfortably and not feel any discomforting pressure.
            • The overall volume of your Oboz hiking boots can be customized by lacing it properly. Experiment with different lacing techniques and see which works for you. Note that not all foot are the same so knowing the type of foot you have will certainly help you in obtaining the best fit.

            How to care for your Oboz hiking boots

            Oboz designers suggest caring for your hiking boots regularly to prevent premature breakdown of materials. If worn frequently, clean and treat your footwear more often. They summarized product care in three steps, as discussed below.


            Accumulated mud can dry out the leather and may damage its integrity. It is recommended to rinse, brush and wipe off collected dirt after your hike. Avoid using solvents, detergents or petroleum when cleaning. Also, it is not advisable to wash it in a washing machine or dry it in a clothes dryer.


            All Oboz hiking boots are coated with DWR or Durable Water Repellent finish. If water is no longer beading up on the surface of your footwear, it is time for a re-application. This process can revive breathability; it will reduce sweaty feet and false sensation of water leaking in. It is important to remember that your boots should be clean before waterproofing.


            Dry your clean hiking boots from Oboz at room temperature. Never expose it to direct sunlight or heat sources. It is important to know that extreme heat can damage the materials, construction and design of your boots. To facilitate drying, stuff newspaper inside to draw out moisture. At the end of each hike, remove the stock insole (even in dry climates) to allow the boot’s interior to dry. It can also prevent the development of odor.

            Frequently asked questions about Oboz hikers

            Can my Oboz hiking boots be resoled?

            Some hiking boots from Oboz have outsoles that can be resoled. However, they do not carry replacements. Hence they recommend checking with a local cobbler.

            Can Oboz repair my hiking boots?

            Currently, Oboz does not perform any shoe or boot repair. That is why it is good to know the warranty policy of the brand to check if your boots qualify. If not, check with a cobbler near you for assistance.

            Do I need to register my Oboz hiking boots?

            Registering your Oboz footwear qualifies you automatically to their warranty program. You will also be entitled to perks and be informed of upcoming events, new products and promotions. Add to that is your eligibility for their quarterly giveaway.


            3 best Oboz hiking boots

            1. Oboz Bridger Mid BDry
            2. Oboz Wind River III BDry
            3. Oboz Sawtooth II Mid BDry
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