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If you’re looking for a pair you can bring on your next trip, one of the good considerations are Nike hiking boots. The footwear giant’s products for outdoor enthusiasts are engineered towards performance. They are loaded with various comfort, grip, and support technologies. These hikers are also crafted to endure harsh trail conditions so that they can last long. Grab these Nike hiking boots and discover how they can be beneficial for your outdoor adventures.

The advantages of All Conditions Gear technology in men's and women's Nike hiking boots

Nike’s All Conditions Gear, or simply ACG, is a subsidiary line of the company that manufactures apparel and footwear products for different outdoor activities. The ACG line was introduced in 1989 and has expanded its offerings to hiking enthusiasts. Shown below are some benefits you stand to gain when using Nike hiking boots equipped with ACG.

  • ACG footwear products for hikers blend modern design with urban utility. This means you can use Nike hiking boots under this line both in the city and in challenging trails you may encounter outdoors.
  • ACG-branded Nike hiking boots are built with an emphasis on safety in all outdoor conditions. This philosophy is evident in how these hikers guard your feet, especially in an environment filled with various trail challenges.
  • These hiking boots are designed by Nike to boost your performance outdoors. They are crafted to cover all important areas of performance: fit, support, and traction. As a result, Nike hiking boots under the ACG line adapt better to your movement while you’re out on the trail.

Reasons why men and women should get Nike hiking boots


Nike hiking boots are designed to keep your feet comfortable while you’re out conquering a trail. The brand’s best hikers use uppers with mesh panels for improved airflow. This upper design helps prevent your feet from sweating profusely during a warm hike. They also feature flexible collars so your ankles can easily move outdoors. The gear’s sole midsole component is made of cushy materials to enhance underfoot comfort.


Carrying all of your outdoor essentials in a backpack while traversing various obstacles can cause you to lose balance. Nike hiking boots are crafted to provide ample support to your feet to compensate for the extra weight. The gear’s upper construction covers your ankles and prevents them from suddenly twisting. They are equipped with shock-reducing midsoles to cushion your every step. Moreover, the footbeds of these boots grant arch support, lessening foot fatigue in the process.


During a hike, your footing will be challenged by all sorts of ground conditions. Nike hiking boots are built with high-performance outsoles to help you stay on top of slippery surfaces, uneven terrain, and rocky trails, among others. They contain a lug pattern which helps secure your footing while hiking. There are grooves found on both ends of the outsole to help you have better control when going uphill or downhill.


Your feet are going to be exposed to various dangers when you go outdoors. Nike hiking boots are designed with an emphasis on protection so you can enjoy your trip with fewer worries. Some of the brand’s hikers use sturdy upper materials, such as suede leather, to act as the first line of defense against abrasion and the elements. Their outsoles also extend upright at the forefoot area to add extra protection against stubbing. The collar and tongue prevent debris from entering while you’re on the move.

Nike hiking boots’ fit and sizing guide

Getting the right fit from the pair you’re going to wear outdoors is one vital key to your performance. The best Nike hiking boots are engineered to provide you with a glove-like fit, thanks to the use of formfitting upper materials. Moreover, they come with closure systems that grant a personalized and secure fit. Shown below are some details and tips that can help you get the fit you want from your Nike hiking boots.

  • Nike hiking boots are available for male adventurers in regular width.
  • Their line of quality boots for hikers run relatively true to size.
  • Getting the precise measurement of your foot is a must if you’re going to order Nike hiking boots online. Wear your preferred hiking sock on one foot and stand on a piece of paper. Mark the position of your longest toe and heel. Measure the distance in either millimeters or inches and match it to the brand’s size chart.
  • Nike recommends measuring your feet during the afternoon as they swell at this particular time of the day.
  • If you prefer to try a pair of Nike hiking boots in a footwear store, keep in mind to walk around in them for a few minutes. Doing so will give you an idea of how they actually feel on your feet.

Blueprint behind the best Nike hiking boots for men and women

Brand history

Nike was established on January 25, 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight as Blue Ribbon Sports. Their initial operation consisted of distributing Onitsuka Tiger shoes in Eugene, Oregon. By 1971, the company would rebrand itself as Nike and produce its line of footwear products. It was also during this period when Nike’s Swoosh logo was used in their offerings.

Nike would grow during the 80s by producing a wide assortment of shoes for different sports and purposes. The company also acquired several apparel and footwear brands over the years, such as Cole Haan in 1988 and Umbro in 2008. As of the present, Nike is known for its diverse footwear products such as sneakers, running shoes and basketball shoes among others.


Nike is recognized as one of the top footwear brands in the world, thanks to its wide selection of products. In 2018, the company’s footwear revenue amounted to 22.2 billion US dollars while its overall value is estimated at 28 billion. Nike also operates its stores in Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe. There are countless of retailers that carry the brand’s products, including Nike hiking boots, too all over the globe. The combination of a strong market presence and a profitable operation contributes to Nike’s prominence in the footwear industry.

Notable technologies

  • Dynamic Debris Guard. Select Nike hiking boots are equipped with this feature for added underfoot protection. It is embedded within the midsole to shield against debris while keeping your every step connected to the ground.
  • Air Foamposite. This technology is made of polyurethane liquid and molded into a durable foam material. Nike hiking boots with this feature provide a glove-like fit that softens up when exposed to heat and sweat.
  • Flyknit. A Flyknit upper is composed of fabric and yarn variations which are woven precisely together. The result is a lightweight upper design that grants a snug fit. The material also uses a minimal amount of resources to produce, making it eco-friendly.
  • Poron. Certain Nike hiking boots contain outsoles with Poron foam for pressure absorption. This material dampens impact so your movement will be more comfortable.
  • GraveRockMoss. This outsole feature helps improve your footing outdoors. It’s designed to supply you with traction over challenging and slippery ground conditions.
  • Waffle Traction. Some Nike hiking boots use a rubber outsole with Waffle Traction technology. This feature is adapted from the brand’s Waffle sole for outdoor activities. The result is a component that improves your footing while you’re out and about.
  • 4D Fit. This technology uses a specialized mesh material in the boot’s upper to achieve a glove-like fit.
  • Speed Lacing System. Some of the brand’s hikers are equipped with a Speed Lacing System. This feature allows you to personalize the gear’s fit with a single motion.

Frequently asked questions about Nike hiking boots

How can I maintain the quality of my Nike hiking boots?

The brand recommends the following steps to keep your hikers in good condition.

  • Get a soft-bristled brush to remove traces of dirt on your Nike hiking boots. If you don’t have it, an old toothbrush will suffice.
  • Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with warm water. This mixture will create a mild cleaning solution you can use to wash your boots.
  • Remove the laces from your Nike hiking boots and clean them using the cleaning solution. Rinse the laces and dry them with a soft cloth.
  • Apply the solution to your boots using a soft-bristled brush to clean them thoroughly.
  • Do not place your Nike hiking boots inside a washing machine or dryer. Likewise, never use bleach on your gear to prevent any damages.
  • Leave your pair in an airy spot to dry after you’re done cleaning them.

What should I do if the Nike hiking boots I ordered doesn’t fit?

In the event your new pair is either too large or too small, you can have them returned for a replacement. The company offers a maximum of 30 days to send back your ill-fitting Nike hiking boots. You just need to show a valid ID and the original receipt to the store where you made a purchase. Once your request has been processed, you’ll receive a pair with just the right fit.

1 best Nike hiking boots

  1. Nike ACG Angels Rest
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