Best Hi-Tec hiking boots

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  • Day Hiking

    Shoes or boots for hikes that only last for half a day. Flexibility and lightness are the highlights of these kinds of footwear. See the best day hiking shoes and the best day hiking boots.


    For multi-day trips with a heavy pack. Manufacturers emphasize durability and support in the creation of backpacking boots. See backpacking boots

    Speed Hiking

    Designed for users who want to cover a greater distance by going fast, usually with a light pack. See speed hiking shoes.

    Winter Hiking

    Boots that grant insulation to the user during hikes. See winter hiking boots.


    Mainly sandals. Aside from hiking they can be used for other purposes such as water activities. See multi-sport hiking sandals.

    Good to know

    Casual hikers can choose day hiking footwear or multi-sport sandals. More info here.

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  • Low

    Shoes with a cuff that goes below the ankle. See low-cut hiking shoes.


    Boots with an ankle-height cuff. They provide extra ankle support. See mid-cut hiking boots and mid-cut mountaineering boots.


    Boots with a cuff that goes above the ankle. In the case of insulated ones, they may reach the calf. Also grants extra ankle support. See high-cut hiking boots and high-cut mountaineering boots.

    Good to know

    Generally, for trails that are easy to tackle, go with low-cut shoes. Go mid to high if there are more trail obstacles.

  • Low stock

    Footwear with few offers from online retailers and sold out in most sizes.


    Shoes that have been taken out of production but are still sold by most online shops.


    Shoes that just came out and have not received sufficient feedback from the buyers.


    Completely prevents water intrusions up to the height of the footwear or the gusset. As for waterproof sandals, they dry quickly. See waterproof hiking footwear.

    Water repellent

    Footwear that has some degree of water protection. See water repellent hiking footwear.


    Here at RunRepeat, hiking footwear that goes below 500 grams are considered lightweight. See lightweight hiking footwear

    Good to know

    Water protection isn't necessary if there are no wet elements along the trail.

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              If you’re going on an adventure soon, you might want to get new Hi-Tec hiking boots. This company’s expertise in crafting quality footwear products may come in handy during a hike. Thanks to a number of technologies infused in these boots, you can traverse any trail without experiencing a drop in performance or safety. Grab a pair of Hi-Tec hiking boots so you can personally see what they can offer you.

              Reasons why you should invest in a pair of Hi-Tec hiking boots

              Best Hi-Tec hiking boots

              Best Hi-Tec hiking boots - May 2019


              Hi-Tec hiking boots are engineered to keep your feet comfortable. The collar and tongue of each boot are padded so you won’t get blisters. The gear’s lacing system grants a snug fit that prevents your foot from moving around within the hiker. The cushy midsole supplies underfoot comfort. Some of the brand’s offerings come with breathable mesh uppers to cool your feet and prevent them sweating.


              Overcoming various obstacles and uneven ground conditions with a backpack can be hard if you’re not wearing the right kind of gear. Hi-Tec hiking boots are created to provide your feet with ample support to compensate for the extra weight you’re carrying. Most of these hikers come with midsoles made of ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, a material that grants responsive cushioning and shock absorption. Select footwear models contain a lightweight fork shank for extra rigidity and stability. Also, the upper’s construction grants sufficient coverage to prevent your ankle from rolling in, especially when you’re uphill or downhill.


              Hi-Tec hiking boots are equipped with lugged outsoles to keep your footing secure. The profile of these outsoles is filled with a pattern of aggressive lugs that grant multi-directional grip on most types of terrain. These self-cleaning lugs also shed mud and debris as you move for optimal traction. There are grooves found on both ends of this component for improved ascent and descent control.


              The company has equipped these mid-cut hikers with several components and technologies to protect your feet. Foremost among these features is a waterproof liner found in some of the brand’s waterproof hikers This specialized membrane prevents water from entering the gear while allowing your foot to breathe. The liner is paired with a water-resistant upper for enhanced protection against various wet trail conditions.


              The brand’s designers crafted these hiking boots using tough materials to boost their durability. Sturdy leather variants, such as suede, are used to construct the upper. It is reinforced with toe caps and heel counters to make it last longer against abrasion. Hi-Tec hiking boots also feature midsole and outsole components that are designed to withstand constant wear and tear. Moreover, select footwear products are equipped with rustproof metal eyelets and hooks to counter adverse trail conditions.

              Notable shoe technologies used in the best Hi-Tec hiking boots for men and women

              • Dri-Tec. Select Hi-Tec hiking boots come with Dri-Tec technology to keep your feet dry. Its design prevents water from entering the gear while maintaining vapor transmission.
              • DTA. This pertains to a lightweight midfoot insert found in several Hi-Tec hiking boots. It enhances the transition from heel to toe for improved support.
              • i-Shield. This protective layer is applied to the upper to increase its ability to repel water. Also, it acts as the upper’s first line of defense against dirt.
              • MD Traction. An MDT outsole is engineered to render traction and durability. Its chamfered lug design allows mud and debris to be shed to maximize grip on slippery terrain and uneven ground conditions. The outsole itself contains various flex points to reduce foot fatigue.
              • Ortholite. This third-party technology grants a boost in underfoot comfort and arch support. Its breathable foam construction is treated with anti-microbial technology to help your foot stay fresh during a hike.
              • XLR8. Certain Hi-Tec hiking boots feature XLR8 technology for cushioning and support. It offers a 10% increase in rebound and energy absorption when compared to conventional EVA midsoles.
              • Michelin. A Michelin outsole is made of a sturdy rubber compound to resist wear and tear. It grants flexibility, traction, and adaptability to various types of terrain.

              Frequently asked questions about Hi-Tec hiking boots

              What should I look for when checking for Hi-Tec hiking boots’ reviews?

              Reading reviews of the gear you’re planning to purchase helps you make an informed decision on this matter. If you’re about to buy a new pair of Hi-Tec hiking boots, it’s best to check out various outdoor gear review sites to check the performance. Professionals from these websites often test the products in an actual environment to find out their positive and negative qualities. Take a look at their findings regarding comfort, fit, support, and traction to see if the pair you’re eyeing will serve you well.

              Another option you should consider is reading customer reviews. These consumers have first-hand experience with the Hi-Tec hiking boots they purchased. As such, they can provide you with the strengths and weaknesses of this footgear.

              How should I clean my Hi-Tec hiking boots?

              • The brand recommends using a damp cloth to wipe dirt and mud from your Hi-Tec hiking boots.
              • Never clean your hikers in the washing machine or exposing them to strong detergents. Doing so would affect their quality.
              • After washing your Hi-Tec hiking boots, you should leave them in a well-ventilated spot to dry. Don’t use a direct source of heat to speed up the drying process.
              • The company suggests treating your waterproof Hi-Tec hiking boots with a conditioning spray to preserve their water resistant qualities.

              2 best Hi-Tec hiking boots

              1. Hi-Tec Skamania Mid WP
              2. Hi-Tec Logan Mid WP
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