Who should buy the Baffin Snosport

The Baffin Snosport leaves a good impression on outdoor lovers by delivering a lightweight pair that keeps the feet warm in cold conditions. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a hiking boot that gives cold-weather protection and comfort for winter hikes.
  • Prefer a hiking boot that keeps the user’s foot dry from wet conditions.
  • Prefer a hiking boot that delivers cushioning on rugged terrain and renders all-around traction on slippery surfaces.

Baffin Snosport logo

Excellent flexibility and abrasion-resistant

This winter hiking boot from Baffin employs a lightweight Polar outsole to aid users in tackling a challenging trail. It’s made of Baffin’s patented Polar rubber compound which retains its flexibility in low temperatures while being resistant to abrasion.

Baffin Snosport outsole

Excellent traction on snowy and slushy landscapes

Its profile contains a network of irregular quadrilateral lugs that generate traction on snowy and slushy landscapes. A heel brake is incorporated into its design for extra control when traversing downhill slopes. Its front end extends toward the forefoot area to protect the user’s foot from stubbing.

Baffin Snosport outsole 1

Lightweight cushioning and excellent underfoot protection

The Baffin Snosport features an EVA midsole to supply lightweight cushioning. It operates alongside a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plate for added support and underfoot protection. The boot’s removable footbed combats odor-causing microbes while offering extra comfort.

Baffin Snosport midsole

Insulated insole

Underneath the footbed is an insole containing a layer of Baffin’s B-Tek four-channel hollow fiber insulation. It’s paired with a vaporized aluminum membrane to trap heat and warm the wearer’s foot in cold weather conditions.

Baffin Snosport insole


Keeping the wearer’s foot covered and protected from the elements is the Baffin Snosport’s Soft Shell upper. Its seam-sealed construction is designed to prevent water intrusions.

Baffin Snosport upper

Durable toe box

The upper’s toe box is reinforced with a cap for added durability. Its molded tendon guard contains a raised ledge to make snowshoe attachment possible.

Baffin Snosport toe box

Debris-resistant and easy to wear

The Baffin Snosport’s closure system consists of metal eyelets, hooks, and a lace bungee. Its bellows tongue helps prevent debris from entering the boot. The collar comes with a pull tab for an easy on and off.

Baffin Snosport collar

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