37 best Asics road running shoes (November 2017)

7,904 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 87/100

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Sports and fitness enthusiasts trust in the Japanese performance brand, Asics, to manufacture and develop some of the best shoes on the market, as proven by their inclusions in more or less 100, 000 shoe reviews.  Being able to answer the needs of the running community is part of the brand’s dedication to running, which is why the best Asics road shoes became favorites by casual and advanced runners.

How will the best Asics road shoes maintain top-notch running performance?

  • Road shoes are pretty versatile, so you can use them for a variety of activities. In fact, if you are still a newbie in fitness and would want to try a mix of running, sports and gym workouts, road shoes will help you adjust on even ground. With the best Asics road shoes, you can improve your performance for speed training, casual running, cross training, off-road running, racing and for casual activities, like strolling.
  • Road shoes are known to have energy-return properties that could improve momentum during the heel to toe transition. This is true for most neutral shoes and some stability-focused trainers. The responsiveness of the best Asics road shoes is great for high mileage runs, speed workouts and training.
  • Shock attenuation and debris protection are offered by the best Asics road shoes. You will no longer worry about the discomfort you feel from impact forces because the cushioning in the shoe’s midsole and outsole distribute shock pressure equally to attenuate it faster. Protection against road irregularities is also included in most road shoes from Asics.
  • One of the apparent features of a road shoe is a flat undersurface. However, do not let the non-aggressive sole fool you. It also features a high level of traction for technical road terrain and grip for wet surfaces.

What should influence your selection among the best Asics road shoes?

  • Arch Support. The best Asics road shoes are available with varying arch structures, depending on the model. If you need pronation control and premium cushioning to facilitate an efficient gait cycle, there are motion control and stability road shoes available. However, if you do not need medial support, neutral and minimalist road shoes are great for you. Arch support technologies from the brand include the DuoMax technology, the Trusstic System and the Stability cradle among others.
  • Shock Attenuation. The midsole part influences the shock attenuation properties of the best Asics road shoes. Some of the midsole technologies you can expect are the GEL cushioning system, SpEVA midsole, Solyte midsole and the I.G.S. (Impact Guidance System)
  • Sole Durability. Running on the pavement may result to wear and tear if the outsole material of your performance shoes is made from cheap rubber. Non-durable outsoles can result in underfoot injuries, especially if you are fond of running on roads with a lot of debris. Asics outsole technologies are made of non-marking carbon rubber, so durability is ensured. Some of their technologies include the DuraSponge material and the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole.