Who will buy the Nike Metcon Repper DSX

Nike designed the Metcon Repper DSX with running and jumping in mind. Made for a specific purpose reflected in its acronym DSX that stands for Distance, Stamina, and Cross-training, this shoe is a solid choice if:

  • You are looking for an all-around cross-trainer.
  • You are after a reasonably priced quality shoe.

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Sticky outsole grip

The outsole is made of a solid, sticky rubber that delivers traction. It also protects the midsole from the potentially damaging effects of continued use.

Nike Metcon Repper DSX Outsole Forefoot

Flex grooves are present in the forefoot area to facilitate movement. They essentially accommodate the natural bending of the toes as the foot prepares to lift off the ground.

Nike Metcon Repper DSX Outsole Heel

The heel part of the Metcon Repper DSX is flat to provide stability while lifting weights.

Lightweight cushioning

The Nike Metcon Repper DSX features a Phylon midsole, which is a type of cushion made from ethylene-vinyl acetate foam. This material undergoes a series of changes as a result of compression, heat treatment, and cooling.

Nike Metcon Repper DSX Midsole1

EVA is a popular choice for shoes because it is lightweight, durable and flexible. The outer midfoot of the shoe has a textured rubber overlay that assists during rope climbs.

Breathable upper

The upper of the Metcon Repper DSX is made from mesh which is both breathable and lightweight.

Nike Metcon Repper DSX Upper

Solid lace system

It has a padded tongue and collar that secures the foot. Its flat laces keep the plush tongue in place via a small slot on top. It passes through the eyelet where it connects with the Flywire cables in the midfoot area. Flywire is a cable made from Vectran, a type of material created from a liquid-crystal polymer which is extremely strong and flexible.

Nike Metcon Repper DSX Lace System

Pulling on the laces tightens the Flywire and locks the foot down. It also delivers support during lateral movements. It has thermoplastic polyurethane overlays present at the toe box for protection and at the heel to keep the foot in place. A combination of hard plastic and soft silicone, TPU is elastic, resistant to abrasion, and oil or grease.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 10.7oz / Women 8.4oz
Drop: 6mm
Use: Crossfit / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Feb 2017
Collection: Nike Metcon
BRAND Brand: Nike

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