Profile of the Nike Air Zoom Elevate

The Nike Air Zoom Elevate is a lightweight workout shoe designed to withstand the most strenuous of workouts. It has a low-cut design that affords ankle mobility for unencumbered movements. The upper has a cleatie construction and is made up of mesh for breathability. It has a polyurethane coating for durability. It also features an inner sleeve for a sock-like fit.

The brand’s popular proprietary technology, the Nike Zoom Air cushioning unit, is installed in the heel part for enhanced responsiveness. It has a 6-sided design in order to anticipate and respond to training-related movements better.


The Nike Air Zoom Elevate leverages the grippy properties of rubber throughout its entire bottom. It results in a secure foothold on different types of surfaces. It is also meant to enhance durability. The tread is marked with flex grooves to promote natural flexion.


In the heart of the Nike Air Zoom Elevate is a lightweight CMEVA foam component. It offers energy transfer that adds extra bounce to the step upon foot strike.

The 6-sided Zoom Air technology is employed in the heel to provide quicker responsiveness to training-specific motions. It works by using strong and tensile synthetic fibers which can be found between plastic that react like mattress springs when pressure is applied.


The Nike Air Zoom Elevate has a full cleatie construction for a snug, sock-like fit. It also gives support during side-to-side movements.

It is made of a mesh fabric that lets in air to keep the interiors cool and fresh. A polyurethane coating is applied in the high-wear areas to reinforce the material.

Pull tabs are attached to the heel collar and the apex since the shoe has a tighter mouth than other athletic footgear. They make pulling on the footwear easier.

A traditional lacing system locks the foot down. It also improves lateral support as the shoelaces are pulled taut.


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