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What is it for? This pair of training shoes is designed to withstand grueling workouts. It is made with upper reinforcements to keep the foot supported. Meanwhile, underfoot cushioning reduces the impact felt when jumping and running.

Who is it for? The Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 2 is made for both beginners and professional fitness buffs. Those who might enjoy wearing this pair include:

  • people in search of cheap training shoes;
  • individuals who do high-intensity interval or circuit training.
  • fans of Nike’s Air Max cushioning.

The Air Max Alpha Trainer 2 shares most of the features as its predecessor like the Air Max unit at the heel and the rubber outsole.

It, too, has a mesh top.

However, the Air Max Alpha Trainer 2 has revamped overlays that aim to provide better lateral foothold and stability. Leather and straps made of synthetic fibers wrap various parts of the top.

Reliable traction. A full-length rubber makes up the outsole of the Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 2. This compound is grippy both on indoor and outdoor surfaces. It features two types of tread patterns that enhance the multi-directional grip. 

Built for movent. A network of grooves is placed under the forefoot zone of this Nike trainer. It aids natural foot dexterity and aids in keeping the foot stable during lateral cuts. Meanwhile, the heel has a flat construction, which helps wearers maintain balance when they are squatting or doing deadlifts.

Premium cushioning. Squat jumps, high knees, and box jumps are just some routines that can be brutal on the feet and knees if you’re wearing the wrong shoes. But that’s something you don’t have to worry about with the Air Max Alpha Trainer 2.

This trainer features a layer of foam cushioning that extends from the toes to the heel. This unit decreases the impact felt by the foot whenever it lands on a hard surface.

Meanwhile, the Air Max cushioning is placed under the heel. It amplifies impact protection in the rearfoot. The compressed air trapped in this unit allows it to bounce back after landing and keep you moving.

Steadiness. The foam layer is constructed to cup the foot. It extends upwards, starting at the midfoot going to the heel to prevent the rearfoot from moving too much.

Plush wrap. The top of the Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 2 is made from mesh. This fabric is engineered to withstand abrasion while also allowing air to pass to keep the interior fresh.

The tongue and heel are lightly padded. These components help deliver a snug fit while also preventing chafing and blisters at the back.

Protection. This model employs leather and fabric overlays. These elements guard against friction, so the underlying material doesn’t deteriorate quickly.

Lockdown. Punched and webbed eyelets make up the lacing system of the Air Max Alpha Trainer. The fabric that wraps the heel and the quarters integrate with the lacing systems. When the shoelaces are tightened, the heel section is pulled in, locking it in place. Meanwhile, the external heel cup enhances the rearfoot support and secure fit.


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