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5 reasons to buy

  • The shoe has a breathable mesh upper for a well-ventilated ride.
  • Most runners liked the quick lacing system of the Salomon Fellraiser.
  • The Fellraiser has enough cushioning and support, according to most reviews.
  • It has protective toe cap that protects the foot from debris, especially when running on rough trails.
  • It has an affordable price.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some runners said that the shoe had a tighter feel and that they experienced blisters.
  • Others complained that the sole unit was not durable.
  • The shoe was not as fast-drying as advertised.

Bottom line

The Salomon Fellraiser is a trail running shoe that offers stability while running on muddy surfaces. According to some runners, this shoe does not keep mud and water out. It is not fast drying and lacks the needed grip when it comes to wet and muddy terrains.



A top rated Trail running shoe
It has never been more popular than this June

Expert Reviews

85 / 100 based on 16 expert reviews

  • 100 / 100 |

    Salomon Fellraiser - Most comfortable high traction trail shoe ever

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    I ordered the Salomon Fellraiser online with a fair degree of confidence knowing how Salomon products fit my feet.

    Salomon trail shoes seem to fall into two types of the toe box, and one or the other will be ideal for an individual depending on the shape of their feet. The skinny one that squeezes my toes a little too tightly is more the Salomon Speedcross type of toe box.

    The Fellraiser falls into the rounder more roomy category that suits my toes better. I’m referring specifically to the Salomon Speedcross shoe which I also run in which has a narrower toe box. 



    The Fellraiser, in my opinion, is a fairly neutral shoe that doesn’t mess around with over-supporting the arch or trying to add a ton of stability. This sort of shoe, therefore, suits my anatomy and running gait perfectly. 

    Salomon’s website talks about an EVA shaped footbed that cradles the foot although I found that it’s not as aggressive as some shoes.

    Some runners may find that the heel shape could cause problems with chafing although I found that it never gave me any chafing or blisters in the Achilles area. I found that the shoe dramatically improved with age as the kilometers were put on them. 


    Besides fitting my feet as if they were custom made for me, it’s important to note that these shoes have absolutely the best traction of any other Salomon shoe I’ve had. They grip on everything from loose rock to mud and everything in between.

    Despite having a soft adaptable sole, they simply don’t wear out! I’ve had other shoes where the lugs on the tread wear down, but on these shoes, that’s not the case. I have put 1,600 km on these shoes and still use them for races, and they feel like wearing comfortable slippers. 

    I have raced the Sinister 7 - 100-mile race in the Crowsnest Pass Alberta which features 19,000 vertical feet climb/descent in them and I’ve raced Ontario 80 km races in them too which are different terrain entirely. They are very adaptable to the situation.



    The Fellraiser has the toggle lace system that means they never come undone. 

    This is a critical feature for ultra-marathon events where the mere act of bending down to tie shoes in the later stages can be painful. It is also nearly impossible to hook your lace on a root and trip because the toggle laces are packed into the tongue of the shoe.


    The shoe features a rubber toe bumper which protects your tender toes from the inevitable tripping over roots and rocks. This durable feature prevents the toe area from breaking down as well. 

    If there was an area that broke down, it was the side mesh material near the front next to the smallest toes. 

    I don’t believe it is a design flaw, rather the abrasion from rubbing against rocks and roots on rough trails simply took a toll. This did not happen until approximately 900 km had been run in the shoes. I think that represents truly good value for any running shoe.

    At 290g weight, I never felt the shoe was particularly heavy. The test for that was running a 100-mile race in them. They literally felt like nothing at all even in the later stages of the race. All in all, they are a great compromise of durability vs. lightweight.

    Contrary to what others have said, clean up is not a problem. I let them dry completely in the sun if muddy and brush the mud off with a stiff brush. If you are inclined to wash the mud off with water, they do dry quickly and will be nice and fresh after sitting in the sun, preferably on a breezy day. 

    Although Strava has told me to retire these shoes many times, I simply can’t part with them!

  • 75 / 100 | The Ginger Runner | | Level 5 expert

    This is a beast of a trail shoe. It can get through anything.

  • 85 / 100 | Robert McDonald | Level 1 expert

    I used this for 6 OCRs and they are holding up extremely strong still.

  • 95 / 100 | Runner's World | | Level 4 expert

    Besides winning our nomination for best shoe name this year, Salomon's Fellraiser won praise from our testers for traction, comfort and lightweight runnability.

  • 82 / 100 | Run And Become | | Level 3 expert

    Recommended for: fell running and softer trails. Will work on muddy fells and rocky mountains, but will also be great for miles of trails too. Ideal as a first fell and trail shoe, or a shoe that will double for the odd cross country or trail race.

Become an expert
  • The Salomon Fellraise features its more aggressive outsole that delivers unmatched grip on different terrains. The shoe’s low profile midsole, along with the aggressive large lugs ensures maximum grip on muddy surfaces.
  • The shoe also comes with a quick drying open mesh that allows fast moisture evaporation, keeping the foot dry and cool. It will allow runners have a comfortable running experience.

The Salomon Fellraiser is available in standard running shoe width and size. It has sufficient space in the heel, a very snug midfoot, and enough room in the forefoot and toe box.

Same as in the popular Salomon Sense Ride 2, this shoe uses the Salomon’s amazing ContaGrip outsole technology that delivers impressive traction on varied terrains. It is designed to deliver enhanced grip even on both dry and wet or soft conditions. The carbon rubber that is strategically placed in high abrasion areas gives added durability to the sole unit.

The Salomon Fellraiser features the full-length injected EVA midsole foam that delivers reasonable amount of underfoot cushioning. It efficiently attenuates shock during impact and has high energy-return attribute that delivers a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

The Salomon Fellraiser features an open mesh that is quick-drying in nature and designed to deliver maximum breathability. It also has a gusseted tongue that gives added comfort and protection from debris.

The SensiFit technology that is strategically placed in the medial and lateral side delivers a comfortable and secure fit by wrapping the foot perfectly.

Lastly, the shoe features the brand’s notable quick lacing system for an easy shoe entry and exit while providing a secure fit. The lace pockets keep the laces out of the way while running.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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