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8 reasons to buy

  • The Nike Shox Enigma 9000 has a stylish and eye-appealing silhouette that is appreciated by many women.
  • It has a better, redesigned, and natural look of the Shox compared to other Shox shoes, according to a few reviewers.
  • Plenty of users like the undeniable comfort on their feet whenever they wear this kind of Nike sneakers.
  • The low-top Shox Enigma 9000 by Nike is durable, according to a couple of shoe owners.
  • Several purchasers have applauded the shoe’s beautiful colorways.
  • The Nike Shox Enigma 9000 is a versatile sneaker that can complement a myriad of sporty and casual outfits, some have mentioned.
  • Some have shared that this kick offers excellent support.
  • Most of the reviewers say that they would recommend this sneaker to their friends or families.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The low-top Nike Shox Enigma 9000 shoe fits a bit snug, one has mentioned.
  • A couple of women wish that this sneaker is available in more colorways.

Bottom line

As Nike continues to resurrect the classic of the 2000s, here comes another addition to the Nike Shox collection. Available in lovely colors, the Nike Shox Enigma 9000 offers a chic and versatile silhouette to women. 

Also, this sneaker offers foot comfort. The Shox provides excellent energy return and shock absorption. With the right blend of comfort, performance, and style, it is perfect for athletic activities and everyday wear.


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The Nike Shox Enigma 9000 is available in women’s sizing. Its low-top silhouette allows sufficient ankle mobility. It has a lacing system with molded eyelets for a flexible fit and secure lockdown. 

The shoe upper has a TPU over mesh fabric that gives ventilation, keeping the foot fresh. Also, its Shox cushioning absorbs heel impact and transfers it to the forefoot area.

A running-inspired shoe, the low-top Nike Shox Enigma 9000, transforms the classic design from 2000 into modern-day footwear with a bulky profile. It is designed with a tapered sidewall that gives a modern feel and a classic look. Also, its premium leather and mesh uppers are designed with cutout windows for an added spice.

Women can choose from colorways like black/ cargo khaki/ gym red/ anthracite, phantom/ white/ pale ivory/ metallic silver, black/ hyper crimson/ black, and black/ lime blast/ black. These shoes can be paired with several casual and sporty outfits like joggers, track pants, cuffed denim jeans, shorts, miniskirts, or leggings. 

The Nike Shox Enigma 9000 is a recrafted version of the early 2000s icon. It features an updated suspension that delivers a street-informed spin on its distinctive four columns. 

The Nike Shox effectively cushions and absorbs impact, moving and transferring it from the heel to the forefoot. Also, fashion-wise, this shoe features layered details that give the early millennium’s look and feel to the modern-day streets.

Nike launched the Shox technology for its running shoes in the year 2000. Originally inspired by Formula 1 cars, it uses a spring-like system that provides heel impact absorption, allowing users to channel additional power and strength into the next stride. At first, the shoe was not embraced by people. However, through cultural integration, it was slowly accepted.

The Shox was a result of 16-year research. Bruce Kilgore, who was behind the famous AF1, formulated the idea in 1984. He desired to develop a cushioning technology that can mimic the shock absorber of the car, optimizing energy return from the mechanical structures.

  A victim of the company’s ambition

The Shox became a hit in the early 2000s. It had been one of the stronger trends that players like Tayshaun Prince, Jason Kidd, and Jason Williams were seen sporting them. Also, Serena Williams donned her own Shox boots. 

Like other fashion in the 2000s, the Shox also fell victim to its parent company’s ambition. Instead of taking the simple approach and sticking to spring cushion as it should, Nike fused other pieces of technology with the Shox in its shoes like the Nike Shox Turbo and the Nike Shox TL3.

Nike attempted to resurrecting the shoe back in 2014; however, colorways were limited. Also, people weren’t thinking about having the Shox since there were new Yeezys at that time to be had. Although, there were still people wearing the Nike Shox shoes, yet, it was not the same demographic previously. In 2017, Nike ended the production of most silhouettes that were implementing the Shox feature.

  The comeback

In 2018, things became different. Dad shoes began to trend. New chunky Yeezys were the wave, and the Air Monarchs were cool again. Also, it was the same year that Nike Shox iterations like the Nike Shox Gravity came back. The Nike Shox Gravity was released with a tagline of “The Boing is Back” in January. 

On August 29 of 2019, the Nike Shox Enigma 9000 was released. It initially debuted with two colorways: the Lime Blast and Hyper Crimson. Later on, other colors were added to the collection. Currently, this kick is available in women’s sizing. It has increased force for performance and a signature and bolder look that becomes instantly recognizable in every arena.

  • The TPU logo, overlays, and layers add a modern element to the Nike Shox Enigma 9000.
  • It features the Nike Swoosh logo near the ankle area.
  • Nike Shox branding is evident on the tongue.
  • It has a rubber outsole for a superior grip.
  • It utilizes a TPU cupsole that offers comfort and durability.
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