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Best Nike Cheap Sneakers - August 2019

Nike is one of the top leading sports brands for a reason. Its product lineup caters to audiences of different generations and interests, and its lifestyle footwear category, for one, is so extensive in such a way that it includes sneakers that can further be classified into different categories depending on design origin (basketball-, running-, tennis-, football-, or skate-inspired), profile or cut (low-top, mid-top, or high-top), and pricing that ranges from budget-friendly to highly expensive.  

Below is a quick guide on Nike cheap sneakers. But first, how can a Nike sneaker be classified as "cheap"? In this guide, we simply define cheap Nike sneakers as those that are priced lower than most of the Swoosh shoes.   

Nike sneakers: cheap versus expensive

As mentioned above, Nike sneakers can be classified depending on their prices. Some are cheap while others are expensive. The former ones bear a budget-friendly or affordable price tag while the latter ones are priced higher than usual. 

Typically, expensive Nike sneakers are collaborative releases between the Oregon-based footwear brand and renowned fashion designers or labels, celebrities and artists, or sneaker retailers overseas. These kicks are also often released in limited quantities at a limited time or infused with technologically advanced features from the Swoosh brand. Also, other expensive sneakers from Nike are built with premium, top-notch quality materials. Some examples of these shoes include the Nike Air Yeezy 2, the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0, sneakers in the Supreme x Nike collaborations, and the Nike Air Max 1/97 SW. 

Cheap Nike sneakers, on the other hand, are often mass-produced and classified as "general releases," which means that they are produced in more significant quantities and widely available across physical and online Nike stores and various sneaker retailers including big chains and independent stores overseas. They are also generally made with affordable materials and are equipped with basic features and sneaker technologies.

What to expect from cheap Nike sneakers?

The word “cheap” is often associated with low-quality or poor performance, but that is not always the case especially when talking about Nike sneakers. Nike gained a top spot in the footwear industry principally because it was able to establish itself as a footwear brand that designs, manufactures, and produces high-quality, well-constructed, stylish, and most importantly comfortable shoes – and sneakers or lifestyle-based shoe models are no exception. 

No, inexpensive Nike sneakers are not substandard. They are manufactured and produced the same way as other Nike sneakers, and may or may not differ from expensive ones only in materials and technologies used and their release type. Like Adidas and other popular brands, Nike produces sneakers that are inexpensive without sacrificing comfort and quality and through that, the Swoosh brand is able to reach a broader market and generate higher sales. 

Usually, cheap sneakers from Nike have the following characteristics:

  • Easily attainable online and across retail stores at a budget-friendly price points
  • Mostly available in full run sizes 
  • Versatile and flaunt a timeless silhouette
  • Sometimes offered at a nice discounted price, hence the much lower price tag
  • Durable and good quality
  • Comes in lots of different colors and material variations

Points to consider when buying affordable sneakers from Nike

Buying a pair of sneakers is less complicated when choosing the right pair of athletic footwear, say running shoes or training, for you. Yes, you don’t have to consider that much technicalities performance-wise, but that doesn’t mean that you should just grab the first pair of sneakers that you see and buy them. 

Because of the characteristics of cheap Nike sneakers mentioned above, it could be so tempting just to grab ahold of any pair that fits your budget and think that you're already good to go. But you could still be wrong. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting a pair that you’d probably end up not wearing because it’s not “right” for you.


Although there are a few consumers that buy sneakers for their growing sneaker collections, most part of the sneaker market purchases a pair that they can be used regularly for their day-to-day activities. In this case, one of the most crucial factors that need to be considered is the comfort.

Some people believe that the most comfortable sneakers are those equipped with expensive (overpriced even) price tags. But that is a common misconception. Nike, for one, produces sneakers that are both easy on the pocket and won’t hurt your feet. Price isn’t necessarily a deciding factor that would tell whether or not a shoe is comfortable. 


Unlike athletic footwear, sneakers function for casual use and style is a crucial determining factor when obtaining a pair. There really isn’t a particular guidebook that dictates the do’s and don’ts of sneaker styling since everything boils down to personal preference. A style is subjective. A pair could be perceived stylish by one, and not by another.  

One thing to note is that price is not a limiting determinant for a sneaker to be stylish. Cheap Nike sneakers are also offered in a wide range of styles and colorways such that it would be next to impossible not to find a pair that suits best your personal taste. Even cheap, inexpensive Nike sneakers can be trendy and follow popular fashion trends with the likes of white sneakers, chunky or dad sneakers, platforms, and metallic. 


One common element among budget-friendly Nike sneakers is their non-complex and straightforward construction or built using typical sneaker materials. Primary upper material still varies depending on the sneaker model, and each type delivers a different kind of fit and functionality.

Mesh and Knit

Sneakers made of either mesh or knit are breathable and lightweight, which make them an ideal pair to wear during the summer. Typically running-inspired, these shoes are constructed to give a right out of the box comfort and a fit that conforms to the foot’s shape. Examples of affordable Nike sneakers made of mesh or knit are the Nike Tanjun and the Nike Tanjun Slip-On.  


Neoprene sneakers are stretchy, sock-like, and tight-fitting (which could be a no-no for wide-footed wearers). From the material’s sneaker debut through the Nike Air Huarache in 1991, neoprene sneakers have now become as ubiquitous as the others. An example of Nike sneaker that utilizes neoprene without hurting the pocket is the Nike Payaa Premium. 


Canvas sneakers, in general, are made of sturdy fabric upper and a rubber sole. They are durable, comfortable, and oozes a casual and laid-back vibe suited for everyday use. Nike has a fair share of these sneakers in the market and buyers have a wide array of options for obtaining affordable and reliable pairs. 

Sneakers made of canvas are a popular footwear of choice during the warmer months because they are more breathable than those made of leather or suede. They are easy to clean, too, and are highly versatile. A few examples of cheap canvas-made Nike sneaker are the Nike Essentialist, which is also offered in other material variations such as leather and mesh, and the Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas


Skate-inspired Nike sneakers often utilize this material because of its durability. Not only is it hard-wearing, but the soft, buttery material that adorns lifestyle kicks these days boasts a luxurious and instantly fashionable appeal. Included in our list of affordable suede Nike sneakers are the Nike Court Borough Low and the Nike Court Royal Suede.


Another in-demand upper material for sneakers is leather. From basketball-inspired kicks to those that took their DNAs from skate, tennis, or football shoes, leather sneakers flood the feet of sneaker fanatics regardless of age. They mold to the foot’s shape while providing sufficient comfort, support, and protection. Aside from these, leather sneakers are easy to clean, timeless, and durable. 

Like Adidas, Puma, Reebok, or any other renowned sneaker brand, Nike continuously produces affordable sneakers made of leather like the Nike Court Royale and the Nike Cortez.  


Getting a pair of sneakers at a low price should not mean that a correct fit has to be sacrificed. Regardless of a shoe’s price tag, it should be a top priority to get one with the best fit. Not only is an ill-fitting footwear a total waste of money, but it could also hurt your feet and cause a lot of discomforts.  

But how could you be sure that you are getting a good fit for your cheap Nike sneakers? Simple. Your sneakers should feel snug in the heel and midfoot areas with enough wiggle rooms around your toes. They shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose.    

Popular Nike sneakers with inexpensive price tags

With decades-long of history, Nike by now has an extensive catalog of lifestyle sneakers that cater to a broad range of audiences worldwide. Below are some of the cheapest yet promising sneaker models by the Oregon-based Swoosh brand.

Nike Tanjun 

Taking a cue from the well-received Dylan Raasch-designed Nike Roshe Run shoe is the Nike Tanjun. Unveiled in 2015, the low-top Swoosh stayed true to its Japanese namesake which translates to “simplicity” and displayed a versatile, streamlined, and modern design. Unlike other Nike shoes, the Tanjun does not exhibit any high-end footwear technology from the brand which is one of the reasons for its affordable and reasonable price. 

Despite the lack of known Nike technologies with the likes of the Lunarlon, the Air, or the Flywire among many others, the Nike Tanjun has already proven its reliability, performance, and comfort. In fact, it was named the best-selling sneakers in 2018 by the analyst firm NPD Group, Inc. 

Key features of the Nike Tanjun:

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Stylish and flexible
  • Low-maintenance
  • Affordable (initially retailed for $65)
  • Available in a myriad of colorways

Known as one of the cool cheap Nike shoes, the Nike Tanjun is offered with lots of colorway options and renditions for both men and women. Here are a few notable Tanjun renditions:

Nike Tanjun Racer

The Tanjun Racer from Nike is an upgraded version of the best-selling Nike Tanjun silhouette. It shadows the basic design principles of the original profile, but with a few technological upgrades for better performance. This rendition appears less bulky and more minimal as the core model with a textile or mesh upper. While the Tanjun lacks technological advancements that most performance-based Nike shoes have, this Tanjun Racer rendition incorporates internal Flywire cables and a thinner tongue to give wearers a lockdown and more secure fit. 

These cheap Nike shoes are available for men and women in many color options including blue, black, and white, among others. 

Nike Tanjun Slip-On

Given the growing popularity across the globe of the Tanjun low-top shoe, Nike came up with a slip-on rendition called officially as the Nike Tanjun Slip-On. These cheap Nike shoes for women feature a simple mesh upper that maintains the simple signature aesthetic that the Tanjun has been known for. It ditches the traditional lace-up closure for a convenient slip-on design, making it ideal for the ladies who are always on the go.

Nike Tanjun Premium

As the name suggests, the Nike Tanjun Premium is the premium version of the simple and minimalistic Tanjun shoe. It boasts similar façade and aesthetic as the core model, but with top-quality material upgrades and a slightly higher price point. Like other Tanjun versions, the Tanjun Premium is also available in a myriad of colorway options including black, white, red, and blue among others.  

Nike Tanjun Chukka

This rendition of the running-inspired Tanjun comes in a mid-top construction as a functional sneakerboot. The Nike Tanjun Chukka has a waterproof upper in a textile material, reflective elements for increased nighttime visibility, fleece lining, and durable rubber outsole. 

Nike Court Royale

The Nike Court Royale may be one of the Nike cheap shoes, but it sure does impresses buyers with its affordable price, stylish look, and comfort. The low-top, tennis-inspired cheap Nike shoes for men and women flaunt a smooth and clean-looking leather upper, a traditional lace closure, and a flexible rubber outsole. 

Those looking for a pair of cheap and white Nike shoes should definitely take a look into the myriad of colorways available for the Court Royale as it holds a fair share of white sneakers. Among these is the Nike Court Royale in White Metallic Silver, the Nike Court Royale in White/Grove Green, the Nike Court Royale in White/ Midnight Navy, the Nike Court Royale in White Light Carbon, and more. Black-based colorways are also available, including the Nike Court Royale in Black/ White. 

Later on, Nike dropped a suede variation of this tennis-inspired lifestyle shoe named officially as the Nike Court Royale Suede. The shoe ditched the leather upper for a premium-looking suede for an added luxe and street-ready appeal. 

Nike Court Borough Low

Also part of the Nike Court line joins our list of reasonably-priced Nike sneakers, the Nike Court Borough Low. The Court Borough Low exhibits simple aesthetics but exceptional comfort and performance. Some may think that it looks strangely familiar with features such as perforated leather upper, prominent side Swoosh branding, and a rubber cupsole. 

That is because it took inspiration from the iconic Air Force 1 shoes. Aside from the apparent design cues from the AF1s, the 2016-released Court Borough Low also turned to the Nike Dunk and the Nike Recreation Low for more inspirations. 

Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

Available for both men and women is a skate-inspired cheap Nike shoe called the Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas. The Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas is the canvas rendition of the Nike SB Check Solarsoft skate shoes, which use suede instead of canvas as primary upper material. Despite its budget-friendly price, this canvas Nike skate shoe is infused with some of the best Nike sneaker technologies such as the Hyperfeel tech vulcanized sole and Solarsoft insoles. 

The Hyperfeel technology, which is also used in other Nike SB shoes like the Nike SB Bruin Hyperfeel, allows skaters a better board feel while keeping their foot comfortable and supported. The Solarsoft insoles, on the other hand, provide lightweight steps and comfy cushioning. 

Nike SB Dunk Low

In 2002, Nike re-introduced itself into the skate community by creating a skate-specific sub-brand called the Nike SB or Nike Skateboarding. That same year is when the footwear brand giant re-invented its iconic Nike Dunk basketball shoe into a skate-focused one with a much thicker tongue and added Zoom Air cushioning. Below are some of the most notable releases of this equally iconic Nike SB Dunk Low shoe. 

Nike SB Pigeon Dunk Low

One of the most highly-anticipated releases of all time is the Nike x Jeff Staple’s collaboration on the Nike SB Dunk Low silhouette known popularly as the Pigeon Dunk Low. The shoe literally almost caused a riot in the streets of New York City when it released in 2005. To date, its average resale value reaches more or less 6,000 USD.  

Nike SB Dunk Low Heineken

Although not an official collaboration between Nike and the Dutch beer brand, the Nike SB Dunk Low Heineken is still one of the most highly-coveted colorways to this day. The shoe released in March 2005 with a retail value of 65 USD, but its average resale value today is more or less 1,600 USD.

Nike SB Dunk Low Paris

Probably one of the most expensive SBs in the resale market comes in the form of the Nike SB Dunk Low Paris. It released in extremely limited quantities of only 150 to 200 pairs and made exclusively for the "White Dunk" traveling art exhibit in Paris in 2002. The suede and canvas upper displays the works of renowned French painter Bernard Buffet. To this day, its resale value reaches more or less 11,000 USD.

Nike SB Dunk Low Jedi

Released in 2004 is a Star Wars-inspired Nike SB Dunk Low called the Nike SB Dunk Low Jedi. Although not an official collaboration, the green-khaki-brown low-top shoe obviously took inspirations from the beloved Star Wars character. Sealing off the look of the shoe are fat and bright Volt laces that match the tongue branding and the heel tab. Today, the Jedi version resales for about 500 to over 1,000 USD a pair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy Nike sneakers at a much lower price?

Nike manufactures lifestyle shoes with prices ranging from budget-friendly or affordable (below $100) to highly expensive reaching over $400. If you want a cheaper Nike shoe, opt for general releases or those that are mass-produced as they are generally priced lower than limited releases, say designer and collab pieces. 

Also, freshly released Nike sneakers especially the "hyped" models are valued higher during their first few months, but their prices decline after some time. If still available across retailers, most of these shoes are offered at discounted prices, and you will be able to get them at a lower rate than their original retail price.

Where to buy inexpensive sneakers from Nike? 

You can get a pair of cheap Nike sneakers from Nike’s official stores and online through its official website. Nike sneakers are also available across popular fashion and sneaker retailers, both at physical stores and online.  

Are cheap Nike sneakers worth it?

The key here is finding the right Nike sneakers for you. If a shoe does not fit you well, flaunts a design that does not suit your style, or poorly constructed, then that sneaker, regardless of its cheap or expensive price tag, is definitely not worth it. The point is that cheap Nike sneakers could still be worth it. You just have to find the right pair for you. They can be affordable and, at the same time, comfortable, stylish, and functional. 

How can I be sure that I am buying an authentic Nike shoe with an inexpensive price?

Aside from buying from official Nike stores and partner retailers, here are some useful tips to avoid fake Nike shoes:

  • Check the SKU number of your cheap shoes from Nike. It should match the SKU number found on their box. If they are not identical, then your pair is most likely fake.
  • Check the overall quality of your shoe and compare it to your previously-owned Nike. Nike shoes, even the cheaper ones, are quality-made. 
  • Inspect the packaging of your cool cheap Nike shoes. Original Nike sneakers come with an original Nike shoe box, and the fake ones are usually packaged with soft, faux Nike boxes or not packaged at all.
  • Look at the labels and check for misspellings as fake shoes usually have incorrectly spelled tags.

Are Nike sneakers durable, even the cheap ones?

Generally, sneakers from the Swoosh brand are high-quality and durable. But a shoe’s durability still actually depends on the Nike sneaker model, materials, and how you take care and use it.  

Would cheap sneakers from Nike hurt my feet in the long run? 

 Again, it still depends on the sneaker model you’d get, its materials, and how it fits. It is vital that you get a pair of sneakers regardless of price (it can be cheap, or it can be expensive) with the correct fit as an ill-fitting pair could cause a lot of discomfort or pain.  

How can I check the quality of my affordable Nike sneakers?

Because of their low prices, some purchasers question the quality and durability of the available cheapest Nike shoes. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting a low-quality pair.

  • Read online reviews for references on how the durable the shoe is and how it performs in the long run. 
  • Check the soles. It should be sturdy enough and cushioned to provide protection and support to your feet. 
  • Examine the seams, edges, and other small details of the shoe. Poor-quality made shoes are poorly constructed with lousy craftsmanship such that loose materials and excessive glue are evident.
  • The soles should be securely attached to the upper. If it’s glued, check for any gaps. If it’s stitched, check if the stitching is clean, even, and secure. 
  • The laces should be of high-quality, too. Flimsy ones indicate that a shoe may be of subpar quality and craftsmanship. 

What are the proper ways to take care of and clean these sneakers?

Just like caring and cleaning for expensive sneakers, even the cheap ones deserve some TLC, too. Consider the primary materials and start from there. Use a soft brush and mild soap solution when cleaning the soles, and the canvas, mesh, or knit uppers. Avoid drying your sneakers under direct sunlight. For leather and suede, a special cleaning kit can be used to maintain their quality and color, and avoid getting them wet.

Are cheap Swoosh sneakers still stylish?

Yes. Nike is a renowned sports brand that has been producing high-quality and on-trend sneakers at affordable prices. You just have to wear a pair that you are comfortable with and suits your personal style best. Generally, low-top Nike sneakers are more versatile than their mid- and high-top counterparts. You can also follow useful sneaker styling tips to make your sneakers stand out even more. 

Where are Nike sneakers made? 

Nike has several factories overseas, and most are located in Asia, including Vietnam, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and more.