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Nike platform sneakers

Loving those thick soles, sporty uppers, and fabulous colorways? Then check out our collection of platform Nike sneakers. Millions of people adore them and there are many reasons why you should, too!

What’s more, if you buy a pair at RunRepeat today, you will be rewarded with great discounts exclusively provided by our partner stores. Great isn’t it? If that’s not enough, we also created a catalog for all the Nike sneakers listed on our site. Here, we summarize customer opinions and provide a detailed description of each shoe to help you make an informed buying decision.

Most popular Platform Nike shoes for men and women

Nike platform sneakers are diverse in terms of design, style, and features. So, you’ll most likely find something that fits your taste, whether you prefer low-top sneakers or high-cut kicks.

If you’re a fan of Nike Air Max sneakers, the more you will love their platform versions. As you know, this collection is inspired by running shoes so they are comfortable, lightweight, and have an immense amount of padding. 

If you’re after basketball-inspired sneakers, the Nike Air Force 1 series fit the bill perfectly. They feature really stylish platform kicks in leather uppers and Velcro ankle straps. Plus, these sneakers boast of visually striking colorways.

Aside from being “show-stoppers”, platform sneakers from Nike make use of the highly raved Nike Air sole which utilizes pressurized air for lightweight cushioning.

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