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Running is motivational for me. It has become my favorite past time. I look forward to training for different events like 5K or 10K, which is my favorite and now for 13.1 and a full marathon. 

Running has taken my level of fitness to a different state. I look forward to the running season however, I do run year round. I like the challenge that it presents each and every time I lace up my shoes, “Fear No Distance.”



Since I began running races, I have had a few pair of shoes. I don’t buy the shoes because of the way they look but because of the way they perform. 

I don’t have to have the most expensive pair either. I look for a shoe that fits the way I run which may or may not be the most efficient but it is for me. I think the runner should be able to control the shoe.


Plain and simple in my opinion, nothing fancy. I don’t really care what they look like. I just wanted something that would last, and these have.


When looking at these shoes, you would think that they wouldn’t offer much in support or even comfort. But to the contrary, these shoes are very comfortable and offer the feet breathability. The sock-like inner is snug against the top of the foot and has padding. 



I recently purchased a pair of Nike LunarSolo while I understand that shoes first appeared in 2017. I bought mine in July 2018.  I needed a new pair of shoes and wanted to try something a little different but provided me with the stability and control as the heavier shoe does.

This shoe has exceeded my expectations in every way.  It is lightweight, comfortable and affordable. 


The LunarSolo is a lightweight neutral shoe which is fantastic for running on the road or a hard surface (treadmill). The shoe provides control and stability for me. 

The sole of the shoe provides comfort and also grips the surface which I find to be very nice. I have worn the shoe recently in a 5K which that day it rained, the shoe isn’t waterproof. However, it didn’t soak up the water to the point I was sloshing around in it. 



The shoe has a sock-like fit along with a padded tongue makes the shoe comfortable. The shoe allows for the feet to breathe which after a few miles is a welcome comfort.

The sole of the shoe is amazing! This sole provides a ride like walking on a soft pillow. It absorbs the impact and disperses the impact evenly across the shoe. I have worn other shoes in the past for races, but by far, this has provided comfort when my legs are heavy toward the end of the race. 


The shoe is made well enough to take impact after impact when running but providing enough grip for any surface. The only part of the shoe which I think could have been better is the heel. 

The heel is soft and needs to be sturdier which I think this is the part of the shoe that is wearing out. I do have over 200 miles on these shoes, but they are still doing what I need them to do so I am not ready to get rid of them just yet. 

The Nike LunarSolo is designed for hard surfaces with the sole of the shoe taking the impact and not your knees. They are durable enough to be an everyday runner but stand up to the pounding of the asphalt or treadmill.

I have logged over 300 miles on the shoes, and I am just not ready to give them up, they are just as comfortable now as when I purchased them. 

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I have been running since 2011 and started to lose a total of 63 lb for the first year and amazingly kept it off. I began running races and one of the best races I have run is a 10K, about 40,000 other people do in Charleston SC the Cooper River Bridge Run. The very first year I ran this race I turned a time of 54:55 which I still strive for today. I am currently running between 15-20 miles a week and plan on increasing that number looking to run a Marathon.

Updates to Nike LunarSolo

  • The LunarSolo from Nike is perfect for runners who want a shoe that is minimal in design but not in performance. It is a versatile shoe that will deliver a fantastic run on the road or at the gym.
  • With its minimal weight and stretchable upper, the LunarSolo allocates a tailored and cushy fit, especially in the midfoot area. This adaptive feature allows the shoe to hug the foot for lockdown and stability.
  • Nike’s signature Lunarlon cushioning gets an update in this shoe. It is now softer and more reinforcing than before for a heel-to-toe transition that is smooth and problem-free. Meanwhile, the outsole aids in rebound capabilities with its piston-like layout in the high-wear areas.

Size and fit

The Nike LunarSolo runs true to size. It is worth noticing that the shoe has a narrow structure that will fit best on runners with a little to moderate foot volume. However, wearers who want more room for toe splay might want to go a half-size up. The shoe is available in D – Medium for men and B – Medium for women.


The outsole of the LunarSolo is made of Lunarlon foam. It is comprised of laser-cut pods to provide traction on any road surface. It also has an anatomical geometry to disperse and absorb impact evenly.

The forefoot and heel areas are slightly elevated. Such a structure permits these parts to act similarly to pistons, as they rebound on footstrike for an enhanced protection and a cushioned underfoot feel. This feature is especially advantageous when picking up the pace.


The Lunarlon foam extends to the midsole of this shoe. The material is the resulting blend of Phylon foam and injection-molded ethylene-vinyl acetate (IMEVA). Aside from material combination, the properties of the two elements are also fused together.

Phylon, which is made of compressed EVA foam pellets and used in the Nike Downshifter 7, is lightweight and springy, thus responsive. Meanwhile, injection-molded EVA enables adequate ground contact; it also works in softening the impact for a fluid transition. Together, they form Lunarlon – shock-absorbent, flexible, and powerful. 


The elastic mesh upper gives the shoe breathable and adaptive qualities. It equips the foot with a well-conformed fit, which is beneficial, particularly during sharp turns, as the shoe holds the foot down and prevents unnecessary slipping. Beneath it is an internal cleatie made from neoprene, which adds a snug fit. It also keeps the foot dry by wicking moisture away.

An installed heel tab makes it easy to slide in and out of the shoe for quick wear and change. Meanwhile, the tongue and collar have padded structures to supply comfort while also securing the foot.


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