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Nike cheap running shoes

Choosing the most suitable running shoe is more than just the search for comfort, grip, durability, and a good fit. It can also be influenced by the price. 

Nike is one of the renowned athleisure shoe companies in the world, introducing innovative and state-of-the-art features. Because it has gained so much popularity, some may think that it only offers expensive running shoes. That is not always the case.

Why is it cheap?

The economical versions of Nike’s running shoes do not feature the brand’s premier technologies. Instead, they utilize more affordable materials. However, this does not mean compromised function. 

If you are on the lookout for the premium versions of the low-priced Nike shoes, it is best to scan through older models. Whenever newer shoes are introduced, predecessors are typically placed on sale. 

Affordable Nike models for men and women  

The brand offers several lineups for various running needs at a reasonable price:

  • Daily running. Offering comfort and second-skin fit, Nike Revolution is an ideal choice for everyday runners and joggers. 
  • Marathons. If you are a racer looking for a bouncy, light, and grippy long-distance running shoe, look no further as the Downshifter from Nike embodies just the same elements.
  • Trail running. For serious trail runners, the Wildhorse trail lineup from Nike supplies support, comfort, and protection, especially on uneven and hazardous (with a lot of sharp and abrasive ground elements) terrains. 
  • Road running. Designed for ultimate lightness, flexibility, and multi-purpose functions, Nike’s Flex Experience is an excellent companion for road running.